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As soon as the class was over, Raymond could see Mahol leaving quietly without anyone else knowing.

Mahol was so careful that Raymond almost missed his movement, even though he was completely focused on him.

Mahol didn’t do anything else. He seemed to be just moving normally, but he looked blurry.

Raymond can’t see him even though he was so focused, but if Mahol were to attack him without knowing….

It was terrible just imagining it.

“But where is he going?”’

Seeing that he left as soon as class is over, it seems to be an important place to go in a hurry.

“Young master.”

As soon as he was thinking about following, Alice returned.

It was her who found out about Mahol.

She talked to him.

“Will you follow him?”

Raymond nodded at her question.

He didn’t want to drag time on recruiting talented people.

Following Mahol, the place they arrived was a garbage dump full of dirt and all kinds of miscellaneous waste.

Mahol entered a dirty place.

“Why is he going in there?”

At his words, Alice replied.

“That’s his accommodation.”



Alice didn’t need to lie to Raymond, and she doesn’t tell inaccurate details either.

That means Mahol really live there.

“Was it even possible to live there?”

Even homeless people didn’t live there.

That was too much.

It was a place where people could not live and should not live either way.

It was wrong for people to live in a garbage dump itself.

In front of the garbage dump, he stayed still at the place where the Mahol entered.

“This is the garbage dump, right?”

“That’s right.”

Raymond should have noticed by looking at the dirty appearance of his face and clothes.

If he knew then, he wouldn’t have finished it just by knocking out the bullies.

“No matter how commoners are treated, proper accommodation would have been given.”


When Alice tried to speak, Mahol came out of it.

Raymond called him out out of joy and of wanting to get him out of here as soon as possible.



Mahol’s eyes were wide open when he saw Raymond.

His face was full of strange feelings and wanted to ask what was he doing here.

Before Raymond approached him, he asked Alice to buy some tea and snacks to drink.

And his action was an excellent choice.

“I’m sorry. This is all I have to give you.”

In a cracked teacup full of dirt, there was water.

When he looked inside, it smelled worse.

To the point where he felt unbelievable that Mahol was still not sick.

Everything inside was so dirty that he couldn’t sit on the floor hastily.

Everything was so disgusting that he didn’t even want eat delicious food here.

There was a bed was placed in a very small space, and a girl was lying on the bed.

‘So it was actually a younger sister.’

The novel never mentioned about the gender of Mahol’s younger siblings. Raymond just assumed it was a younger brother.

“Since when did you start living here?”

“Three, three years…”

Mahol shrank a lot and flinched every time he spoke.

Three years…

If someone were to stay here for that amount of time, they will inevitably get sick.

“Have you ever asked teachers to move your accomodation?”

“I did… But I can’t. I can’t do that according to the school rules….”

Raymond can’t help but sigh.

Mahol reacted greatly to each of his actions, and his sister looked up at him with eyes full of fear.

“Let’s move you out first.”


Mahol didn’t understand what he was saying.

Raymond didn’t want to be here for another second.

He was barely holding back the nausea he was feeling.

Mahol hesitated.

Raymond could see him thinking about whether Mahol should follow him.

“It’s the not time to think about it. It’s better to get out of here for your sister.”

“I’ll go.”

Mahol immediately answered to the question at the mention of his younger sister.

He showed his willingness to do anything for his younger sister.

He passed by him and approached Mahol’s sister.

She looks up at to him.

When was the last time she washed up? Her face was dirty and smelled bad.

However, it was not unbearable.

At least it was better than the smell of the dump.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Raymond reached out and held her in his arms.


She looked at him with a surprised face, having no power to scream.


Mahol looks at him with an astonished face. Then he nodded and asked him to come out to the side.

“Follow me.”


When they left the garbage dump, they ran into Alice, together with the refreshments.

She quickly came out, looked at Mahol’s sister in his arms, Mahol’s face, and then nodded slightly.

“I’ll guide you.”

Alice came forward, and they followed her.

“Huh? What’s that?”

“He look like Raymond. And who is that person in his arms?”

The surrounding eyes were focused on them.

Mahol shrank further, and his sister tried to cover her face with her hands.

However, she couldn’t raise her hand properly due to lack of strength.


They arrived in front of the biggest private accommodation in the academy.

Mahol and his sister looked around Raymond’s accommodation blankly.

He took her to the bathroom and told Alice:

“Wash her clean, put her on new clothes and throw these away.”


