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The Beauty and the ugly Count Chapter 7

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Translator: ManhwaLover

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“The Count has gone in to take a bath, so prepare a new bath. And after getting a blanket check in after both families, burn it.”

“Yes, Madam.”

At my order, the maids came into the room and began to organize. She collected clothes and rolled up blankets. I looked through the mirror as I was touched by a maid drying my hair.

“Are there any uncomfortable places?”

“My back hurts a little.”

“You seem to be okay, ma’am.”

The old maid who was drying her hair smiled. With the Erten crest on her chest, realized she was a maid.

“It’s a great honor to have the maid dry my hair by hand. Can I ask for a name?”

“I am Melia. Because I am the maid of the manor, in the capital mansion. Someone was leaving this seat.”

“No need to do that. I know you are favored by the Count. He only takes off the mask in front of you and the butler, right?”

My eyes widened as if the maid was unexpected. However, he did not say anything more about him, but put the towel down and brought out the body with a bottle of perfume.

“What should I apply”


It was refreshing, but the smell of rosemary tickling the nose stimulated the nose. I closed my eyes enjoying the touch of massaging my scalp.

“Did he say so?”

“Young master?”

“Ah, I was the count’s nanny until the previous countess passed away.

“Right. My jealousy seems useless.”

“Jealousy… You?”

“Last night, I couldn’t take off the Count’s mask in the end.”

In my words, the maid had a complex and subtle look. She stepped back, touching her wavy hair carefully so as not to hurt her.

“What’s the point of being jealous of this old man? Our lady is so beautiful.”

I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. Blue-eyed pupils overlapped with the author. The woman’s ugliness in the mirror seemed to be visible only to me.

“Yes, the lady is beautiful.”

“The appearance alone cannot cover a person’s deceit.


“To me, it would be much more beautiful to dig out this snow.”

It was difficult to look in the mirror anymore close my eyes tightly I felt

It was difficult to look in the mirror anymore, so I closed my eyes tightly. I felt a tear falling through my closed eyes.

* * *

Knives and forks, which had never made any sound, crashed into the plate with a rough sound. The tenderly steamed trout crushed recklessly. was

“What do you mean by that?”

“You can stay in the capital if you want. I will go down to the estate.”

“So, from the first day of the honeymoon, are you saying to be separate?”

“Is the same, would it be okay to go up to the estate together? It may not be as much as the number of times, but I will prepare you to avoid any inconvenience

“Count, | just burned the blanket completely, so I am the hostess of Count Erten, so I can’t even come out with you . But, it seems the Count doesn’t admit me. Last night so…”

As Velita shook her shoulders, covering her face with her hands, lan jumped out of her seat in embarrassment and walked to her side.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying that in that way…”

“What is it not? Also…”

“Wife, I’m sorry.”

“I did what I should  do with erectile dysfunction.”

I said small so that only him could be heard. The sound made lan’s face pale, but no one noticed by the mask.

“Wife, I was wrong. How can  you be upset? Shall we get a new dress before going down to the estate?

“You don’t need that kind of thing. How do you view me as such a snobful woman.

“No, I just……. Just a gift! I just said it in the sense of a welcome gift for you, my wife.”

It was a hard excuse. But Velita lowered her hand and asked him.

“Is that really?”

“Everything! Honey, stop being mad. I was concerned that it would be difficult if my wife suddenly went down to the estate, so it meant that it would be okay to stay in the capital a little longer. I didn’t struggle much yesterday.”

“I am okay. Last night, the Count was so kind to me. Huh-myeon, would you give me a small request instead of a gift?”


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