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Superstar from Age 0 chapter 13

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Seojun lay on the baby sofa given as a gift by the team leader Kang So-ra and sucked a baby bottle with Elephant powdered milk in his mouth.

“Seojun has really done well on yesterday’s shoot. I remember how much the other staff members complimented us. Besides, he had never cried and finished filming in a heartbeat!”

She was busy telling Seojun’s grandmother about the shooting. She looked really happy showing off her son with a big smile. He saw his maternal grandmother’s face on the video call screen.

Seojun sometimes waved to his maternal grandmother while drinking powdered milk. His maternal grandmother smiled broadly and said, “Oh my gosh! Seojun waved at me!”

“By the way, when will my grandson’s commercial be on TV? I keep watching but I still can’t see it.”

Seo Eun-hye laughed awkwardly at her mother’s words.

“The ad will only be on YouTube, an ad that goes out on the Internet. The advertisement went so well that the company doesn’t have any milk to sell anymore. They say there are going to be delays until they could make more milk powder.”

Team leader Kang So-ra, who came to their home in person, told them about their sold-out, saying that the advertising model fee was set at three months’ ad after paying for all Internet and television ads as originally contracted, but if the TV ad exceeds the deadline, they will sign again.

She bowed her head to apologize for the delay of the advertisement, but she couldn’t erase the smile from her face because she was achieving a new sales record.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon were also happy that their advertising contracts were extended. Her apologies were just some sort of courtesy.

“So I can’t watch it on TV? You… you tube? How do you say that?”

“Ask Chan. His nephew appeared in the commercial, but he didn’t show it to his mom. What’s he been up to lately?”

The he heard his maternal grandmother sigh.

“He’s busy.”

“Why? Was he still searching for a job?”

“He find one… He is now working.”

“Did he? Why didn’t he tell me?”

Seojun recalled his uncle Chan at his mother’s words.

Seo Eun-Chan.

He was a very scary-looking uncle. If his mother and Uncle were to be put side by side, they would looked like a beauty and the beast because he was big and rugged.

He said he couldn’t get a job because of his face, and it was his mother who would always lamented at the fact he couldn’t get a job.

“Good for him! He got a job. What’s his work?”

“His work… Something related with celebrities…?”

His maternal grandmother was searching for something on the video call. And soon she took out a white paper and read it.

“Cocoa Entertainment, he is a manager there.”

“Coco Entertainment? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“I know. Is this a new company? He said he was really busy making a group, so he didn’t even come home. I don’t know how many days it’s been already, Hye.”

Seo Eun-hye’s face also showed worries at his maternal grandmother’s sigh.

Seo Eun-hye quickly changed the topic.

“Look at our cute Seojun!”

Seojun’s smiling face was reflected in the video call screen. His maternal grandmother laughed again.

“That ass—rascal brother of mine, making mother worry like that!”

Seo Eun-hye, who just hung up the phone, tried to curse but because there is Seojun she changed her words.

Then she dialed a new number.

The number was Seo Eun-chan’s, that rascal!

“Accept it.”

His mother was currently gritting her teeth while calling her brother..….

That’s it.


“Ah. Did Seojun finished eating?”

‘I’m done eating!’

Seo Eun-hye quickly picked Seojun up and helped him burped, after that she put Seojun down on the sofa again.

Then she took any doll from the pile of dolls his uncle Hee-sung gifted Seojun and gave it to him.

“Mom would be busy for a while. Just play with your favorite doll for a while, okay?”

Perhaps she was really busy because the doll she gave Seojun was her least favorite, the Lich King doll.


Seojun, whose upper teeth seem to be growing these days, was itchy.

He put the Lich King doll on his mouth, which his mother washed cleanly.


“Yes! I’m Seo Eun-chan, the Manager under Cocoa Entertainment!”

Soon they heard his uncle’s loud voice. Seojun, who was still eating the skeleton doll, tilted his head.

Seo Eun-Hye also tilted her head.

“Seo Eun-chan, Manager?”

“Yes! I’m Seo Eun Chan. Excuse me, who are you?”

Seojun recognize Seo Eun-chan’s lively voice.