When I came out of the bathroom, Mahol was still staring at him blankly.


“No… That…”

Mahol couldn’t even speak properly and hesitated.

Raymond sighed softly at his timid behavior.

“First of all, I’m sorry for doing this without saying a word… It wouldn’t be good for your sister if she wasn’t washed clean.”


“After your sister comes out, you should wash up too.”


He nodded his head.

‘Will he still nod at what will I say next?’

“And stay here from now on.”


“You don’t want to stay in the garbage either. I’m sorry to call your accommodation a garbage dump. Anyway, if you stay in such a place, it will be bad for you. That place can make people even though they are healthy. Alice will tell you where you will stay. I’ll tell the Vice Principal, so don’t worry.”



Mahol bit his lips. His clenched fist trembled.

“Why are you doing this to me? There’s nothing to gain from me. There’s nothing I can do for you.”


Raymond looked down at him.

For him, it is normal to not to understand his behavior.

Because what Mahol knew about him was an incompetent jerk with no talent and no power.

He must have a headache on how to accept Raymond’s actions to do this to himself.

Unlike him who lives in a garbage dump, he was the son of a count.

“Why are you curious about that? If you help me, I will just say thank you and accept it.”


“And if you really want to hear the reason, I think it’s because I want to.”


“If this is not enough… Yeah, you can think of me as a crazy man.”

Mahol shut his mouth.

He looked up at me with a confused face.

Then Raymond shrugged.


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Raymond headed to the Vice Principal ‘s office with Alice.

It had been a long time since he threw away clothes stained with dirt while hugging Mahol’s younger sister, and he had already taken a refreshing shower.

By now, Mahol and his younger sister are getting accustomed to the new accomodation.

If Raymond wanted to move Mahol and his younger sister’s accommodation, he still needed the permission from the Vice Principal.

They used the school rules when Mahol asked to move their accommodation, so it was clear that they would not let Mahol moved out from his previous accommodation without saying anything.

Therefore, it was better to move first before being caught.

“You didn’t go anywhere else, did you?”


And above all, he should look into the affairs of Vice Principal right now.

“So, the reason why Mahol lives in the garbage dump is because of the Vice-Principal, right?”

“Yes. And he even ordered other teachers to ignore everything that happened to him.”

Now he knew why the bullies were able to bully Mahol freely and why the teachers ignored him even though they saw him being bullied.

“The Vice Principal…”

Since it was an order from the vice-principal, the teachers would have no choice but to follow the order.

“It is said that the Vice Principal is holding the teachers weaknesses. If there was no weaknesses, the Vice Principal will just make one to control them.”

Raymond doubt that it was just about weakness.

The moment the teachers disobeyed his order, their personal life will be ruined.

Even if the Vice Principal was playing dirty, they have no choice but to follow him.

“And he told the highest-ranking students to bully him.”

Yes, this was the biggest problem. The fact that the Vice Principal was behind his bullying.

In addition, the reason for doing so was funny.

“It seems like the Vice Principal came to know about his younger sister, Miss Laina, and he coveted her. However, the bullies never knew about her gender because Mahol tried to hide it to prevent them on coveting his sister like the Vice Principal.”

The Vice Principal saw Laina’s appearance and wanted to make her his.

He fell in love with Raina when he saw her.

To be honest, Raina was beautiful.

Taking off the dirt that covered her face, it was so beautiful that would make other women want to cover their faces.

Only when Selina comes forward can she cover her beauty.

It was not unreasonable for the Vice Principal to like her.

Even Raymond was surprised to see her after washing up neatly.

But the method was wrong. The Vice Principal knew there was no way to make Laina his own, so eventually, he attacked Mahol.

This was so ridiculous that Raymond can’t help but laugh.

“The age difference is 40 years old.”

Laina was only 14 years old. The Vice Principal is 54 years old.

How can the Vice Principal be good if he coveted a young child?

“He also restricted them from eating. Two slices of bread a day. It was a bread that’s hard and expired.”

Alice’s expression while talking was also not good.

They’re young children.

Although Mahol was at the right age to go to work, Laina was not.

She was still at the age of playing around.

But the Vice Principal ruined their life because of his desire.

“How can I beat him up?”

Compared to the Vice Principal, the bullies were nothing.

It was done by the Vice Principal in the first place.

Punishment is not what he needed. He should be killed.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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