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Superstar from Age 0 chapter 20

The sun has risen.

The kitchen has been noisy since morning.

“No, you need to cook more!”

“I think that’s too big.”

“Doctor, can Seojun eat this?”

Seojun’s head, which was building blocks with Choi Si-yoon, kept heading to the kitchen.

Uncle Chan was near the sofa, and the other three members and Dr. Kim Hwa-ryeon were chatting in the kitchen.

Seojun’s lips pouted. What are they doing without me? Something fun?

“Seojun, look at this. It’s so high!”

Choi Si-yoon eagerly turned his eyes to Seojun. He played the role of taking care of Seojun until he was ready.

Choi Si-yoon built wooden blocks with his unique balancing ability. Seojun’s head turned toward the block that Choi Si-yoon built.


It’s so high!

A wooden block stood like a little stood a bit far from Seojun.

As Seojun crawled towards it, Choi Si-yoon quickly blocked the front.

Each of the block were quite sturdy, so if they collapsed onto Seojun collapsed, it would be a major accident.

“Seo, Seojun. Watch it from here. Don’t touch it!”


When Seojun went towards left, Choi Si-yoon quickly turned left. When Seojun went to the right, he quickly moved to the right.

What is this? Peekaboo?


‘I’ll take the challenge!’

Seojun crawled to the right while trying to go left. Choi Si-yoon was a beat late due to Seojun’s fake move.


Seojun, who was crawling hard to the right, stopped at Choi Si-yoon’s cry.

He turned his head towards him and smiled broadly at Choi Si-yoon, grabbed the drawer next to the block, and tightened his hands.

He pushed his hips, legs, and feet together. He stood in place.


The wooden block tower was taller than Seojun even though he was standing up. Seojun even raised his head and looked at him.

Choi Si-yoon, who had no idea what to do, breathed a sigh of relief and carried Seojun.

“Did you want to stand up?”


“Well, let’s talk!”

Seojun turned his head and looked at Choi Si-yoon with a sad look.

Choi Si-yoon coughed in embarrassment.

‘Oh, right. Seojun can’t talk yet.’

“Come on, Seojun. Why don’t we stack it a little higher?”


Choi Si-yoon put another block on the wooden block tower. The wooden block settled stably on the top.

“Seojun, let’s do this time.”

Choi Si-yoon handed Seojun the smallest square block.

Seojun looked at a small block and reached for the block tower.

Choi Si-yoon, who was holding Seojun, slowly walked in front of the block tower.


Seojun slowly reached out. Place a small hand on a wooden block and slowly spread his finger.

The block of wood fell from his palm. The rebound rattled the tower.

Seojun and Choi Si-yoon held their breath and waited for the block to stop.

“Wow! Seojun is the greatest!”


The block tower, which was about to fall, stopped.

The Tower, which was built at a nice angle, gives the feeling of unstable but it was great just to put the block on here.

“Seojun is a genius!”


Choi Si-yoon lifted Seojun up.

When Seojun laughed, Hwang Ye-joon and Kevin came out from the kitchen.

Hwang Ye-joon was sweating a little bit and Kevin was holding a knife in one hand.

“Hey, the knife!”

“Oh, sorry!”

Seeing the knife, Choi Si-yoon shouted, Kevin quickly went back in.

Perhaps after hearing Choi Si-yoon’s shout, Park Seo-jin was nagging at Kevin.

Hwang Ye-joon wiped the sweat off his face with a handkerchief. As Hwang Ye-joon tried to approach, Choi Si-yoon hugged Seojun and stepped back.

Hwang Ye-joon opened his eyes wide.

“What, why are you avoiding me?”

“Seojun, he’s dirty.”

“It’s done—the handkerchief is clean, too!”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!

“Yes, I do!”

Seojun laughed hard at Hwang Ye-joon’s mournful expression. He was a funny brother to tease.

“Hurry up and wash up.”


Hwang Ye-joon quickly washed his face in the bathroom.

Kevin also came out to the living room with a pale face,bPark Seo-jin’swas nagging at him quite hard.

“So what? What made you laugh so hard, Seojun?”


Seojun pointed to the wooden block tower with his hand. The heads of the two men looked at the tower. Hwang Ye-joon said.

“Why is this so crooked? Did you put it wrong?”

