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Chapter 1

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“What’s wrong with him?!”

The shout of the Director filled the whole set.

Turning my head to look at the director, I shivered.

His hand was pointing at me.

The director was actually shouting at me!

“Hey, you!”


Looking at the angry Director, I stuttered without realizing it.

I don’t know what went wrong, but it was clear that he was yelling at me.

Seeing the Director frowning, my body shrank even more.

This was a difficult position to get by.

“Are you going to ruin the drama? Why are you the only one who stands out and goes crazy?”

…This was unfair.

It’s not that I couldn’t act well, but does it make sense to be angry just because I stand out?

In the first place, my role is to sell socks on the street out of the blue.

That scene already stands out enough, and he didn’t like it.

What should I do then? I am not the one who wrote the script.

There were all kinds of excuses formed in my head, but I held back and just bowed my head.

In this case, admitting my mistakes and bowing my head rather than making excuses is the best way to survive.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Hey, if you don’t do it properly one more time, it’s over. Did you get it?”

“I’ll pull myself together and do it properly next.”

The Director eventually stopped nagging.

Then, he looked at the main actor once again.

Now I know the reason why he suddenly shouted at me.

I really didn’t do anything wrong from the beginning.

The actor was just late for the filming, and the director was just trying to make up some excuse to re-shoot.

Sadly, it was me who became the easy scapegoat.


This is really crazy.

I didn’t do anything wrong, but I was accused in order to cover up for someone.

But what can I do?

Extras really need to act like an extra.

As an extra, the best situation right now is to bow my head as if I didn’t know his hidden intention.

This way, I can get by unscathed.

“We will shoot again!”

At the director’s words, other actors went back to their initial position.

“Ready, action!”

The camera started to roll.

The director gave his OK after filming the same scene two more times.

This was exhausting and hard. I took off my outfit and put down the box containing the socks.

“Ha… If there was another re-shoot,  I would have given up filming and walk away.”

I heard the main actor muttering.

Lucky guy.

A rising star in his mid-20s who gained enough popularity to be casted as the main actor.

Regardless of how hard the staff suffers, for them only their pride matters the most.

That’s why he’s so focused on arguing with the director.

Someone like me is struggling to get a minor role but he could get it easily because there are many people who wanted him.

I envy this actor. At the same time, I also respect him.

How hard it must have been to get to where he is right now?

Wouldn’t it be possible for me to get a little bit of his talent and luck?

“Great job!”

After the filming, the staff will start cleaning up the set.

I hurriedly organized the socks and the items around them.

I got to be on their good sides in this way.

After saying my goodbyes to the staff, I headed to the place where the extras waited.

Now, the things I have to do are finished.

“Sunghyuk, Great job.”

“Thank you, mister.”

“See you at the set next time.”

“See you again next time.”

I greeted back the supporting actor and left work.

I really hope that the next time we will meet is on the set again.

The life of an extra where opportunities are rarely to come by is really tough. They will not know when they would be casted again.

“Break time!”

I guess they’re going to take a small break now.

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“Argh! Oppa!”

“I was working and I heard that you were filming, so I came out right away!”


Fans of the main actors gathered and flocked around the set.

If one or two fans slowly heard that it was break time, they all moved together towards the waiting area of the main actors.

Dozens of people quickly gathered next to the main actor.

Ahh, I am really jealous of him.

I smacked my lips at this appearance.

I was keeping myself together at the thought that my acting is good and that I could become a main character someday. I just need to surpass my limits.

I had never lived the life of the main character, but somehow I felt as if I may lose something If I become famous.


Someone sighed and called me as I turned around.


“Oh, yes. You over there.”

The woman who called me is now standing in front of me.


“Who are you looking for?”

“Oh, no. I came to see actor Lee Sunghyuk.”

She smiled brightly.

At that, I paused and looked at the woman.

She obviously called me an actor.

All my life, I’ve been called you as ‘Hey!’, ‘You there’, ‘You punk’.

But to her, I am an actor.

“Actor Lee Sunghyuk.”

She called me again.

