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Super star from age 0 Chapter 4.1

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“Daddy’s here, Seojun!”

Seojun, playing with a doll on the soft mat in the living room, turned his head to his mother’s words. The door opened, and Dad appeared.

Seojun crawled until in front of the front door. No, he tried to crawl, but his chubby arms rubbed the floor like he was wiping it.

The baby’s arms and legs rowed on the floor.

Lee Min-Joon, who barely got off work after working until Saturday evening, hugged his son, who was trying to crawl back when he saw him.

“My son!”

Seojun extended his arms to welcome his father. Lee Min-Joon kissed Seo Eun-Hye on the cheek while holding their son tightly within their arms.

“Let me Kiss my son, too!”

“Go wash up for now!”

At Seo Eun-Hye’s words, SeoJun pushed Lee Min-Joon’s cheek with both hands. Lee Min-Joon laughed. This scene was a hot one.

Lee Min-Joon, who quickly washed up, hugged Seo Eun-Hye while she prepared dinner. Seo Eun-Hye talked about what happened during the day while preparing side dishes.

“So when Seojun drank the powdered milk, everyone drank it after him also.”

“It’s amazing!”

“I mean. You know Mina’s mom is Vlogger, right?”

Hearing Seo Eun-Hye’s words, Lee Min-Joon recalled Mina’s mother’s video. There were videos of fusion dishes mixed with American and Korean home dishes or introducing small interior props.

“Yeah, you showed it to me last time.”

“Yes, so Mina’s mom said this could be an eating show for Seojun. He’s like the mukbang star of the baby world.”

Seo Eun-Hye said in a smiling voice. Lee Min-Joon also saw his son playing with dolls with a big smile.

He was happy to see my son having fun, but he would sigh without realizing it as he thought of him.

The dolls that my son plays with were made by his friend when he was 5 months old.…. In fact, Lee Min-jun was amazed by his son playing with these kinds of dolls.

His wife and himself hoped for Seojun to abandon the dolls, but their son, who had never thrown a tantrum, cried and went wild.

Lee Min-Joon’s friend likes games, and he is good with his hands, so he often made figures, dolls, and miniatures. They were dolls that his friend made for him.

They were so-called monster dolls.


Ugly green oak and auger, twin head troll with two heads……and a dragon with big wings. The dragon, which was well made, looked very scary, and other dolls did not look very cute.

‘Is this a waste of talent….?’

His son often played many games like knocking down an oak dragon, and he looked so excited that he couldn’t stop him. 

For example, at this moment, Seojun was hitting a dragon doll with a small slime in his hand.

“Oh, my gosh!”

He seemed completely excited.

“Should I stop that?”

Lee Min-Joon was worried that his son would become violent. 

Seo Eun-Hye came out to the living room after preparing dinner.

“It’s okay. Seojun is actually very nice.”


“He had been with other babies for a while today. But he didn’t hit other people and stayed still.”

“Was he uncomfortable?”

Lee Min-Joon was surprised. He recalled Seojunas as someone who couldn’t tolerate other people.

Recognizing his thoughts, Eun-Hye held Seo-Joon up and shook her head.

“No, it’s not like that. Seojun like being popular.”

“Oh, aha. That’s a relief.”

Lee Min-Joon also headed to the table. 

There was a nice Korean dish, including delicious soybean paste stew and egg roll. Seojun also sat on the baby chair. 

Although Seojun was sitting together with them, he didn’t eat right away. He waited first for the couple before starting eating.

He had his revenge on the dragon who killed him just before he was born as slime. They might be a figurine, but it is still an achievement to be celebrated by having a delicious meal.

Seojun, who was so excited, swung his arms.


“You must be really excited.”

Lee Min-Joon pinches the baby in the cheek. Seo Eun-Hye brought rice and started eating.

“So I took a picture of him drinking powdered milk earlier, but I think I should also take a picture of him eating baby food. Seojun has shorthands, so he may not reach the bowl while eating.”

“Okay, I’ll feed him and take a picture of him soon. Let’s do it after I finish this dish.”

Lee Min-Joon answered and immediately started gulping down the dinner.

After dinner, it was the baby’s turn to eat.

Seojun, sitting on the baby chair, saw his father looking for a camera in the drawer while his Mom was warming up the baby food.

‘You’re saying I have to use glitter, right?’

Seo Jun remembered what happened during the day.

He heard the mothers asking Seo Eun-Hye for pictures because the babies couldn’t eat well.

‘I didn’t expect the glitter to be used like this…….’

I thought it would be popular with babies because their skin and hair were shiny. I didn’t know that feeding babies to keep their mouths shut would come back like this.

“Seojun, let’s eat!”

Seojun looked at his mother and saw his father with a deep sigh. He was a parent to a little boy who ate well and slept well, but other parents had trouble raising a child. 

‘I can’t help it.’

The problem was that the fairy glitter was in the palm of his hand. If it was on his fingers, he could slightly shake it away from the camera, but……he had to wave his arms to shake his palms.

In addition, it was clear that it would look strange if only the right arm with the pattern were shaken.

‘Do I have to raise both arms? I never raised my arms and shook them while I was eating…….’

Lee Seo-Joon looked at his dad, who called him, hoping his mom and dad wouldn’t think it was weird.

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