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The beauty and ugly count Chapter 6

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Velita’s face was distant, and the sound of the door opening in the bathroom next door was heard. lan woke up to see what had been buried.

It was to strip myself from the beginning. She was really planning a complete crime.

* * *

The bath water was not surprisingly cold and lukewarm. Probably, the maid changed them regularly during the night. It wasn’t warm, but I was relieved by the temperature where my body didn’t get cold.

‘It was cute.’

The red ears that couldn’t be covered with a mask and the tightly closed eyes were strangely irritating. I licked my lower lip. It tasted strange, perhaps because of the water bathing agent was added to it. I spit and rinsed my mouth with clean water to get rid of the nausea in my mouth.

‘I don’t like that.’

The stubborn refusal to take off the mask seemed to be difficult to penetrate.

‘If it is natural, is it natural?’

If you wear such a mask, it means that there is a lot of trauma in a large complex. There is no way to take it off for the first woman He saw today.

‘It will take quite a bit.’

I wanted to get along. If this is the case, it is not a formal couple, but a close couple.

‘My daughter, you meet a good person…

Be happy

I was confused and thought my mother’s will was impossible. Because I’m going to be sold as an organized marriage. I thought there couldn’t be any good people in the marriage.

… …

What was my  mother’s expression like when she said that? Were she crying? Or, were she laughing? I didn’t see my mother’s face in the end, so I always guessed.

“Are you smiling now, mother?”

‘Up there…

When I thought about it, I laughed. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, and I only want my mother to be at peace… *

‘It’s funny. Fuck the doctrine of the church.’

It was useless to curse them that they would fall into hell. What the hell is that to me if I can’t see them fall into hell and I can’t confirm. So, I was thinking of letting you pay the guilty price in Rhee Seung.

“I have to start preparing.”

If you start preparing now, you will be able to start revenge when Rael becomes scribe and leaves the family. I heard the sound of water splashing. I woke up from my seat, opening my long-closed eyes.

My water-soaked hair drooped. Drained from my hair, I quickly wiped myself with a towel, put on a robe, and went out to the room. lan was holding onto his naked  body in hesitating.

“What are you doing?”

“No, I can’t see my new clothes.”

It was ridiculous to see him  looking at me with a naked shirt covering his  upper body. Complex thoughts flew away in an instant.

“You also go and wash. It smells like alcohol.”

lan crept past me and headed for the bathroom. | waved the bell and called the maid.

“Did you call me.”

The door that had been closed all night opened. The maid bowed her head quietly at the messy clothes and traces of the bed.

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