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Superstar From Age 0 chapter 19

After eating baby food and having fun, Brown Black bathed Seojun.

His bath time did not go smooth either. Brown Black finished washing him up only after fussing over him and being soaked with water.

After washing Seojun they took the bed in the living room.

Choi Si-yoon and Kevin brought Seojun’s crib out from the master bedroom and put it on one side of the living room.

Originally, they planned to sleep with the same blanket, but Choi Si-yoon opposed because of Seojun’s appearance, which was smaller than they expected.

“What if we hurt him or sleep atop of him?”

Brown Black and Seo Eun-chan nodded and agreed to Choi Si-yoon’s words.

They agreed that Seojun should sleep on a the crib in the living room together with them.

“I’m gonna go now. Call me whenever you’re in trouble.”

“Yes, thank you for today.”

“You can call me at dawn. I’m not worried because you took care of Seojun well and learned a lot.”

Kim Hwa-ryeon, who got on the elevator, rubbed her stiff shoulders.

Taking a leave of absence from the hospital to help them shoot for three days and two nights was also a struggle.

Really, if it was not for her brother……. If it weren’t for the three days of chicken with pizza to ask for Kim Hwa-ryeon’s help, she wouldn’t have spent her precious vacation like this.

“Well, I think Seojun is nice and Brown Black has been studying a lot, so they are easy to work with.”

Kim Hwa-ryeon smiled and pressed the button to the first floor.

Seojun’s eyes opened.

Hmm. What should he do? He can’t sleep.

The lights in the living room were off and only the weak orange lights were on.

Brown Black was changing into their pajamas and looking at Seojun with his chin tucked against the railing of the crib.

Seo Eun-chan yawned silently and held up the camera.

“Seojun isn’t sleeping yet?”

“Si-yoon, how long has it been?”

When asked by Park Seo-jin, Si-yoon said, looking at the daily schedule and clock.

“30 minutes.”

“I thought he’d sleep well. Why isn’t he sleeping yet?”

Kevin tilted his head.

The baby did not sleep after meal time and during nap time, he should’ve been tired.

“Well, shall we do that?”

“Shall we?”

Brown Black, who was staring at each other awkwardly, nodded.

They prepared something three days before the filming.

“We practiced to do it at a time like this.”

Either they were fortunate or unfortunate, Seojun was not sleeping so they have the opportunity to show it to him.

When Park Seo-jin started laughed, the rest of the members also laughed.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ (tl: me too I don’t know)

Seojun couldn’t fall asleep easily thanks to the unusual noisy day.

He’s trying to sleep hard.


Seojun couldn’t get out of his head the funny looks of the older brothers so he also laughed along them.


However, the older brothers were now making eye contact with Seojun with a calm face unlike before.

[Increases bond with target]


Kevin and Choi Si-yoon were the first to open their mouth. A low but soft humming sound flowed into Seojun’s ear.

[Use of the Orchestra Conductor Connection- Lowest]

Regardless of the will of conductor Seojun, the skills were triggered by the music of the connectors.

On top of that, Hwang Ye-joon and Park Seo-jin’s voices were combined.

“Mom’s in the shadow of the island…”

“If you go to pick oysters…”

Brown Black’s head were shining as they sang along to the tune. Also the numbers sparkled.

‘Huh? This is…….’

Park Seo-jin, who was singing, flinched at his own singing, which was so different from when he usually practiced.

‘I’m singing it the same way as usual. I practiced this song dozens of times, how come… It was different from usual?’

Somehow, the members felt the emotions of each other, and the hearts of the Brown Black members combined while singing together.

And everyone seemed to have some connection to each other.

Seojun stared at the number of “connector ties” rising with the beautiful sound of the song.

The numbers went up.

Before using this skills, Seojun was surprised to find the book of the Baton Spirit in the library. It wasn’t supposed to be here.

It was a skill that almost ruined a world.

Even if it was originally meant for good, it should have been corrupted and turned into a skill for evil.

If so, Seojun, who has a good character, could not learn the skill orchestra conductor.

But there was such a book in the library. The two-way library full of books that Seojun can learn at his current age.

Seojun looked back story on how it happened.

The back story was written as a surprise attack to him.

As soon as the orchestra conductor skill was about to degenerate into an evil skill, the Spirit Tree, which was barely breathing, squeezed out its strength to say these words.

“‘I hate sinners, but I love sinners’ talent for ‘music’.”

The Spirit Tree hated the Baton, a traitor, but he felt it was too bad to just throw away this skill that help others to develop the music he loved, so the Tree decided to retain it.

The Tree, in his most damaged state, used its power to prevent the degeneration of the original evil skill. But the Tree did not prevent the skill to degenerate.

The Tree had no choice but to look at the skill that has the its rank decreased.

The connection between orchestra conductors has been lowered from the Highest to the Lowest.

The increase, which was 10 times, turned 1.3 times and the number of connectors decreased from 30 to 4.

Its condition that cold let him connect with other by holding hands changed to a difficult condition that requires both hands to slap the target on the cheek.

The tree’s fearsome love to music enabled the skill to survive with a good disposition.

‘Tree’s tenacity to music……. It’s scary.’

So the surviving skill [Orchestra conductor connection-Lowest] was used here.

The tree’s tenacity to music was great, but Brown Black’s longing was greater.

Brown Black was surprised by the sudden rise in their performance as they sang the song.

The numbers above their head were shining even more.

“Scary Group.”

But the song was beautiful. Sejun closed his eyes and listened to the song under the warm blanket.

The orchestra conductor connection was not just a simple skill to enhance the musical skills of the target.

Based on the connection between the connectors and the conductor, their thoughts, their way of looking at music, and their thoughts of pursuing it while doing music.l become connected.

