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Beauty and the ugly count chapter 4

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I thought if the count don’t like me or i don’t like the count it is still going to be okay. Until I met him, I thought it didn’t matter if it was a formal couple. However, seeing Ian distancing himself from me was a headache, and I was stimulating him with words and actions that I would not have said. Every time I saw that stupid mouth open, I became very happy.

‘What, this situation? How can you feel a sense of stupidity?’

It was her first feeling, but it was a complex one that she had interpreted somewhere. It was also a very long time ago.

‘lan ?’

When Velita was young, Rael, who was basically kind to others, went crazy with the daughter of a knight who he first met. Besides that, he constantly teased the girl.

Velita observed Rael to understand him. The results derived from observation and analysis were that Rael was in a state of first love, which is commonly referred to as, and he teased  the other person to attract attention.

Because those feelings were piled up so easily,

I didn’t care about this.

‘Is the same feeling right? That means I like  this man…Are you saying i am  in love?’

At first glance, I thought that what I liked about him is  dark green eyes and the strangely nostalgic color was just a scent. But why did I suddenly have feelings for a human named Ian Erten?

Interesting. Velita finally got out of her father and was a little excited, and she was able to positively review and accept new things. With her lips tight, she aroused the awkward atmosphere by coughing.

“Well, since I introduced myself, please help me before the conversation. To be honest, I’m really uncomfortable right now.”

“Ah! Okay. How can I help you?”

“Once, please loosen the string on the back.”

Ian took care of it several times and soon began to skillfully untie the strings. After taking off her pure white wedding dress and corset, Velita sighed of relief.

Velita exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Oh…, it would be better to wear a gown.”

As Ian put a gown on her shoulder, Velita fastened her waist straps and picked up the ready-made canapes. The sound of crunchy biscuit crumbled. Velita, eagerly, put several biscuits  in her mouth .As her cheeks became filled , Ian, who glanced at her, saw her and poured wine with a smile.

“Eat slowly. I won’t take it away.”

“Thank you.”

In silence, only the sound of Velita eating food was heard. After a while, she said, drinking wine, having swallowed all the food.

“Well, once the urgent matter has been resolved, the conversation

Shall we start?”

“You must have been in a hurry.”

“I was in a hurry. I starved all day and endured that strong  place.”

Ian laughed at her casual answer.

Velita said, wiping her mouth .

“So, Count. Tell me why you don’t like it? Do you want to go?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it!”

“Do you like it then?”

“Like it or not. Tell me for sure. You don’t like me? Doesn’t it make you a little likable? Depending on the answer, I’ll decide whether the count is premature or not.”

… I don’t hate you. However, I didn’t have much thoughts about marriage.”

“I don’t think this is what the new bridegroom married today will say.”

“I think it’s the same for you.”

‘Look at this.’

Velita’s eyes were stained with interest. But it wasn’t a big wave that I noticed.

“Why did you marry me?”

“I was the only Count of Erten, so the royal family put pressure on me. Go ahead and marry and make a  family. I also accepted it because I knew I had to be a family man  anyway.”

“Oh my goodness? You have any intention of child .”

“If you want, you can bring in a child.”

At his words, Velita sighed deeply. Then he asked seriously.

“Count, aren’t you really having a problem with your sexual function?”


Despite lan’s fierce reaction, Velita casually drank wine and asked as if she was poking.

“What’s wrong with both men and women who are healthy , and the couple who married today don’t have to pay the first night, let alone have a child, and the husband is saying you can bring a child ?”

“Are you going to pay the first night?”

“Yes, of course. Oh, there is one problem Take off your mask ”

“I have no intention of giving my first time to a guy who dont even show his face properly.”

“I hate that.”

“Are you not showing your bare face to anyone?”

“That’s no…. I sometimes show it to the butlers and maids.”

“Both must have served you for a long time.”


“Okay. If so, let’s put it on hold first.”


“I’m going to withhold my relationship with you. I will wait until you take off that mask.”

lan shut his mouth at Velita’s words. Velita thought that it was truly unfair that her expression was not revealed because of the mask.

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