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The Villain at the hand of the Hero Chapter 1

“How do you feel?”

Belze raised the corners of her mouth as she looked at her enemy sitting on the floor with his arms tied behind his back.

The corners of her mouth smirked to the point where her dimples appeared, and her eyes narrowed because of joy.

“Even if you ignored me, it doesn’t change the fact that you got caught by a villain-like me, eh?”

Belze giggled while twisting her long, cherry-colored hair with her fingers.

She wanted to laugh loudly in a villain-like manner. 

Who wouldn’t do that at the moment when they finally captured their long time enemy?

The man in front of her was one of the most notorious Hero in Yuseong City, where heroes and evil organizations ran wildly.

In other words, he was a man who would constantly block Belze dozens of times. Well… until today.

Every time Se-Oh was involved on her transactions, it would always become a failure.

He doesn’t know how angry she was every time he would leisurely appear over and over again in front of her.

Every time she thinks about his arrogant face, she thought it was not enough to just kill him. She wanted him to suffer more.

“This is your end. No more hero standing in my way. I’ll fix that nasty habit of yours so you would behave.”

“…don’t pretend to be the victim, just do what you want.”

There was a hint of displeasure in Se-oh’s eyes.

He was still a very arrogant man even though he was captured with both of his limbs tied up.

He was still energetic in that regard, but he was still a young man in his early adult years.

Belze, the villainess in front of him, was the same age of Se-Oh.

His eyes were fiercely looking at her face, he still possessed the same eyes before he was captured.

His eyes were light sky blue, has small double eyelids, eyebrows close to eyes, and straight nose lines were quite visible from Belze’s perspective.

He was very handsome.

Belze didn’t want to admit anything more than that.

Then, she stared at his lips. The same lips where the words that she despises would always come from. 

But that’s the end of it, too.

Today is the time to pay back the humiliation that she has always received from him.

Belze smirked and pressed her feet against Se-Oh’s legs.

“Our Se-oh, you’re so rude. You have to realize that you’re caught by me.”

Belze was a villain, an executive member of the evil organization.


“Get your hands off me.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Do not touch me!”

Se-oh’s face was now very upset.

Originally, he was still calm even if he was at the hands of the villain.

But the more the more Belze lowers Se-Oh’s underwear without hesitation, he felt a sense of crisis at the current upsetting situation.

Now that his pants were half-down, there was only a thin piece of cloth hiding his genatalia.

Even though it was covered by the fabric, it was firm and big flesh where the body temperature was hotter than anywhere else.

“I don’t want to. I’ll make you feel better, so you should thank me. It is an honor to you to have someone as good as me to touch it by hand. Wow, it moved. It is bigger now… uhmm.”

“Shut up, I will not stand for someone like you….”

“I stood up.”

The sleeping genitalia stood up forming a small tent in between his legs.

Belze touched the tip of the tent and it seemed to have grown several times in just a moment.

The first time she touched it, it didn’t feel fluffy, but now it was as hard as pressing the muscles.

Belze looked up at Se-Oh’s face, holding back a moan.

“Don’t hold back, Se-Oh ya.”

“Shut up.”

Se-Oh, who was blushing hard, trembled.

Belze was really enjoying what was she was doing.

She was now playing with Se-Oh.

The hero, known for his Justice mentality, has now a tent in between his legs waiting to be revealed.

Belze lifted the camera with her other hand and zoomed in towards his lower abdomen.

“Get rid of the camera!”

As the camera lens glistened, Se-Oh immediately said.

Normally, he would have clenched his teeth and resisted against evil, but on a day like today, something like this was not bad.

The stronger the opponent, the more joy he would feel when he win.

The more she build confidence, the more joy he will have when he break it.

“No. Why would I miss this great opportunity? I’ll use it to black mail you.”

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