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The Greatest Extra Chapter 45.1- The Lieutenant General’s Attack

Hello, this is Koshu!
The previous Translator went Missing in action. We don’t know what happened to him/her…
Admin requested if I could continue translating this on my free time and I accepted.
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The woods has been burned down, and wooden barracks collapsed while they are being eaten by the flames. The flag of the Pilias Empire were torn, as if the enemy was telling that they had captured this base.

Bam! Bam!

Heavy armored soldiers appeared within the dark together with their heavy frictional sound of the iron armor.

This army of armed with heavy armor are led by the 19th Lieutenant General of Fresyrian kingdom. The flag of the kingdom fluttered vigorously at the center of the army.

The General looked around the destroyed base, finally headed to the prisoners, trapped in the center of the square.

“What is it? Are they prisoners?”

“Yes, they survived the battle.”

“I’m sure I told you not to leave any prisoners. The order is for complete annihilation. Colonel, was your understanding only this much?”

It was a chillingly cold voice.

The Colonel could not answer easily. In the current situation, it was clear that anything he said would sound like an excuse, so he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

However, it was clear that this was not intentional.

Even if they carry out battles under the order of extermination, there will still be lucky people who will survive.

Can’t they execute all of them when the battle is over? At least the Colonel of the 19th Lieutenant General thought so.

“Colonel, you didn’t know how to deal with those who survived the battle, did you?”

When asked by the Lieutenant General, the Colonel nodded silently.

“Can’t you think of such a simple solution to the problem, are you bringing shame to me, the 19th Lieutenant General of the Fresyrian Kingdom?”

As the Lieutenant General finished speaking, he took a step toward the prisoners. He cut the prisoner’s neck after pulling out a sword with an incredibly fast movement even though he was wearing a heavy armor.

“Cough, cough!”

“This is how you do it.”

“General… No matter how innocent the prisoner is executed in a situation where the battle is…….”

“I guess you don’t know because you’ve just promoted two days ago.”

Other soldiers approached the prisoners with swords drawn at once, and the Lieutenant General turned toward the Colonel, wiping off the blood on his face.

“We’ve been doing this since we entered the Black Mountains.”

And the execution began. The appearance was too cruel for the Colonel, who joined two days ago after receiving a supplementary order from the unit, to get used to it.

“Did you think they aren’t they guilty? To defend the enemy of the Fresyrian kingdom was enough to be executed for a crime.”

A cold smile spread around the Lieutenant a General’s mouth.

* * *

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* * *

“It’s an honor to have Your Highness Fifth Prince again.”

Military commander, Casillas, ran before anyone else to provide courtesy.

“What’s your plan?”

The next person to talk was Lissefield Dior.
Raymond smiled and answered.

“Let’s go to the Black Mountains”.

A Lieutenant General destroyed Fort Alvin. Now their options are only two. One is to step down at this point, and the other is to confuse the Enemy by letting them attack another base or fortress additionally.

It is difficult to gather large-scale troops due to the characteristic of the Black Mountains.

It is an environment suitable for a small number of elite Soldiers to jump wild. While moving south, there was a high possibility that they may encounter a large scale ambush.

So far, just by looking at the aspect of destroying the fortress and bases, Raymond could guess what they were up to.

Since he was not willing to occupy and focused on destruction, it was clear that the Lieutenant General was going to step down only after causing great damage.

“The commander of the Northeast Border Force said he can prepare 300 troops as backup.” The red tower Master, Berenus Kyle, said.

300 was a small number for an Imperial Prince to lead, but the limit that the border forces can give to Raymond was only about 300 while facing the incoming attack of the Lieutenant General in the Black Mountain.

If a total of more than five hundred troops suddenly move north into the Black Mountains, the Fresyrian Kingdom will not stay still.

Diplomatic protests would be natural, and in the worst case, there was a high probability of leading to a War.

“Tell every Archer to get ready.”

“Will it be okay?”

The Master of the red tower asked as a confirmation.

Unlike the Heifel Empire or the Fresyrian Kingdom, the Pilias Empire did not have a good history of war in the mountain.

The Heifel Empire has excellent long range attackers, and the Fresyrian Kingdom employs experienced mountain mercenaries.

From the perspective of Berenus Kyle, it didn’t seem good to use the Archers.

Archers are bound to be weak in close combat, and in the Black Mountain range, there was a high probability of close combat. With its terrain, it was difficult to secure a wide view that could exert the maximum efficiency of an Archer.

“There will be nothing to worry about. So tell the Northern Border Forced to prepare three hundred archers.”

“I will deliver your order, Your Highness.”

The red tower Master believed in Raymond’s judgment. After nodding, he took a few steps back and took a crystal ball out of his arms to connect magic communication with the Northeastern Border Force commander.

Soon after, he returned to the side of the Fifth Prince, Raymond.

“We have delivered the order your Highness, the Fifth Prince. They will prepare 300 of the best archers in the border military.”

Berenus Kyle wanted to increase the number of backup, but it is close to impossible due to circumstances.
The best that the Northeast Border Force command could do was to organize 300 elite soldiers as fast as possible.

“I’m going to the border.”

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Glad we have a new translator but it would be even nicer if he uploaded🙃

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