“Yeah, that’s the only thing.”

Hwang Ye-joon reached out and tried to put straighten the wooden blocks piled up without any hesitation.

“No, brother!”


Choi Si-yoon and Seojun shouted. It was louder than before, so Park Seo-jin and Kim Hwa-ryeon, who were in the kitchen, came out. Seo Eun-chan, who had been filming in the living room, was giggling.

Surprised by the loud noise, Hwang Ye-jun stopped his hand. It was just before he touched the wooden block at the top.

Hwang Ye-joon’s eyes looked at Park Seo-jin and wondered what this situation was. Quick-witted Kevin took a step back.

“Why? Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“That’s what Seojun built! He work hard to built that?


Seojun became talkative. His round eyes looked sharply at Hwang Ye-joon.

‘I built it up! That’s a nice pile!’

Hwang Ye-joon hid his hand behind his back, he was surprised by Choi Si-yoon’s words. Park Seo-jin and Kim Hwa-ryeon said, “You’re so mean!”

They looked at Hwang Ye-joon with a quite angry face.

“Oh, my. Seojun. I didn’t know. I’m sorry!”


‘It stood like this, and I just put my hand up like this!’

“Yes, it’s your fault!”

Hwang Ye-joon didn’t know what to do in response to Seojun’s most intense response. Kevin put his hands together politely.

If he did something wrong, he would have ended like Hwang Ye-joon.

“Come on, Seojun. Ye-Joon is sorry, so let’s forgive him. Fortunately, I didn’t touch the block, did I?”

At Park Seo-jin’s words, Seo-joon looked at Hwang Ye-joon, who was praying in front of him. Hwang Ye-joon begged to the point where he had a fever in his palm.

‘No choice then! I’ll let you off the hook!’


“Oh, thank you. Thank you!”

Seojun opened his arms. Hwang Ye-joon hugged Seojun.

Hwang Ye-joon laughed as he put his arms around Seojun. Seojun also laughed amidst the arms of Hwang Ye-joon, who was moving in a funny way.

“Come on, stop it. Seojun will get motion sickness.”

Seo Eun-chan stepped in. Hwang Ye-joon, who was shaking Seojun hard, came to his senses and stopped. Seojun hit Hwang Ye-joon’s arm, asking for another one.

“Seojun, let’s eat.”

Seojun’s head turned at Park Seo-jin’s words. ‘Oh, come to think of it, it was time to eat soon. I was a little hungry.’


“We prepared a special meal for Sejun!”

Everyone headed to the kitchen.

There were bowls of chopped ingredients on the table. Park Seo-jin followed Dr. Kim Hwa-ryeon’s suggestions about the ingredients.

Finely ground beef and beef soup, spinach, blue, mushrooms, potatoes, yolk, sweet potatoes, sweet pumpkin, and dried pollack were finely cut.

Hwang Ye-Joon, who put Seojun in a baby chair, pretended to wipe off his sweat.

“It was hard to make beef broth. I had to boil sweet potatoes and sweet pumpkin and blanch vegetables.”

“It was hard to cut.”

Kevin nodded at Park Seo-jin’s words. Choi Si-Yoon, who didn’t know the situation because he was playing with Seojun, was surprised to see the ingredients on the table.

“Are you going to use all of this? How many minutes is it going to take?”

“No. I’m going to choose what Seojun wants to eat here. If you want to boil it in a pot and make it into porridge, you have to decide quickly.”

Brown Black’s eyes turned to the clock. Everyone was nervous about the time to feed the baby was fast approaching.

“Hello, viewers. From now on, we would be eating with Jun! Let’s get started. Today’s baby food will be made with the ingredients on the table. It would be at random!” Hwang Ye-joon said while looking at the camera Seo Eun-chan was holding.

When Brown Black clapped, Seojun clapped his hand too!

“I can’t wait to taste how delicious baby food will be! For your information, the doctor will informs us what to let him try with any combination of ingredients. If it is good, we’ll feed it to Seojun. Don’t worry, Seojun taste buds will be safe!”

“Please be a delicious baby food.”

Kevin prayed at Hwang Ye-jun’s last words. Seojun’s tongue will be safe, but ours will be in dangerous, right? Brown Black’s eyes grew dim.

