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Beauty and the ugly count Chapter 5

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Translator: ManhwaLover

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lan touched the end of the mask.

‘Can I take it off?’

After taking it off, I was scared. What if she thinks his face is ugly. No, it was right that his face was ugly, so I was worried that she would be surprised a lot.

‘I don’t think it’s surprising.’

As I told Velita, there were no great expectations for marriage. Just ask that the person who will be his wife doesn’t distort his face every time she sees him. If she  want, I was thinking of living a separate life.

‘If I talk to this person like that, I think I’ll get caught.’

And he’ll be dragged to the capital while being caught. For some reason, he had a strong feeling that he would not be able to rebel.

‘I hate going up to the capital.’

Is there any way to persuade  her to stay in the estate? He began to think seriously. Wouldn’t it be nice to be good enough to be like the capital? If you wanted jewelry, dresses, and friends, it would be okay to invite vagrant wives. Because you only have to go outside.


Velita tossed for a while, then jumped up from her seat. lan, startled, went over to the chair.

“What are you doing?”

“No, nothing.”

Velita’s hand suddenly reached out to lan, who had swallowed the pain by grabbing the shin that hit the leg of the chair.

As he woke up holding Velita’s hand without thinking, he fell out of balance with her wicked hand pulling him off the bed. Velita got on him like that.

“Well, what are you doing! You certainly didn’t say you weren’t doing anything!”

“Thinking about it, we already had our first kiss, right? Well, I thought it wasn’t bad to try to get to know each other.”

While saying so, Velita took off her gown. lan covered his face with her hand.

“Why, why take it off. Key, she said she was just kissing.”

“Oh, there’s something on the gown.”

Velita laughed at the tip of lan’s reddish ears. lan listened to her laughter and didn’t think to put his hand away.

“Keep, smart, can you get your hand away?”

Velita , playfully patting the back of his hand, whispered into his ear.Velita’s hand was forcibly removed as she trembled in a thrilling, creepy feeling.

“Sleep, wait! Get ready for your mind.. ..”

As Velita’s face got closer, lan closed her eyes tightly. I thought that if I kept my mouth shut, it would end with a light kiss. However, the texture was felt in the nose, not the mouth. It wasn’t a kiss, it was her nose and his nose, she was out of the way on top of him.

“It was a joke.”

Lightly joking with him, she came down from bed and took off the remaining underwear. lan rolled around and turned to the side to hide his shame.

“You take off your clothes too. It must have been on your shirt as well. I’ll take a bath and come “

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