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Chapter 5- Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack

Inside the taxi

Kang Bong-Gil was sitting in the passenger seat. He looked at the back seat through the rearview mirror.

In the back seat, Lee Si-Guk was still looking out of the window.


A child that can beat a peer bigger than him. But a child will never beat an adult.

That was common sense, and it was natural.

But Lee Si-Guk was a child that doesn’t follow such common sense.

Who the hell is he?

Kang Bong-Gil bit his nails in anxiety.

‘I’ll have to go to the temple in the morning.’

In the meantime, the taxi arrived at the Bar owned by Kim Yang-ki.

Kang Bong-Gil, who got off the taxi, was told by Lee Si-Guk that he should take the lead.

Kang Bong-Gil struggled to walk to the entrance while pretending to be calm.

Kang Bong-Gil was greeted by a gangster in suits smoking at the entrance.

“Huh? Who is he?”

The gangster looked at Kang Bong-Gil and asked. He was referring to Lee Si-Guk.

For a moment, Kang Bong-Gil flinched and looked at Lee Si-Guk. He nodded silently.

“You don’t have to know.”

After saying that, Kang Bong-Gil took the lead in entering the Bat and Lee Si-Guk followed him.

Walking through the hallway of the Bar, Lee Si-Guk drew much attention.

Aside from the fact that Kang Bong-Gil, who was either the second or third-in-command of Kim Yang-ki’s gang, brought him, he was a child who shouldn’t have entered a Bar involved with illegal business.

“Oh, my. Bong-Gil Oppa. Who’s that? Is he a bastard of yours?”

A woman, looking innocent, asked Kang Bong-Gil as she clung to him with her breast sticking out.

“Back off. You don’t need to know.”


At Kang Bong-Gil’s harsh response, the woman stepped back, letting go of Kang Bong-Gil’s arm.

However, she didn’t get away from them immediately. Instead, she approached Lee Si-Guk.

“Who’s this child? Why are you here?”

For a moment, Kang Bong-Gil looked at the woman with an angry expression.

Lee Si-Guk looked at the woman.

Then he smirked and just ignored her.

Kang Bong-Gil, who was itching to beat the woman, sighed with relief.

“What’s wrong with him? He’s such a jerk.”

Kang Bong-Gil was once again shocked by the woman’s words.

“Go away, go away!


At Kang Bong-Gil’s urging, the woman snorted and went somewhere else.

Kang Bong-Gil approached Lee Si-Guk and whispered in his ear.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Well, still…….”

“You dislike them anyway.”

Kang Bong-Gil was surprised at the words of Lee Si-Guk.

“What is it?”

Come to think of it. There was more than one strange thing.

Aside from his strong power and attitude that was different from a normal child, Lee Si-Guk knew quite a lot about Kim Yang-ki’s gang, which Kang Bong-Gil belonged to.

“What are you doing? Lead me there quickly.”

“Oh, yes.”

When Kang Bong-Gil tried to question him, Lee Si-Guk rushed him.

Kang Bong-Gil retook the lead, and the two went deep inside the Bar.

When they reached a place where neither the guests nor any women were visible, a room appeared.

Instead of the number of rooms, Kang Bong-Gil stopped in front of the door where VVIP was written.

“Here, there’s a big brother here.”

Lee Si-Guk was staring at the door with an expressionless face.

“Are you coming in?”

Lee Si-Guk nodded at Kang Bong-Gil’s question.

Kang Bong-Gil knocked on the door with trembling hands.


* * *


“Haha, haha!”

Kim Yang-Ki, who was sitting down at the center of the table, laughed loudly at Han Myeong-ho.

Han Myeong-ho was sitting on his right side. He also laughed when he saw Kim Yang-ki laughing loudly.

He continued.

“Anyway, that’s why… Choi Tae-Sik had a haircut and asked for it.”

Kim Yang-ki’s laughter intensified at the story of Han Myeong-ho. He was speaking in Seoul dialect with traces of Honam dialect.

Lee Jung-hoon was sitting opposite of Han Myeong-ho, the left side of Kim Yang-ki just emptied the glass with a smileless face.

The woman sitting next to him filled Lee Jung-hoon’s empty glass with a flirty look. Then she leaned on his shoulder, hugging his left arm.

