A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 26

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Not only that, but his other colleagues quickly surrounded Sung-Hyun.

The atmosphere quickly turned ugly.

You might have known that Sung-hyun is also a hunter with power in his hand.

However, he was a man who did not back down because he was confident in his skills.

“You want to do it now, right?

“What if you want to?”

“Okay, you guys are out. I’m going to take care of this bastard.”

The bullies stepped back at the man’s words.

However, he was still surrounded by Sung-Hyun so that he could not run away, and was watching him with a ferocious look.

‘Somehow, when I hear he was a non-wakened person, I had the guts… Was that a late awakening? Stupid guy.’

Han Tae-sik twisted his mouth meanly.

Unlike what he heard, he was surprised for a while that he was Hunter, but now that he awakened, he gauged that he was probably still a probationary hunter.

Rather, it seemed more likely to be trampled.

“I understand you’re a hunter and you’re showing your pride, but you chose the wrong person. I’m a retired D-rank.”

“You were D rank Hunter?”

“Why, do you regret it now?”

Han Tae-sik, who pulled out a sword, grinned.

His confident appearance made Sung-Hyun’s mind a little complicated.

‘What’s a D rank Hunter doing here? its not at the level of  stealing a normal person’s wallet.’

A D-class hunter would have had enough experience, and no one would have refused straight away.

Unlike E-rank, which only needs to go beyond the probationary stage, it was also a stage where many veterans were caught up in the limitations of their talents.

It was too high for a neighborhood bully to have any story.

‘Anyway, I’m in a little trouble.’

A D-class hunter was never a pushover for him either.

No matter how much Sung-hyun got two S-rated characteristics, experience was a very important factor for Hunter.

Sung-Hyun, who has only just been a few days since he woke up, may feel uncomfortable.

In addition, the Hunters who were watching did not know when they would pull out the sword.

“In fact, if I summon Geard and Goblins, we can overwhelm them.” 

‘I can’t draw that much attention.’

Sung-Hyun’s eyes quickly looked around.

Even if there were no immediate eyes around, it could have been an excessive disturbance because it was not far from the roadside.

Since his S-class characteristic “Shadow King” is such an unprecedented characteristic, all kinds of fruit flies and guilds will be twisted if it is known.

From then on, things will get out of hand.

“But if it’s a one-on-one match…….’


Sung-hyun pulled a sword from his waist.

Then Han Tae-sik’s mouth, facing each other, twisted as if it were ridiculous.

“Ha, what kind of confidence are you going to do with that cheap sword?”

“What? Cheap……?”

Sung-Hyun was a little embarrassed by his snorting opponent’s response.

But they soon noticed what happened.

‘Is this something that you can you can’t see?’

Sung-Hyun looked down at his sword.

It just looks like a shabby sword to others.

Sung-Hyun, who imprinted mana was showed the true image of the sword, but to others, it appeared to be the same as the previous state that had not been appraised.

“Ha, that’s funny.”

“It’s not funny, you punk!”

Han Tae-sik rushed to him, kicking the ground with all his might.

It was an inspection that wielded the power to kill Sung-Hyun without hesitation.


However, his sword soared high into the sky with a flash of light.

Swords that fell on the floor in two pieces.

“Uh… What the…?”

In front of the sword that broke in two, Han Tae-sik’s body hardened.

Hunter’s weapons to cut monsters have extraordinary durability.

As thick scales and body had to be divided, it was normal to not even scratch the level of confrontation between hunters.



Han Tae-sik fell on the floor with a dull sound.

his pale white face

The corners of Sung-Hyun’s mouth went up, who stepped on the face.

“You’re having fun now, aren’t you?”


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