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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 4.2

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I got a message! A message!

“It must be here!”

“It’s here!”

Jiyoon’s mother, Lee So-young, still didn’t have dinner. The same was true for Jiyoon’s father, who left work earlier because the couple’s precious only daughter did not eat again.

“But I’m glad you ate it once during the day…….”

Lee So-young was really about to cry at her husband’s words. However, she opened Banana Talk quickly, with her eyes wide open and holding back tears. Seojun’s mother posted two videos in the group room.

This is the powdered milk version.

This is the baby food version. Sorry, I’m late!

Lee So-young quickly types a message.

No! Thank you so much!

Then she quickly played the video. Among the two videos, they choose the video where Seojun eat more nutritious food. After hearing the story of the day from Lee So-young, her husband also watched the video.

Seojun, sitting on a baby chair, was looking at the camera. They heard a man’s voice quietly, saying, “Seojun, look this way.


Seojun’s eyes turned to the camera in his father’s voice. A small bowl of baby rice was put up in front of Seojun, who was laughing. A small baby spoon was held in Seo Eun-Hye’s hand.

“Seojun, let’s eat!”

Seo Eun-Hye’s words made Seojun’s mouth open wide. The spoon disappeared into Seojun’s mouth. Hap! The mouth was murmuring. At that time, Seojun’s hands were lifted and shaken.

“Huh? Is it because you’re excited? Is it that good?”

Seojun opened his mouth again at Seo Eun-Hye’s words. The baby food had disappeared before he knew it. Seo Eun-Hye put baby food back into his mouth.

Seojun was filmed eating for about 10 minutes.

Lee So-young said in a well-shot video.

“Okay! Let’s eat, Jiyoon!”

At his wife’s words, the husband rushed to the kitchen to heat the baby food. While preparing to feed the baby food, the couple doubted whether the video would work. However, the couple, who wanted for the well-being of their daughter, quickly headed for their daughter.

They fixed my smartphone in front of Jiyoon, who was sitting on the chair.


Jiyoon started to whine. Jiyoon’s father quickly put baby food on the table. Lee So-young opened the moderately cold baby food with a spoon and pressed the video’s start button.


“Seojun, look this way!”The video started again.

At the same time, Jiyoon’s father also said.

“Jiyoon, look this way!”

Jiyoon turned her head to where she heard her father’s voice. A smartphone came into her sight. Seojun was in there.

Lee So-young quickly pushed the spoon into Jiyoon’s mouth.

Jiyoon saw. Seojun, who raised his arms, shone again. And for some reason, she wanted to copy Seojun. The simple baby copied what was in front of her.

When Seojun opened his mouth, Jiyoon opened her mouth. When Seojun mumbled with a spoon in his mouth, Jiyoon bit the spoon, too. There was baby food on the spoon. When baby food came into her mouth, Jiyoon mumbled and swallowed it.

“She ate it!”

Lee So-young clenched her fist.

“She ate!”

Jiyoon’s father, who was about to shout at the joy that her daughter finally ate, swallowed the sound with difficulty in the taste of her wife’s hands on her thighs. It was because his wife was staring at him with her eyes on fire.

The wife whispered lazily, barely opening her lips.

“Be quiet! She has to eat a whole bowl!”


The couple quietly fed their daughter baby food. Jiyoon quickly finished a bowl of baby food as if the hardship she had been suffering was a lie. The couple was covered with tears.

Lee So-young patted Ji-Yoon on the back. Jiyoon’s eyes slowly closed after eating full. Tears formed in the couple’s eyes as they were looking at their daughter, who had fallen asleep.

They thought it was a big problem because she didn’t eat so much, so they went to the hospital. They made all the milk powder that babies like and the delicious baby food, bought it, and fed it, but all failed. The more they failed, the more they felt ashamed that they didn’t deserve to be her parents.

Lee So-young, who can laugh now, told her husband.

“Should we buy Seojun a present?”

“Let’s do it! And send a message! As Jiyoon said, she ate well. And a Thank you.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Putting Jiyoon on her bed, Lee So-young picked up her smartphone. The group room was already full of messages. It was Mina’s mom and twin mom.

Oh, my God! What’s going on? Mina is done eating! She didn’t even complain about food!

The twins ate it all! In a flash!

Lee So-young also left a message.


Jiyoon ate, too.

It’s only her second time eating today. Thank you very much!

Seo Eun-Hye, who read the message, said to Lee Min-Joon, who was putting his son to sleep. The son, who had a good meal, fell asleep on a fluffy blanket while dozing off half. His chubby cheeks were adorable.

“Everyone’s working.”

“Hmm….Maybe they just ate it because they were hungry?”

To Lee Min-Joon, who has only seen his son who eats well, the baby who does not eat was a little strange. Seo Eun-Hye knew the mothers’ hearts a little bit because she was the baby mother’s friend.

“A person who doesn’t eat really doesn’t eat. Jiyoon’s mom even went to the hospital.”

“To the hospital?”

Only then did Lee Min-Joon, who didn’t know the seriousness, patted Seojun’s stomach. 

Lee Min-Joon and Seo Eun-Hye’s son were really gentle and nice children.

“I hope it works tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…….”


Seojun’s milk powder mukbang and baby food mukbang, as the couple wished, had a great effect tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


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When will the nxt chap come out

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Amazing chapter, looking forward to future updates!

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I want more more

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Thanks for translate 💖

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Star Venerable
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Baby harem?… that’s gross. Sorry for putting that thought in your mind.

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