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Music Show Genius Chapter 3

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On the 15th day.

‘Should we start posting on the channel now?’

There is nothing more to prepare.

The rest can be done while heading to the bare ground.

Jung-ho thought so and finally opened his own MewTube channel.

His main content was going to be to cover songs for a while.

The location is the singing practice room.

After filming him singing on his smartphone, he will simply record his vocals and upload the video.

“In the beginning, there would be no subscribers and because of that there aren’t many views, so should I just keep practicing, right?’

This is what a famous MewTuber advised beginners.

He said that.

He spent 10 years of his life, but he did not give up and constantly accumulated content, and finally saw the opportunity to become famous.

Jung-ho engraved these words in his heart.

“It’s my choice, so I will not give up and work hard in any case.’

I’m confident if it’s about persistence.

If the agency hadn’t notified him of his release, he would have never given up and continued his trainee life.

‘The first cover song is also Jera’s first title song.’

After getting ready for filming, he will play the MR he prepared before.

Songs without the consent of the copyright holder cannot be contented, but Jera was an artist who allowed cover on all her songs. Even when releasing an album, instrumental songs without vocals were always added, so there was no need to waste time looking for an accompaniment.

‘Let’s get started.’

It was the moment when my journey as a novice MewTuber began.


Jung-ho posted a cover song once a day no matter what.

Most of the songs covered were by Jera, but he also recorded pop songs by other singers.

His editing skills proficiency have increased day by day, and content is slowly accumulating, but the number of subscribers did not increase easily.

However, there were still some comments.

[Your singing skills are amazing. You have a handsome face. Are you a trainee at an agency?]

[I’m so into it. I’m glad to hear that’s it.]

Even if there were only a few comments, this was a great help to Jung-ho.

‘If you keep doing it, good things will definitely happen.’

Jung-ho believed that and worked hard to make content.

“Flop, that’s it.”

Min Seojoon’s criticism of Jung-ho’s singing video was simple.

Kim Myung-woo laughed inwardly.

‘You didn’t go beyond my expectations.’

The average number of views for 20 cover songs is only dozens.

Some of the videos have three-digit views, but they were also shabby.

“Myungwoo, how many subscribers did you have on MewTube?” asked Min Seojoon.

“About 60,000?”

“What do you think, motherfucker?”

“Why are you asking the obvious? It’s hopeless if you keep doing this. He’s more handsome than him and he’s a good singer.”


“Sure, I assure you, it’s hard to get 1,000 subscribers if you do it this way for the rest of your life. I think he’ll do it for 2 years and 3 years at the longest.”

“What do you say so?”

“He has to go to the army. What are you going to do when the country calls you? Is there any other way than to go shoveling?”

Min Seojoon laughed loudly.

“Even if you let him be, he will self-destruct soon.” Kim Myungwoo also said in a pleasant mood.


Growth was slow.

‘I need to promote it.’

What should I do?

‘I wish I could be on the show.’

If he can only appear on a popular entertainment program or something, that’s the best way to promote it.

It sounds like a dream.

However, he has no agencies or special cases. He doesn’t even have any personal connections.

‘What about popular creators?’

People who are always looking for new content!

Music was a popular content that creators would definitely touch.

Jung-ho’s eyes glistened.

‘Found it!’

BJ Younghoon.

With his appearance and brilliant wit, he has attracted as many as 2 million subscribers.

Jung-ho searched for information on Wiki.

Feeling the limitations, he ran out to find a way to live, and now he has reached the present himself.

His main focus is street singing contest!

Anyone can apply for participation, and participants with good skills and audience response can win prize money.

It also gives you a chance to promote your personal channel.

‘Let me join here.’

I’ll do everything I can.

Jung-ho did not hesitate to put in the application form.


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