“No, but why is Mr. Lee doing that? Are you uncomfortable?”

At Han Myeong-ho’s words, Kim Yang-ki’s eyes also turned towards Lee Jung-hoon.

Lee Jung-hoon, who was stared at by the two, said with an awkward smile.

“It’s just that…… I think I’m coming down with a cold.”

“Son of a bitch. Ouch, are you saying your boss isn’t warm enough? Hahaha!”

At Kim Yang-ki’s words, the woman next to Lee Jung-hoon became more attached to him.

Lee Jung-hoon just smiled awkwardly and slightly separated from her.

“By the way, where is Bong-Gil? He’s not coming?”

Han Myeong-ho answered quickly as if he was waiting for Kim Yang-ki’s question.

“I know. I heard there was something wrong on his arcade…”

“Isn’t Bong-Gil’s day off today?”

“Yes, but when something happens there is no day off.”

“But what’s happening? Is the machine broken or what?”

“He’ll tell you when he is back, but I’m just saying this because Bong-Gil isn’t here, right?”

“Isn’t the arcade situated in a terrible place?”

Kim Yang-ki’s lips slightly went up at Han Myeong-ho’s words.

“What are you mean?”

“There is another gang stationed right in front of the Arcade that Bong-Gil is running.”

“Yes, and so what?”

“Aren’t they gonna lose more customers that way?”

Kim Yang-ki drank all the alcohol and looked at Myeong-ho quietly.

“So, what do you want to say? Don’t beat around the bush and go straight to the point.”

“Change the manager better than Bong-Gil.”

Kim Yang-ki laughed at Han Myeong-ho’s words. He looked at Han Myeong-ho and said,

“Is there anyone here who wants to take Bong-Gil’s hands?”

Han Myeong-ho’s expression stiffened for a moment.

Then in an instant, he relaxed his expression and said with a smile.

“Hahaha. I’m kidding. This is just a joke. Hahahaha!”

Han Myeong-ho’s habit is to speak in a strong Honam dialect when he’s embarrassed.

Kim Yang-ki knew it, so he just smiled and warned Han Myeong-ho.

“Myeong-ho, do not spout nonsense from your mouth in front of me. Did you understand?”

Han Myeong-ho smiled awkwardly and nodded.

“There’s no more alcohol.”

Kim Yang-ki, who raised the empty cup, handed it to the woman sitting right to his left.

“Let’s meet again later lady.”

At Kim Yang-ki’s words, the woman picked up the bottle with trembling hands.

Kim Yang-ki naturally put his hand on the woman’s shoulder.

At the moment, the woman shuddered.

His hands holding the bottle trembled anxiously.

Lee Jung-hoon, who was watching the scene, snatched the bottle.

“I’ll pour it for you.”

Kim Yang-ki grinned at Lee Jung-hoon.

“Oh, that’s good, too. Come to think of it. It’s been a while since I got a drink from CEO Lee, right?”

Lee Jung-hoon smiled awkwardly and poured alcohol into Kim Yang-ki’s glass.

Kim Yang-ki took a sip of alcohol after raising his cup.

Then he looked at the woman next to him and talked to her.

“I guess you’ve never been in a place like this before.”

At Kim Yang-ki’s words, the woman only nodded silently.

“The first time, it’s all awkward and amazing.”

Unlike the women sitting next to Han Myeong-ho and Lee Jung-hoon, the woman in her casual clothes was shaking all the time, unable to raise her eyes.

Kim Yang-ki continued, feeling the woman’s trembling shoulder from his left hand.

“Well, as you can see, he is a human being. It’s just that they’re all romantic because they’re doing a little dirty work.”

Han Myeong-ho nodded at Kim Yang-ki’s words.

“Even though your father was a little in debt to a loan shark, six months after the date of payment, the interest really increased, but the mole didn’t kill your father because the mole was human. Do you understand?”

The woman couldn’t say anything.

Kim Yang-ki’s hand gradually went down from her shoulder.

“But this pretty lady came to us because she was worried about her father, now my heart was shaken and felt pity.”

Kim Yang-ki’s hand stroked her chest slightly.