Even though I know that I shouldn’t, my expectations got up by itself.

Swallowing my saliva, I opened my mouth to reply.


“Yes! Actor Lee Sunghyuk.”

It wasn’t an illusion.

She really came for me.

The woman smiled and continued to talk.

“It’s my first time doing this…I’m a little nervous too.”

With that said, she bowed her head, blushing.

My heart was beating hard.

“Look…I’m a fan.”

A fan that existed only in my imagination, is now in front of my eyes.

“Really, so… Thank you so much.”

“What? No. I’m more grateful.”

I said, the woman waved her hand and answered.

She handed me an eco bag.

“This is…”

“It’s a novel that I wrote. I wrote it while thinking of actor Sunghyuk, so I hope you read it. It’s not complete yet..”

“I’ll make sure to read it.”

She wrote a novel thinking about me.

How can I reject it? I took the eco bag right away.

“Thank you. Please read it all and tell me how it was later.”

“Yes. I hope to see you again next time.”

“Me too.”

The woman replied and then checked the time.

“Oh, I have to go now…”

“Yes, yes. You have to go. Of course.”
As soon as I returned home, I took out the books from the eco bag.

8 books.

It wasn’t that heavy, but I was amazed that there were actually eight books in it. I looked at the eco bag for no reason.

It was an eco bag with a picture of a tree that is not that special.

What is it? There was something special coming from the bag.

I picked up the first volume and begun to read the first pages.

Perhaps because I already read so many scripts, I was already used to reading something.

“The Master of Talent.”

It’s the title of the book.

“I guess it’s a fantasy Novel.”

I rarely read Novel because I’m busy, but I sometimes read them when I was young.

I tried not to miss a word by slowly reading.

This is a novel written my fan thinking about me.

I didn’t want to miss a single letter.

The overall content of the book was about the main character’s revenge play.

The protagonist, who lost his parents because of a monster, went crazy to kill the monsters around him that day.

Then, he awakened his special ability that no one else has.

His ability enables him to see one of the greatest ability that another person has.

The brightness of light varies depends on the rank of the Abilities.

When I read the novel till the middle of the first volume, I realized that the protagonist’s ability was not simply enables him to see.

After killing the Orc King, he got the ability that Orc King initially had.

He could not gain it if they are alive, he was only able to do so by killing the person.

The protagonist, who has gained a new ability by killing Orc King, continued to kill other monsters and gain more abilities.

I was now in the second half of the first volume and the protagonist changed.


The development was strange, he suddenly killed a person..

This is different from what killing monsters so far.

It’s his first murder.

However, the main character did not care much about it and continued to work.

“The main character seems more like a villain.”

Since it was a novel, there was no great reluctance to kill or anything.

I am also not that nice of a person in the first place.

“But… I think this is too much.”

I’m now almost done with reading till the sixth volume.

I stopped reading for a while and scratched my cheek.

I don’t know how the story will end, but the protagonist has now killed the entire village.

In order for the main character to gain stronger abilities, it was necessary to sacrifice the villagers. The main character did everything for his own purpose.

I don’t like the development, but I kept reading it.

Did was from my fan. Needless the plot or the virtue of the main character, I will still read it.

“By the way, in what part did she write thinking about me?”

This was my biggest question.

I don’t know which part she wrote of thinking of me.

Was it true that she wrote it while thinking about me?

The protagonist eventually became a tyrant at the end of Volume 8, even then I still had my own doubts.

Perhaps, because I read eight books in one time, my eyes were a little tired.

As I organized the books, I took the eco bag to fold, but something strange caught my eye.

“What is this? I did’t think there was anything inside until just now.”

The eco bag initially only has a picture of a tree and nothing else.

But now there was a text under the tree.

“I’ll always watch you…”

The moment I uttered those words…


As my sight went black, my consciousness gradually disappeared.

My whole body lost strength, and I collapsed.


I can’t even open my mouth.

I tried to look around but everything was darkness. Suddenly, texts appeared in front of me

<<I’ll look forward to your story.>>

[“The Unknown God” has begun watching your story]

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