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Going to moorim as a game character Chapter 1

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“It’s finally here!”

The young man who opened the box of the Moorim Game smiled and took out the things in the box. Inside the box, there were portraits of many beautiful women, books, and coupons.

“Hmm, Let’s start with the coupon registration.”

All the portraits and books of the beautiful women were discarded, and the young man ran to his computer with only the coupons and entered them into the computer. After that, he opened the door of the capsule right next to it.

In 2211, virtual reality games were nothing special in the current world, where the prevalence of virtual reality devices was widespread. Among them, what young people bought is a game called Moorim.

Originally, it can be purchased with a simple Internet payment, but the reason why he waited for it is because of a special limited coupon. Because there is a trick behind it and he was sure he fell with it like other people.

“Whoa. Let’s go!”

Young people like games.

* * * * * * * *

-Moorim has been registered. Do you want to run it?

“Of course.”

-We have a Special VIP coupon from Moorim. Would you like to receive it during the game?

“And of course.”

-There is no data stored in the group. Would you like to create a new character?

“Of course.”

-You created a new character.

-You created a new character.

-You created a new character.

-You created a new character.

-You created a new character.

Five sudden voices and his visible world were distorted and soon returned to its original state.

-You’ve created a new avatar.

“Oh, shit, I love this whole company but fix this damn bug. They say that there are no cases of death in virtual reality because the times have advanced now, but it’s still dangerous. These bugs.”

Mumbling like that, the young man proceeded to the next step.

-Make a name.

“When it comes to martial arts, it’s definitely this. Namgung Taecheon.”

Namgung is a name that will never fall among Korean martial artists. The young man who chose the name nodded as if he liked his choice very much.

-Starting Moorim. Be careful. If you die, it will be over. Also, you can’t go back until you completely unify the group.

“Huh? What’s this?”

While the young man tilted his head in a strange notification window, his vision brightened, and new things were seen in the young man’s eyes. She was a woman wearing a wooden ceiling and clothes that would not have been worn until the 14th century.


What are you saying? The body is more than…… .’

You must act cute and make her happy.= The child’s cuteness is the best joy of the parents. Please act cute. Your parents will love it.

= Rewards: Language of this world.

What is it?

“What’s wrong with you?”

The young man was surprised that his words became babbling for the baby. And…

‘What’s wrong with this?!’

Once again, the baby’s babbling and the notice window.

-Quest completed. Compensation will now be given.

As soon as a slight headache continued, a woman’s voice began to be heard.

“Ho-ho-ho, my baby seems to be happy to see me. Mother feels good because her baby is healthy.”

I understood what the woman said as she lifted him. But apart from that…….


The young man stopped thinking after the shock.

* * * * * * *

‘So I’m a baby right now?’

The young man, who had been frustrated dozens of times a day without accepting reality, began to accept reality to some extent after about two days.

And the reality is.

What the hell is this?!

It was a gutter. The quests that came out were only those that ate breast milk well, pooed well, cried loudly to announce their ideals, and did not look like themselves for more than 18 hours a day.

Let’s say you gave up 100 times and became a baby. Then shouldn’t it be logged out? However, the reality was different.

“Au (Logout)”

There’s no response.

‘You want to log out, but you can’t! Everything else is fine, but this is the only thing that’s gone!’

The bags, skill windows, information windows, and even quest windows were intact. All of them. All of them. It was like the game. It’s the same system. Only one. Except there is no logout.

‘There was even a Cash Shop given!’

Cash shop, the best store for those who have reached the extreme of reality. Can’t a young man use this place? The answer is possible. However, to use the Cash store, you need money for the store, but you can gain coins when you complete the quest. Although the amount of money that comes in as compensation is as much as rat poop.

‘It’ll take years to save cash to buy an item here.’

Thinking so, the young man seriously thought twice about his current situation. And the bug that came to his mind and the weird notification window.

‘I’m sure you told me to unify the forest perfectly.’

I remember. The condition of going back. The name of the game is called “The Unified Moorin,” which perfectly depicts the story in unifying the Moorim into one. Furthermore, there was a saying that if you die, it is over.

“What, did I really come into this game?’

The fact that he will never want to admit it for two days comes back to my mind. What if he really came into this game?

‘Is this a hardcore version, isn’t it? Once you die, it’s over.’

But the problem is if the character will be deleted or he will really die. Of course, if you think about it more, you’re not sure whether the end means your death or just the end of the game.


“When I watch novels or cartoons, it’s 100% real death. If following what the novel depicted. If you die, you’ll die. No, but in the first place, this situation is only in the novel, right?’

The young man thought, recalling the old-fashioned Yang Pan-so. If it was the same situation as the novel’s main character, he had two big options now. The first is just to live quietly.

His name is Namgung Taecheon or Namgung Family’s child. Therefore, if you live quietly, you can enjoy heaven and earth. The other is to work together to unify Moorim, the sole goal of the game.

‘Is this the real Namgung Family?

Find my roots.

= You don’t know exactly which family you were born from and which family you are really from. Find this out exactly.

= Compensation: 10 gold coins.

‘If you’re going to give me a quest, then be reasonable. What with this? The cheapest item on the list cost 200 coins… Are you kidding me? This was 200 pills, which restores 60 percent of health after an internal attack. That’s also the price per unit. But you don’t even sell a single pill for at least 20 coins?’ Taecheon thought as he could not understand the system very well.

“Shoot, as soon as I unify this group, I will find the person who made me like this, no matter who it is.”‘

Praying in his heart, “May it be a bug of the game, please do so,” Taecheon decided to complete each of these quests for now. He will not ignore them as they will still give him rewards.

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