Isn’t he his uncle? Unlike Seojun, who was still thinking why his uncle doesn’t know his mother, Seo Eun-hye immediately noticed why.


“You son of a….”


Seo Eun-hye, who had nearly lost her temper in front of her son, screamed because she couldn’t stand it.

“You didn’t even save my number?”

“Ouch! Sister? What’s wrong with you? Did you change your number?”

“It’s been three years since I last changed!”

“Hahaha. Why didn’t I know?”

Seo Eun-hye slapped her forehead.

“Yeah, well, the phone number doesn’t matter. But I heard you’ve been doing well. Also I heard you were not going home these days?”

“Oh, yeah. I got a job, so I’m a little busy.”

“Mom was worried. Take your time and go back home.”

Beyond the cell phone, Seo Eun-chan sighed quietly and answered.

“I got it, okay.”

“Yeah, stop by my house when you’re not busy, and let’s talk again next time. Save my number!”

“Give my hello to Seojun and my brother-in-law!”

Seo Eun-hye, who hung up the phone, took the doll out of Seojun’s mouth, who was sitting in front of her and sucking the hands of the Lich King doll.

“What’s wrong with your uncle? But I’m glad he got a job.”

Seo Eun-hye’s smile followed Seojun’s smile. But that smile didn’t last long either.


“No, seriously! Doesn’t this guy even recognize his nephew?!”

She was looking at the emails that arrived for the YouTube channel [JUN] with Lee Min-joon after work.

There have been many other advertising proposals besides Elephant powdered milk. Among them, she often looked into Seojun’s product because she thought it would be okay to let him be their advertising model.

“It’s here today again.”

Lee Min-joon pointed to an email. Seo Eun-Hye also knew about that email.

There was an email that had been sent steadily once a day from the day Seojun’s video was uploaded on YouTube.

It was some kind of Internet broadcasting proposal, but both Lee Min-joon and Seo Eun-hye had always overlooked the e-mail.

Seo Eun-hye clicked the email.

“I wonder what’s the content of this email.”

“Yeah, they proposed to make an entertainment show on YouTube.”

“Like a web drama?”

“More like a web entertainment/web variety show.”

The screen has changed.

[Hello, we’re Cocoa Entertainment]

That was the beginning. Seojun also read it while sitting on his father’s arms.

‘Cocoa, Entertainment? It’s…’

“Huh? This is…….”


He also read what Seo Eun-hye was reading. Lee Min-joon turned his head to see Seo Eun-hye’s response.

Well, he turned his head away again. Seojun also turned his head away quickly after seeing his mother.

[…… I discovered the channel [JUN] when I was planning for a baby variety show, JUN captured the hearts of babies all over the world with one mukbang show! If you give us a chance, please appear on the baby variety show we are planning.….]

The introduction wasn’t what caught their attention.

[If you are interested, please contact us at the contact information below.]

Yes, this was the problem.

[Manager Seo Eun-chan 010-XXXX-XXXX]

“Huh? Seo Eun-chan? It’s the same name as my brother-in-law…….”

“No, seriously! Doesn’t this guy even recognize his nephew?!”

Only then did his father, who figured out the situation, sat down and step aside. Seojun also remained quiet.

His mom quickly took out her phone and called.

“Yes! I’m Seo Eun-chan, the manager under Cocoa Entertainment!”

“Shh. Seojun, be quiet. If you make a noise with how your mom now……. What a big problem will happen!”

Lee Min-joon carefully covered Seojun’s mouth with his big hand. Seojun couldn’t help but wave his arms up and down. It may not be seen from Seo Eun-Chan, who is far away, but it was all Seojun could do.

‘Uncle! Uncle Chan is in danger!’

Seo Eun-hye smiled broadly and lowered her voice.

“Oh, I’m calling after reading your YouTube mail.”

“Ah! Is this Jun’s mother? Nice to meet you! I’m Seo Eun-chan, a manager under Cocoa Entertainment!”


Two men saw their mother smiling devilish. Seojun sighed inside.

His uncle didn’t save his mother’s number yet again.


“But I’d like to see you in person, would that be okay?”

“Go to your sister house.”

“Noona’s house?” (From what Eun-Hye said, Seo Eun-chan’s thought it was an apartment called Noona)

Seo Eun-chan, who answered the phone, tilted his head to see if an apartment is called like that.

