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At the age of 92 years old, a man is already considered very old.

During this lifespan, a human could have enjoyed and experienced many things.

The same old man was a spirit user. It is widely known to the public that the great sage Yigret, can control all the four attributes of nature.

Yigret, who became an old man, was still curious of many things.

The spirits and his other special powers gave him freedom, but failed to satisfy his most basic needs.

He was an orphan from birth and grew old alone without even getting married.

He had lived like that all his life, spending time with his spirits treating them as family.

He had no regrets because he was already alone from the beginning of his life.

Spirits were immaculate and pure beings, and communication with them was enough to soothe the loneliness he felt.

It was just a leisurely life, leaving his body to the flow of time.

But when it came to the last minute, it occurred to him.

‘……What have I been living for?’

Spirits, who felt the end of Yigret gathered around him with their translucent body and stood by his side.

Spirits filled his surroundings, comforted him in many different ways from what humans do.

“It’s okay, Yigret.”

“You were the most pure human being ever. It was the best thing we’ve ever seen!”

“No one can be good and has pure soul for nearly 100 years. Sometimes I don’t even think that Yigret is really human.”

A small smile appeard in his wrinkled old mouth.

“Haha Children I will soon close my eyes, too.”

Yigret called the spirits “children.”

In reality, these creatures have existed far longer than humans, but Yigret still considered them cute and friendly.

Together with how looked like a child as big as a thumb, the spirit’s way of thinking and way of speaking created an image of a child for him.

‘Children’ the nickname he used to call them throughout his entire life.

“Yigret, are you sad?”

“Are you crying? Yigret.”

He wasn’t crying.

But the spirits were aware what was his deepest and innermost feelings.

Yigret lifted his damp fingers to cares the spirits infront of him.

Even though it didn’t work out well, the index finger could still touch a spirit’s head.

“I don’t know… haha. Cough Cough Cough cough.”

The unknown feeling growing in his heart must have been this sadness.

He felt something was lacking, so he felt sad.

Yigret has lived a life as a “The Great Sage” that will go down in history, he achieved many things throughout his life, and enjoyed wealth and honor that others would just probably dream it only.

Contrary to what others may think of, all he lacked was actually very simple.

Family and friends.

In a way, he was a loner who didn’t fit among people.

His natural strength was powerful, but he was still abandoned by his parents.

There were many who coveted his strength and tried to lure him towards their side, but there was no one who really wanted to be close friends with him.

Even if there was someone, it would usually be with someone that has an ulterior motive.

That’s the kind of person he’s been frequently meeting.

Being too capable, it was like a shackle that prevented him to form any human relationships.

Still, Yigret has longed to live like a human being without ever giving up.

It wasn’t until he was betrayed, and repeatedly stabbed at his that he eventually avoided any other interractions with humans.

Maybe he was coveting something he shouldn’t have.

Life is fair, so if you get something, there were also things that you don’t.

Being surrounded by betrayals for more than half of his life, he turned his back against anyone and blamed himself for his fate.

However, it was not until the end of his life that his thoughts changed again.

“I was… foolish.”

“What are you talking about, Yigret?”

“There’s no one as wise as you.”

“Wise Yigret. Lovely Yigret.”

Spirits generally do not follow humans. Therefore, it was very rare to see magicians together with spirits.

Among them, there was only one magician that was “loved” by spirits from the past to the present.

The Great Sage Yigret.

Yigret, a mage that controls the four attributes of nature, is loved by spirits.

Although he was a commoner without a family name, he was a man who was stronger and more noble than anyone else.

The spirits truly loved and cared for him. Feeling the sincerity, Yigret shed a tear as a form of gratitude towards his Children.

“I shouldn’t have given up.”


“Cough cough!”

He was going up and down as he cough. His whole body went stiff like a piece of wood.

His vision was now blurry and so he closed his eyes.

The paused between his breath was getting longer and longer.

His ears were block as if he had entered the water.

Still, he could understand what the spirit, he was contracted with, were saying.



“Don’t forget us, Yigret.”

“You will just sleep comfortably.”

“And when you wake up…….”

Trusting in humans.

Why is regret always late? Why do useless courage and lingering feelings remain until the end of the day?

Yigret felt his body slowly being paralyzed. His body was getting older and slowly dying, but his spirit (not the elemental being) and passion that he had during his young days seemed to be still be alive in his heart.

‘If I live again, I will never run away like a coward again.’

As his consciousness was fading, the whispers of his precious Spirits rang out for the last time.

“We’ll always be by your side.”

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Korean
Ygret, a great sage that knows how to use all 4 elements, woke up in a body of prince Judas Lubarjan. “now I dont want to give up living with people”


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Can’t wait for more😲😍

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Can’t wait for more🤩
What a promising start…

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