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Music Show Genius Chapter 4

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On the evening of the weekend, countless people were gathered in the busking zone in Hongdae. 

Performances were being held everywhere.

Dance, singing, playing musical instruments, etc.

Among them, the largest crowd was the “street singing contest” hosted by BJ Younghoon. 

‘It’s here.’

Jeong-ho approached the performance team with a trembling heart.

“Hello, I’m Yoo Jung-ho, who submitted an entry form.”

“Wait a minute, please.”

After completing identification, he was assigned the order of participation.

He was the seventh.

‘What a shame.’

I sharpened the knife for this time. 

‘Let’s do our best to show the potential of a big agency trainee.’

No matter how well ordinary people can sing, there is a limit.

Trainees from large agencies were not just practicing singing and dancing. The curriculum includes broadcasting stations, event halls, concerts, and other performances that may fit the situation. 

Listening to the first contestant’s song, Jung-ho watched the audience’s reaction and wondered what kind of performance he would perform. 

‘The verb is too strong, and the pronunciation is crushed. I need to pay special attention to my vocalization.’

The first contestant sang a dramatic rock ballad. The problem is that the style was popular in the early 2000s, so it does not appeal to teenagers who are about 19 of the average age of the audience here.

‘I don’t care about equipment limitations and outdoor situations, and I’m just raising my voice.’

However, it was now clear that he had very little experience in the performance.

‘I do not have professional equipment, I’m singing karaoke accompaniment and I’m singing with a cheap dynamic microphone, but I should refrain from raising my voice.’

This is one of the common mistakes that beginners make during performances.

They don’t think about controlling the equipment, but they try hard only with their voices. 

If you’re a professional, and you want to produce better performances, you should be able to handle equipment. 

Through communication with engineers, equipment should be set up or if it is not possible, it should be able to be done directly. 

Although there is a performance team at the moment, they are ordinary people who have no expertise and experience. The equipment was in bad condition, but I was just watching without knowing it.

‘That’s too bad.’

Since then, the participants have been quite disappointed. 

“Hey, you’re an amazing participant. Isn’t that a touching vocalist? I think this is as good as a professional musician!”

BJ Younghoon was rousing the atmosphere by praising the participants. The audience is cheering for them also. Looking at it like this, the singing contest seems to be going smoothly, but Jung-ho knew it. 

This atmosphere is not created because of the level of the participants, but the fact that the host was BJ Younghoon, his witty comments and hosting skills are hard-carrying.

Maybe he’s also sweating inside.

‘At this rate, I can do it!’

I can get attention!

I can get a prize and a chance to promote your channel!

However, confidence gradually collapsed as soon as the fifth contestant appeared.

“Oh! What a beauty! Oh, my God, I’ve never seen such a beautiful female participant in the show. Do you happen to learn from movies?”

“It’s an ordinary streamer.”

It doesn’t look as normal as an answer.

White skin and a face as big as a fist.

The elaborate features carved in it were so beautiful that I could admire them. 

An audience shouted.

“Huh? It’s Xia!”

“Xia, I’m your fan!”

Reactions are coming from all over the place.

It’s a rookie girl anchor?

I quickly searched for her information.

Xia is a female anchor that started broadcasting around the same time, and she is a rookie who is rapidly emerging from the MewTuber’s strong competition site, Trigger TV.

On Trigger TV she is ranked 15th. 

And 200 thousand subscribers on  MewTuber.

Jung-ho frowned.

“Why is such a great person here?’

There’s no way that famous people shouldn’t come out.

In fact, the street singing contest was famous for its frequent appearance of famous singers. Last time, one of Korea’s top three guitarists came out and performed.

Perhaps because of his special career and appearance, BJ Younghoon was conducting the interview for quite a long time. There was no one who said anything about it. Everyone was so into Xia.

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