The four men, who had been watching Seo Eun-chan since he took the phone call, also tilted their heads.

Seo Eun-chan was with the four-member boy idol group to debut under Cocoa Entertainment, where he got a job.

The group’s name has yet to be decided, but Seo Eun-chan and the members were already talking about their future schedules at their dorm.

“Noona’s house? Is there such an apartment in Korea?”

In charge of the rap part. It was Korean-American Kevin Kim.

“No, I’ve never heard of it before.”

The lead vocalist Park Seo-jin, who would always search for things he didn’t know, picked up his cell phone.

“But Jun! I can’t believe it! I’m so glad for us!”

“Yeah! I didn’t think it would work!”

First of all, Choi Si-yoon, the dancer, was the who suggested making a YouTube channel, and Hwang Ye-joon, the sub-vocalist who suggested a the theme with baby, were the most elated.

It was then.

“I told you to come to your sister’s house right now. You stupid son of a bitch who doesn’t even recognize his own nephew!”

A loud voice rang from the cell phone, it was really loud. Seo Eun-chan, who was holding the cell phone to his ear, also frightened the other four men who were talking quietly.

“No, it’s…….”

Seo Eun-chan quickly looked at his cell phone.

“What? Why is Jun’s mother on the previous call list……?”

Seo Eun-chan recalled the call logs.

“Sister? Sister?”


“I told you to save my phone number, didn’t I?”

“No, sister! Wait. Are you really my older sister?”

“Did you have a sister other than me?”

“No, no. Oh, then Jun on channel [JUN]…….”

“It’s your nephew, Seojun! How can you not recognize your own nephew that you just saw a month ago!”

Seo Eun-chan stuttered and continued the conversation.

“What’s this? What’s going on?”

“Niece? What’s a niece?”

“Nephew! His sister’s son.”

“Oh! Nephew!”

When Kevin, who is not good at Korean, asked, their leader Park Seo-jin replied. Hwang Ye-joon kept being a commentator.

“Wow, 200,000 subscribers. The manager has a superstar as nephew.”

“Hey, he doesn’t look like our manager.”

Choi Si-yoon quickly turned on YouTube and clicked a video from the channel [JUN].

Four men huddled together to watch the video. A cute-looking baby was eating every spoonful. Four people’s eyes were on the baby and then on Seo Eun-chan.

A man, who seemed to caused other kneel if they bump into him, was being stared by the four people beside.

They were glad they had gotten used to his face in the last three weeks, but it was still horrible to look at.

Hwang Ye-joon whispered quietly.

“They don’t really look alike.”

In the meantime, Seo Eun-chan, was exhausted after hearing a nagging from Seo Eun-hye and barely could hung up the phone.

He slumped down on the chair and bowed his head.

Oh, his ears were numb. He could still hear his tinnitus beeping.

“Manager, are you okay?”


At Park Seo-jin’s words, Seo Eun-chan answered by waving his hands. Park Seo-jin shook his head.

“I don’t think you are all right, manager.”

“Your sister sounds really scary.”

Members nodded at Kevin’s comments.

Seo Eun-chan, who was sitting in a chair for a while, raised his head. He remembered his sister’s last words while he was daydreaming.

“Come to my house now!”

Seo Eun-chan quickly got up from his seat, packed his wallet, cell phone, and clothes.

Four men’s eyes looked at Seo Eun-chan.

Park Seo-jin asked.

“Manager, where are you going?”

“Uh…….I have to go to my sister’s house now.”

“Yep! See you!”

He didn’t even have to reply back. Seo Eun-chan waved at Kevin’s greeting and quickly ran out of the door.

Looking at the closing door, the four quietly prayed for the safe return of Seo Eun-chan.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Time Squandere
Time Squandere
1 year ago

I see no problem in translation.
I really liked the novel

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1 year ago

I see way too many problems with the editing… Too many to even bother with corrections, since I won’t even be paid for my effort, haha.

Reply to  Sskhussaini
6 months ago

Haha same but it’s still a cute novel!

1 year ago

Thanks for translate 💖💖💖

1 year ago

Hahaha his uncle is funny lol

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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