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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 23

“Oh, my God, what have I been through……”

Sung-Hyun got out of the car grumbling.

As a result of the sudden onset of the dungeon, he wasted time.

‘But it’s still nice to get some fresh air. No problems.

Sung-Hyun looked around the street where he arrived.

There were all kinds of shops lined up like streets that specialized in Hunter-related items.

Quite a few people were coming and going on the streets, and more than half of the people coming and going were awakened.

This is the best place for Sung-Hyun, who came to seek weapons.

‘I’ve been here many times to run errands for Hunters before I got a job.’

There were many shops on the street where he walked, but Sung-Hyun headed to one corner of the street without looking.

As a remote place away from the roadside, there were not many people coming and going, unlike a while ago.

However, Sung-Hyun walked into a blacksmith’s shop without hesitation.

An old man with gray hair stood, cooling his sweat.

“Are you…?

The blacksmith, who found Seong-Hyeon who entered, opened his mouth.

Then, Sung-Hyun bowed his head.

“It’s been a long time, sir.”

“What are you doing here? I don’t think you’ve been asked to do anything else by Cheongseon.”

“This time it’s not about guild work.”

Sung-Hyun looked at the blacksmith in front of him.

He was not a famous person whose names were known all over the place.

However, he was a very talented craftsman who did not show himself because he hated fame.

Some of those strict Cheongseon hunters used to run errands here to make custom-made ones.

That’s why Sung-Hyun knows about this place.

“I’m here to get my weapon.”

“Huh, did you wake up late?”

“Yes, I have quitted the guild.”

He was kicked out, to be exact, but there’s no need to talk about it.

It was Sung-Hyun, who gave a serious answer to what he said as a joke, and the blacksmith opened his eyes wide as if surprised.

But for a moment, the blacksmith nodded.

“You’ve become awakened……. Yeah, it’s late, but that’s good. Then look around comfortably.”

“Are you giving up your weapon on a young, just awakened hunter?”

“Didn’t you come here because you thought you would? Don’t talk nonsense. Just look for it. It’s not easy to find a weapon that fits you.”

The smeared blacksmith went inside.

Without fail, there was a sound of hammering inside the blacksmith’s shop.

“Okay, let’s relax and take a look.”

Sung-Hyun, who looked satisfied, put his hand on his waist.

Hundreds of armored vehicles on display around me caught my eye.

No matter how much he paid for it, he was not an old man who handed over equipment to anyone, but Sung-Hyun, who had already received permission, could choose the one he liked.

‘Of course, I’ll have to pay for it.’

The weapons used by hunters are very expensive.

It was natural because it was a weapon made by smelting minerals and materials that were not specially produced on Earth.

In addition, it was only awakened people who were talented in production who could handle materials at different levels.

The old man just now was not a “hunter” hunting monster, but he was also an awakened person with the characteristics of a blacksmith.

Such scarcity combined with the ransom of artisans makes Hunter’s weapon a huge ransom.

‘But I have my own money saved, so I can afford it. Let’s say you’re pushing yourself a little too hard. I would have to settle it within 20 million won if possible.’

It would be too much to get a first-class weapon amid a huge debt.

In any case, at the level of Sung-Hyun, that weapon was not needed.

He just needs the right weapon to use right now.

“Sword? Dagger? Or should spear? “’

Sung-Hyun looked around and looked at the weapons.

However, even after some time, he couldn’t make a decision easily and was agonizing over it.

‘Um… it’s not easy, either. Unless you’re an expert, there’s no way to tell which is the best weapon.’

It was very difficult to choose a weapon unless you were an awakened person with the talent of a blacksmith.

Even the same awakening man was a hunter who caught monsters, but it was natural that knowledge of weapons was not created.

Sung-Hyun has been in this industry for years, so he could distinguish between poor trash.

As a result, you won’t be swindled anywhere, but it was a completely different story to distinguish between it and a good weapon.

‘Even if you pick a good weapon, it doesn’t work if it doesn’t fit you. Just thinking about it like this won’t solve the problem. Let’s swing anything first. ’

Sung-Hyun reached out and grabbed a long sword.

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A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

Beneath my house lies a dungeon that let me gain 800% EXP, I can gain 800% more EXP on the dungeon beneath my house
Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
A dungeon suddenly appeared in the basement of my house. A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that was never shown in history.


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