A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 30

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‘I was the same guy. He kept his mouth shut in front of his strength, and he ate well and lived well while cleaning up after the hunters.’

I knew it was unreasonable, but I didn’t have the power to change it, so I was silent and followed them.

I knew that a society that had already been reversed could not be brought back to the past.

“But as long as I’m given strength… I don’t intend to follow forever.’


Sung-Hyun clenched his fists.

Whether it is tens of billions or hundreds of billions of won to be earned in the future, Cheongseong will not be able to throw up all that 9 billion won.

No, I didn’t mean to spit out even the original amount of 900 million won.

‘All right, let’s do this till the end. You used me like a dog, you used me like a bug, you tried to crush me into debt. I’ll  have you pay back tens of times.’

I will change the world with this power in my hand.

And the first goal was Cheongseong.

The 17th episode is worthwhile.



The Goblin threw out a spear with a shout.

I wasn’t fighting with someone.

They are wielding weapons against crudely shaped straw scarecrows.

Monsters, Goblin’s training together.

It was a very strange sight.

But if you look closely, they were not ordinary Goblin.

Summons of Sung-hyun holding black shadows.

More precisely, the summons’ minions.

“Arms a little higher! Poke it right!”

In the middle of it, Sung-Hyun stood with his arms crossed.

He was coaching the Goblins by himself, fixing their posture.

It wasn’t even just posture.

On the other side, Goblin and Goblin were fighting like each other.

All of these training courses were ordered by Sunghyun.

‘Okay, it’s easier than I thought. Necromancer’s summon , he’s never obeyed orders, so he doesn’t have to goof off or get into trouble.’

Sung-Hyun watched Goblins with a satisfied look.

Unlike when he fought with himself, he used his strength to wield weapons recklessly, but his posture began to emerge.

The results of the training were coming out pretty quickly.

‘When I was dealing with Skeleton last time, I definitely felt it. It’s my important power, so I’m going to use my strength to protect the dungeon entrance.’

On a hunt, Geard continued to kill the rebellious Goblins and turn them into his own minions, and the number was increasing.

Geard already had more than two or three thousand Goblin under his command.

The number of villages around the central area was increasing, and it was a waste to just leave this number unattended and rotting.

“I’d like to exchange those crude weapons for you, but… It’s probably too much for the time being due to the wallet situation. Hunter’s weapon doesn’t cost a penny or two.’

Hunters’ weapons are different from ordinary blades.

If you change two or three thousand pieces of equipment, you’ll go bankrupt first.


Then, Goblin waddled toward Sung-Hyun.

The mail was crumpled in the hand of the man who stretched his arm.

“You were stuck between the doors, weren’t you?”


“Yeah, even if I let you, you’re never going out of the house. If anyone sees it… Uh, wait, this?”

A blue serpent pattern wrapped in a black ring

It’s a mail stamped with unpleasant symbols.

It was a reminder from the Cheongseong guild.

“I visited the headquarters yesterday, but I can’t believe you’re already sending me this. It’s so fast.’

Sung-Hyun opened the envelope he received.

When he read the contents inside, Sung-Hyun’s expression crumpled .

“Five thousand men from the start, scrupulous men.”

Sung-hyun clicked his tongue.

The amount due to be paid to the Cheongseong guild by next month is 50 million won.

It’s an unthinkable amount for a new chick who just woke up as a hunter.

In fact, it wasn’t a ridiculous amount that he didn’t expect.

“50 million won a month, 600 million won a year. Considering that the total comes to 9.5 billion won, they’re not in a hurry.”

It takes more than 15 years to pay back even after throwing up 50 million won a month.

50 million won for Hunter, who just woke up.

It’s ridiculous to ask for something, but they weren’t the ones who would consider it in the first place.

All they thought about was circumstances in their favor.

‘But it’s better for me. Rather, it makes you regret extending the deadline.’

It will keep them out of money before they can throw up their previous bill of 950 million.

With his abilities and this dungeon, it might be possible to eat Cheongseong.

‘I need money anyway. You’ll have to pay for a month or two to make time to grow. It’s just stupid to try to fight against Cheongseong at this point…….’

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