A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 22

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Sung-hyun’s fist hit the man’s abdomen.

His fist hit so hard that he didn’t know.

It was Hunter’s body, so I had to hit it to for him to faint.

The man who fainted with his eyes turned upside down on the floor, and the frightened two hunters faltered back.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“You could just shut your mouth and tell me to keep it a secret, but… I don’t believe that.”

“What the hell is that……?”

“If you’re King, let’s not even say you’ve seen me here. As a trainee hunter who doesn’t have a proper career, it’d be nice to do an E-level dungeon clear on his own, right?”

Puck, puck!

Sung-Hyun instantly knocked out the remaining two.

Even though they were very wary, they could not catch up with Sung-Hyun’s movements with their eyes.


Sung-Hyun threw those scattered on the floor into the corner.

Those who were soft would ask him to do so in words, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

“It’s not even an experience… I don’t have to deal with everything.”

In the meantime, the number has increased, and the number of skeletons surrounding it has increased.

It was crowded with no room to escape.

However, Sung-Hyun, who had no eyes to see, looked more comfortable.

“Let’s see what we can do.”

Let’s go!

Sung-Hyun’s shadow stretched for a long time.

Numerous monster eyes appeared in the shadows in the darkness that covered the walls and floors.

There were already hundreds of monsters behind Sung-Hyun’s back.


Hundreds of Goblins swept the battlefield, pouring all at once.

Obviously, the number of people who faced each other was more skeletonized.

However, the Goblins, who were under Sung-Hyun’s wing, were no longer regular Goblins from the F rank dungeon.

They were Goblins of the 21st level.

Although the appearance has not changed much, their strenth has changed.

On the other hand, the skeleton was only a single-digit level, and there was no match for a Goblin, who grew stronger with Geard’s specifications.


Hobgoblin is taking the lead in crushing Skeleton.

Not only did he leave troops to protect the house, but the boss monster, Gead, did not call.

This wasn’t a dungeon where you could get eight times more experience.

Calling in a man in the middle of a hunt will only hinder his growth.

“Well, is it over already?”


The Goblins, who wiped out all the skeleton, raised their weapons.

The power of organizing a number that would have taken more than an hour if it had been handled by itself.

This was the power of the numbers.

‘…I think that’s clear. The future direction is.’

No matter how strong it is, it took a lot of time and mentally and physically exhausting to destroy all the monsters in the dungeon alone.

Therefore, there were not many hunters who worked alone without colleagues.

S-class hunters are often said to be active alone, but that was only a small number.

However, Sung-Hyun did not have to save such a team member.

Numerous monsters were in his shadow, and he was able to be endlessly strong with them.

No need to worry about the back of your head, sure colleagues and subordinates.


Sung-Hyun gently pressed Goblin’s hair from the side.

‘It’s much better than most half-baked hunters. At least they follow my instructions thoroughly.’

It is Sung-hyun’s position to hide his S rank ability.

It was quite important to be able to work alone without any problems.


As Sung-Hyun flicked his finger lightly, the Goblin disappeared back into the shadow.

He went back to his original place, the dungeon in the basement.


Sung-Hyun, who drew a sword and approached, smashed the Mana Column of the dungeon.

This destroyed the chain of the dungeon.

After finishing the internal punishment, Sung-Hyun slipped out of the dungeon.

‘As expected… It’s almost all organized outside.’

While Sung-Hyun was leaving the dungeon, the barrier was broken and citizens were leaving the parking lot one after another.

Thanks to this, the attention was not much on this side.

“This way!”

“Is the barrier gone?”

Hunters, who were contacted belatedly, flocked.

Cheongseong couldn’t have moved directly in this situation, and he seemed to have rushed out of the guild in the nearby area.

‘I’m sorry, but you’re one step behind. It wasn’t a dungeon worth the money anyway. Just take care of it moderately.’

Knock knock!

After getting into the car, Sung-Hyun calmly left the scene.

They’ll take care of the troublesome closure of the dungeon.

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