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DQAAO Chapter 7.2- A talent Beyond the Best

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As soon as Ranista came back from the city of Bemonia, he called me to the training camp. Knowing that his ‘Physical Teaching’ had a tremendous effect, even though it would hurt, this time, with a firm resolution, I went out to the training center.

‘Hang in there for a day self, and you’ll get a lot of power.’

“Now that your body has reacher the basics, I’ll teach you martial arts.”

Was he starting with the same crap and end with a beating, but something was different this time.

He omitted the dog-like lecturer voice and taught me how to hold a weapon in earnestly.

Ranista brought two long sticks, he taught me how to move my fingers and hold them. Even if I don’t get ‘Physical Teaching’ like last time, this is a great help to me.

I don’t know if I can, but if I could be like those group of murim people who used to cut down concrete buildings with just a slash.

“Wave the stick twice and stick it to the side.”

It wasn’t hard to copy.

“The left foot is on the floor and the hand holding the stick should look down.”

I followed what Ranista showed me.
It was easy.

“Push and hit with all your might.”


As I was copying the third move, I stood stupidly and looked at the Ranista.

How can I smash the stone floor of the training ground like a pudding crushed with a spoon in the next move?

Like this.

I followed it just in case, but the stick I stabbed was only knocking on the stone floor like an old man holding a cane.

Ranista, who saw it, raised his eyebrows, he walked towards me and shouted at me again.

“How come the technique I taught you is like an old man holding cane?”

That’s what I’m saying.

After that, he taught me several moves, if when my brother smashed the training ground, I could only tapped the ground lightly.

Eventually, my brother, who broke the stick, looked at me pitifully and said,
“Teaching certainly helps. One can develop patience and gain composure. However, I guess I am not good at teaching”

He’s approaching me.

It’s the same as last time.

But… the objective has been achieved.

I was beaten like a dog by him. I definitely look forward to seeing myself stronger the next day.

* * *
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* * *

“It hurts.”

Like last time, I lied down on my bed in my room, not in the medical building, to see if I would be like a tomato spewing rotten essence.

However, even after a day, my whole body was still throbbing, and it didn’t change like a rotten tomato.

F*ck! This was just a one-sided beating!

I could only grumble and bear the pain.



The door opened.

When I barely turned my throbbing neck and checked the open door, I recognized who opened the door immediately and my heart sank.

Why did that person come to my room?

In an instant, the situation turned into a thriller, and I even forgot the pain I was feeling.

“Sister Wushas.”

The third child of the Reinberg family.

Wushas Quilz Reinberg.

Serving as a healer in the Northern Border at the age of 14, she is nicknamed ‘Saint.’

I heard that the Church was looking through her mysterious power of healing that couldn’t be found anywhere on the continent.

“When did you get here?”

However, in my previous life she was a wicked woman who had destroyed the world.

“My brother is back after many years, I should come and see him.”

She came into my room nonchalantly and sat down in a chair next to my bed.

I was put in an awkward position at my sister’s friendly gesture.

I ignored them for four years. What happened with that vicious girl all of a sudden?

“Well, are you all right? Your swelling from beating so much.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about it at all.”

My sister looked around at me and gave me a reluctant smile.

“You’ll have a hard time for a few days.”

“It’s okay, really.”

“I’ll treat you, if you don’t mind. The pain will go away soon.”


“My younger brother is feeling, as your older sister I shouldn’t neglect you, right?”

Of course, I’m not really worried about her doing some tricks while healing me.
For her, these actions were all plays. Maybe she was thinking: ‘As an older sister, what should I do if my younger brother is sick?’

The answer is merely to act.

Then I should join the play too.

I was afraid of what she would look like if she became a character that went against her sister’s play, which played with her very best.

“Thank you.”

Upon permission, Wushas pulled up the blanket.
Then I got on the bed and took off my coat. Her hand touched my wound.

A warm light penetrates, and the wound was slowly healing. At her touch, my wounds slowly disappeared.

I looked at the hand pointing down the navel and said urgently.

“That’s enough, sister.” However, Wushas did not stop.

“Stop it!” I stopped playing along with her and shouted.

“I don’t know what it’s like in your world, but I can’t accept this in this world, Tavia.”

My sister smirked at my desperate cry and stopped under my navel.


A white light burst out of my sister’s hand.
The light slowly penetrated into me.

Below the belly button, is it the place called Dantian that Ranista told me about?

The penetrated light started from the abdomen and felt like it circulated throughout my whole body.

In an instant, the throbbing pain stopped, and the bruised wound disappeared like it never happened.

I glanced at my sister’s face shining.

F*ck, she is far scarier than Ranista!

I am most afraid of Wushas among my other twins.

Ranista beating me up was better than standing in front of her.

With ability that I have, in my past life, and the way I am right now, looking at her is all scary and disgusting.

Wushas was already deemed as the most beautiful woman in the Empire.

In addition, she possess an angelic face as the daughter of the Duke.

She even inherited our mother’s nickname, “The Unbreakable Flower of Empire.”

But it’s not what it is at all.

People are being duped.

I can see what she is really in person.

My Second Sister being a fox monster with nine tails was better.

The image of Wushas that I see was a body of half rotten and exposed white bones.

It’s like a hellish zombie who just jumped out of his grave.

Even being so close close to her is making me disgusted.

It was a time when I was struggling to bear the disgust that my sister, who was shining, asked implicitly.

“Why did you avoided us four years ago?”

“It’s not that I avoided you, but just…”

“I understand. You’re from Earth.”

I felt like throwing up.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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