The woman flinched but couldn’t avoid or take his hand out.

Kim Yang-Ki smiled with his teeth showing.

“You father borrowed 10 million won, and the accumulated debt with interest amounted is 100 million won. Isn’t the interest up to the person who lent you the money? But now, you don’t have to worry too much.”

Kim Yang-ki’s hand blatantly groped the woman’s chest.

Only then did the woman raise her hand and held Kim Yang-ki’s hand groping her chest.

Kim Yang-ki’s smile grew wider as he saw it.

“How old are you this year?”

When asked by Kim Yang-ki, the woman barely answered with a crawling voice.


“Huh? I can’t hear you well because your voice is small. How old are you?


“18? Oh, then, Shi-Bang is a high school girl, is that it?”

When asked by Kim Yang-ki, whose eyes were wide open, the woman nodded silently.

A smile spread around Kim Yang-ki’s mouth.

“Really, a good daughter. Still studying diligently, but here for her father when he is busy.”

Kim Yang-ki picked up a new cup that had been spilled and then poured alcohol.

“Lady, have you ever had a drink?”

The woman shook her head.

“Woah. Why didn’t you ask your boyfriend to drink with you? When I was at your age, I already tasted everything.”


“What did you say?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend…….”

“What? No, you must have had an ex-boyfriend.”

“……there wasn’t.”

“What, so you’re still a no boyfriend since birth or something?”

The woman nodded her head.

“So you don’t have any experience with men?”

Again, the woman nodded.

Kim Yang-ki’s smile on the side of his mouth became stronger.

“Oh, you’re a rare lady. Anyway, boys, these days are all eunuchs. I don’t know what the hell they’re going to do with such a pretty lady.”

While talking like that, Kim Yang-Ki took a small bottle out of his pocket.

He opened the lid, dropped a few drops of the unidentified liquid into the glass wine of the woman, and put it back in his pocket.

Han Myeong-ho smiled as he saw it, and Lee Jung-hoon turned his head away from them.

“Come on, come on, have a good drink.”

Kim Yang-ki handed the glass to the woman. The woman looked reluctant, but she had to hold the glass with trembling hands.

Kim Yang-ki raised his cup.



The woman’s glass and Kim Yang-ki’s glass collided in the air.

Kim Yang-ki looked at the woman quietly taking a sip of alcohol.

The woman who hesitated while looking at the glass slowly took it to her lips.

And when the glass was about to touch her lips…

Knock knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door of the VVIP room.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the door. The woman naturally put the glass down.

The door opened, and Kang Bong-Gil came in.

“Oh, what happened to you?”

It wasn’t until Kim Yang-ki said it that he saw someone following after Kang Bong-Gil.

“Bong-gil. How come this little biy is following you in here?”

Kang Bong-Gil could not answer Kim Yang-ki’s question immediately.

“Excuse me, sir…. Can’t you get the girls out for a while?”

Kim Yang-ki stared at Kang Bong-gil.

Kang Bong-Gil only rolled his eyes without making eye contact with him.

Kim Yang-ki, briefly looking at Kang Bong-Gil, even in a cold sweat, winked at women.

All the women went outside.

Kim Yang-ki turned to the child.

“Ouch. Who are you? Whose precious son are you to follow this Bong-Gil late at night?”

The child, Si-Guk, grinned at Kim Yang-ki.

Si-Guk picked up a bottle of beer put it at the edge of the table.

Everyone except Kang Bong-Gil was looking at him with questionable eyes.

“Kang Bong-Gil……”

Just as Kim Yang-ki was about to say something at Kang Bong-Gil, Si-Guk jumped up.


And landed right in front of Kim Yang-ki.

The table shook, bottles and glasses fell over, and alcohol was spilled either on the table or the floor.

Si-Guk and Kim Yang-ki’s eyes met.

Si-Guk hit Kim Yang-ki’s head with a beer bottle without hesitation.

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1 year ago

What a short chapter!!! And when it’s starting to get good too ><

Karnevale's Admin
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1 year ago

It is short because the translator didn’t finished translating it so he posted what he had finished and will update it when he finish translating the rest. It seems that he has been doing it for the past updates. I told him that he could cut it in parts but he didn’t want to.

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