Everything should be combined to improve musical skills.

‘But it’s a hell of a lot easier to bring it down. It’s very easy if they have different ideas about music and different views. I was the only one who changed my mind back then, but the bond became immediately negative. It’s very hard to get it up.’

The connection of the orchestra conductor was a double-edged sword. Seojun used orchestra conductor for the first time on Brown Black because this skills can be used in both good and bad ways depending on their efforts.

‘I can’t give it away for free!’

Even if they were good people now, they wouldn’t know it in the future. If they ever have a bad idea, the skill will ruin them.

He thought it would take months to understand and believe each other’s thoughts!

Brown Black only sang one song but the orchestra conductor connection can already be used.



Seojun, who was lost in thought, slowly fell asleep.

Brown Black also forgot they were singing a lullaby.

After the children’s song, Park Seo-jin started singing their new song without realizing it.

Hwang Ye-joon, Kevin, and Choi Si-yoon also sang their part diligently.

Really, it was different.

Seo Eun-chan was barely holding onto the camera. It was something different from the the lullaby they had prepared.

The children’s song that they have been practicing hard before in the practice room, in the dorm, and in the car, saying that they would play it for Seojun. Was something that Seo Eun-chan got tired of hearing it. But the moment they sang it this time it was different.

‘I’m sure it was a normal children’s song at that time…….’

They changed. He didn’t know what changed. He thought it may be the voice, the beat… but the way they were sing it was the same.

Seo Eun-chan’s heart fluttered when he didn’t know why it changed.


When Brown Black sang their song, Seo Eun-chan trembled as if he had been struck by lightning.

This is it. This is it. The part they are missing with, the part they lacked of.

He clenched his hand without realizing it and felt something hard.

It was a camera. Surprised by the camera filming the floor, Seo Eun-chan quickly fixed how he hold the camera and filmed the four men singing with their bright smile.

He hoped this beautiful song would be well recorded on camera.

Brown Black looked at each other’s faces. The way they smile and sing is the same as they were feeling.




They felt the each other music as it was also their own music. Everything they were worried about seemed to have been solved.

Their heart was beating nonstop and they were out of breath, but they did not dare to stop themselves.


After singing all six songs for this album, the small concert in the middle of the night ended.

Brown Black, who sang as hard as they could, collapsed in the living room floor.

They are now breathing hard.

“Wow, Crazy.”

Hwang Ye-joon stretched himself in the floor, and open his mouth.

His heart was still pounding.

It was a perfect song, which he would have usually sing it in his dreams.

A few minutes ago, even though it was a song he sang, his heart trembled just thinking about it.

He became a singer because he wanted to sing this kind of song.

Hwang Ye-joon shed a few tears.

“I got goosebumps.”

Choi Si-yoon, a dancer who somewhat lack in vocals, has sung better than before.

He always liked dancing better…….but……. He can’t believe he was able to sing this song……. He got goose bumps with emotion.

“[Crazy. Really.]”

Kevin took a breath.

While singing the six songs, he changed all the rap parts.

The lyrics were written after days of careful thing, were now vhanged to lyrics he thoughts of for 30 minutes. As he rap it no, it was much more suitable for their songs.

He always felt he was below meny rappers from LA, but only today did he gain confidence.

He can do more!

“This is our music.”

Park Seo-jin, the lead vocalist, was able to feel the emotions of the members even more as he played the most parts.

He thought about what kind of idol singer he would become. They struggled in many genres of songs. And now Brown Black’s leader has come to a conclusion.

“Let’s do music that tells others how we feel now.”

“Wow, man, you want to do this again?”

Hwang Ye-joon look up and saw Park Seo-jin’s face.

“I don’t think I can do this twice. Seo-jin.”

Choi Si-yoon also straightened his stretched body as if he was prepared to dance again.

“Me too. My heart is still pounding…….”

Kevin said, kneading his hands on his chest.

“We’ve done it once, so I’m sure we can do it again.”

The words were kind, but Park Seo-jin’s face was not.

Only then did the members realize that their leader was quite Spartan when they saw his smiling face.

Every upcoming practice, this scene was engraved in their head.

“Uh, uh, Seojun is sleeping!”

Hwang Ye-joon barely remembered Seojun with their minds still preoccupied with their performance.

“Oh, we were singing lullaby, right?”

At Hwang Ye-joon’s words, Brown Black returned to themselves and quietly flocked to the crib.

“……our song. Isn’t it EDM?”

“It must have been very loud.”

“He is sleeping well.”

“Seojun is cute.”

Seojun was sleeping well among the noisy idol songs.

* * *

“Wow… who is it?”

Seojun’s downstairs neighbor admired the music just now. He opened the window to ventilate, but he heard the song from the people upstairs.

It seemed to be an idol song because it was upbeat and has rap.

He had to go to work early tomorrow morning, so he was already annoyed and thought he would need to scream at the noise but he changed his mind when he started appreciating the song.

“Shall I go up and ask what song was that?”

The song was so good. In the middle of winter, he was now crouching on the veranda listening to music for almost half an hour amidst the blazing cold wind.

“It didn’t even show up on my cell phone……. Is this an indie song?”

The ma was looking searching which song was it by typing words he heard from the song.

“I can’t find it,” he sneezed loudly.

“Oh, I hope I don’t catch a cold!”

He remained in the open for another 10 minutes because he wanted to hear more about the song, but they didn’t sing anymore.

“Argh! I should go to bed.”

The man closed the window tightly as soon as he entered back his apartment.

It wasn’t just him. All the neighbors of Sejun’s were busy figuring out the singer of the song they heard from somewhere for 30 minutes.

But it was impossible to find Brown Black, who hadn’t even made their debut yet.


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