“Well, let’s get started, shall we?”

Park Seo-jin carefully took Seojun from the baby chair, held him in his arms and made eye contact.



“Pick something that looks delicious here. What do you think looks good?”

Seojun’s eyes were on where Park Seo-jin was pointing at. Colorful things were on the bowl.


‘Well… What would be good?’

Seojun thought hard.

First, he chose the ingredients in baby food that he often eat. Seojun pointed on the ground beef.

“He chose beef first!”

“Meat is delicious.”

Hwang Ye-joon was commenting in real time together with.

Hearing his words, Choi Si-Yoon tilted his head and tapped him on his shoulder, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘This is the first one. How many times is Seojun going to pick baby food?’

‘Uh……. I don’t know?’

It’s settled.

Choi Si-yoon and Hwang Ye-joon were in an awkward position. Seojun continued to point to any bowl with his fingers.

‘It looks delicious because it’s yellow. It’s green, so I think it’ll taste good! It’s white. It looks delicious! This, this, this!’

It was so finely cut that Seojun didn’t even know what the raw ingredients were, so he chose the ingredients that looked delicious without any hesitation.

“He choose the yolk, spinach, mushrooms, no, wait, how many will Seojun choose?”


“He is done!”

Oh, a sigh came out from Brown Black’s mouth. Seojun laughed in high spirits.

‘I’m done!’

“He really picked everything…….”

Brown Black was speechless at Seojun’s brutality, he chose all the ingredients on the table.


“Seojun, tell me honestly. You did this on purpose because you knew we were going to eat them, right? You picked everything, didn’t you?”

“This can’t be delicious, bros.”

Hwang Ye-joon whined in front of Seojun, who was within Park Seo-jin’s arms.

Choi Si-yoon was checking the ingredients roughly and looked for the two cameramen to seek help.

Kim Hwa-ryeon, who was holding a camera from afar, also drew an X with her arm.

“You are right. This is a baby food that even the doctor opposed to let him eat it!”

“But we should still eat them, right?”

“Is this a punishment food?”

Brown Black was discouraged but put Seojun in a baby chair and brought a pot.

“Seojun can use the leftover as a baby food ingredient, so let’s put it in moderation.”


Everyone took a spoonful and put the ingredients into the pot.

“Uh. I don’t like mushrooms…….”

“That’s great. Take this opportunity to fix your picky diet.”

“How much broth do you want?”

“Wouldn’t it taste good if it was seasoned well?”

Hwang Ye-joon put a spoonful of mushrooms with a disgusted face. So all the ingredients went into the pot.

“Come on, let’s boil it.”

“We’re going to eat, so put salt…….”

Seo Eun-chan stirred his arms at Choi Si-yoon’s words as If saying:

‘You can’t do that! It’s baby food!’

“……I can’t, can I?”

“No, you can’t…….”

Hwang Ye-joon turned on the gas. And started boiling the ingredients. Park Seo-jin heated up the baby food Seo Eun-Hye prepared.

“Seojun, will stay safe and eat delicious baby food.”


‘Aren’t I supposed to eat that? I chose it because it was pretty so, I’m not going to eat?’

Ding-dong – As always, the alarm went off and Seojun put baby food in his mouth.

Yum! Yummy!

Seojun was enjoying his mom’s baby food when the gas stove turned off.

Seojun’s random baby food has been completed.

“It’s all set.”

“Did Seojun’s even pick any food?”

“He did pick. All of them.”

“Oh. Quite disgusting…….”

Brown black looked at the disgusting paste in the pot.

Seo Eun-chan pushed the camera into the pot.

‘Well, I’ll have to mosaic it later.’

“What’s this color? It’s got fine materials in it… But… What is it this color?”

“It’s because it’s all in.”

“Are we really eating it?”

“What a waste.”

Brown Black all picked up a spoon. Hwang Ye-joon tried to eat as little as possible while holding back his tears, but Park Seo-jin kindly gave him a spoonful instead.

“On the count of three, we eat?”


“All right.”

Brown Black gulped his saliva. Seojun, who was biting a baby spoon, also saw his older brothers.

‘What’s that weird color? That’s the kind of thing is not good!’




Brown Black’s mouth contained Lee Seo-joon’s random picked baby food!

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Poor guys.. 😂

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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