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Superstar from the age 0 Chapter 3.2


Seojoon/Seojun: The protagonist

Oh, my God!

Seojun, who drank first, burped.

Like a spinning song, the babies’ burps rang in the living room. Fortunately, everyone burped well and didn’t feel like throwing up the powdered milk.

Again, with the babies on one side of the living room, mothers continued the story with relieved looks.

“Seojun’s mom.”


JiYoon’s mother called Seo Eun-Hye. 

Mina’s mother said earlier was a joke, but her heart as a mother believes what she just said to feed her baby.

Ji-Yoon’s mother is a little embarrassed, but she would do it if it were for her daughter.

“Sorry. Can you take a picture of Seojun eating and send it to me?”

Everyone was surprised by Jiyoon’s mother’s words. 

“No, that was a joke.” Mina’s mother said in a surprised tone.

“I know.”

Tears were in Jiyoon’s mother’s eyes. The twin mother quickly pulled out the tissue and handed it to her.

“Our Jiyoon can’t eat well, so she’s smaller than her peers. So I’m feeding her hard, but she doesn’t eat at all…….”

Jiyoon’s mother shed tears.

All the Mothers’ eyes turned to the babies. Jiyoon is definitely different from Seojun, who is seven months old. Of the five babies, Jiyoon was the smallest.

Seo Eun-Hye shook her hand quickly, thinking that Seojun was unusually healthy and taller than her peers, although Seojun and Jiyoon had a difference in size.

“No, no. Seojun looks like that because he’s much taller than his peers of the same age.”

“……I consulted with the hospital and said we have to feed her well…… but….”

Jiyoon’s mother finally burst into tears. Jiyoon’s face flinched when she noticed her mother’s outburst.

When Seojun saw the scene, he sighed inwardly and raised his right hand to release some fairy dust.

‘I’m not hungry, and I’m not going to cry!’

[The fairy sparkles], catches the eyes of children who can see everything.

Soon, Seojun’s hair and skin sparkled. The babies’ eyes are on the scene.

‘Oh! I forgot.’

The babies flocked to Seojun. It was different from just now when he was safely in his mother’s arms. Babies flocked to Seojun, who was on the floor and defenseless.

They were babies who held everything in their hands and watched it in their mouths. There was something fascinating right in front of them that caught the babies’ eyes. They couldn’t have missed it.

Shiny Seojun’s hair and fingers entered the babies’ mouths. It wasn’t even powdered milk, but they were doing it fast.


SeoJun saw Seo Eun-Hye, but Seo Eun-Hye was comforting Ji-Yoon’s mother. His whole body was covered with the babies’ saliva.

He could have cried out loud, but the look on her face seemed to be telling a serious story.

Seojun sighed and gave himself to the babies. He decided to sacrifice himself so that he wouldn’t disturb the mothers’ conversation.

Squeeze, squeeze, squish.

‘But why does it feel like the soul is being sucked?’

“Really, I’ll ask you once……. Hmmm.”

Ji-Yoon’s mother put her hands together and asked for it. Eun-Hye’s mind weakened in that way.

His son ate well, slept well anywhere, and behaved well. He was never sick, and he was always healthy. This is actually quite rare to see when it comes to babies.

She was also a mother, even if she raised him comfortably without worrying. 

She understood Jiyoon’s mother very well. Moreover, it is just filming Seojun eating.

It was not that Ji-Yoon would visit Seojun whenever she didn’t eat. Seo Eun-Hye, who was thinking for a while and said.

“Okay, I’ll take a picture and send it to you.”


Jiyoon’s mom was surprised and asked back. Then, she squeezed Seo Eun-Hye’s hands.

“I’ll only show it to Jiyoon. Only to Jiyoon…….”

Seo Eun-Hye said to Ji-Yoon’s mother, who spoke in tears.

“But, sister…I don’t know if Jiyoon will eat well even if I watch that video. Maybe it’s just this time.….”

“That’s it, though. I need a little bit of effect. She can eat it once out of ten times…….”

It wasn’t that Ji-Yoon’s mom didn’t think about it either. No, I honestly thought it was a coincidence.

But wouldn’t her daughter eat with her friend in the video? I thought. It was even a little good.

A thin straw appeared before her drowning. She was going to grab this weak-looking straw. It was for her daughter, Jiyoon.

“Then I’ll take a picture of Seojun when he eats and send it to you on Banana Talk. I’m full now so that I won’t eat.”

Jiyoon’s mother nodded as she wiped the tears that had finally stopped.

“Thank you very much. Really… thank you……. I will repay you…….”

“No, I’ll watch the video, and if Jiyoon eats well, give it to her then.”

The twin mother and Mina’s mother, looking at the two, thought a little bit and opened their mouths.

“Well, Seojun’s mom. Can’t you send it to me?”

“Me too!”

“It’s not that twins don’t eat very well, but sometimes they don’t…….”

“Because Mina doesn’t eat baby food……. Can I ask for a baby food version?”

Eun-Hye nodded in the words of the two.

“Yeah! We’re just filming Seojun eating anyway. I’ll take pictures of him eating either baby food or milk powder.”

Only then did laughter return to other people’s faces. Eun-Hye also smiled at her mothers’ relieved face. And she turned to his son, who eats well and sleeps well.

“Oh, Seojun!”


“Jiho, Jiwoo!”


Seojun was half resigned to the babies.

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Star Venerable
Star Venerable
3 months ago

My guy is a weirdo, he got sucked off by babies…
– this god The Star Venerable, *hmph*

3 months ago

Lmao don’t know which is scarier; the glitter or the babies x,D

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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