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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 20

“I wanted to show Aqua the view from here.”

This was my favorite place in downtown Samcheok.

[Oh, this is what the city of man feels like when you see him from high places!]

Aqua turned her head from side to side, capturing the panoramic view of the city. I told Aqua the geography of Samcheok.

“That’s the road we just passed.”

[Excuse me?]
[Oh, there’s a movie theater!]

Aqua rolled his mouth round and chased with his eyes the way we came.

[Then is that the sea beyond the hill?]]

“Yes, there’s our sea over there.”

[How spacious!]

I looked down at the view for a long time with Aqua and grabbed the Americano I brought.


Aqua, who was distracted by the scenery of the city, turned her head like a ghost, perhaps feeling the smell of the drink.

I smiled and handed Aqua a cup of Americano.

“It’s called Americano. People drink 8t a lot.”

[Is it a national drink?]

The question left me speechless for a moment.

“It’s not called that, but it does sell that much.”

Aqua sniffed at the Americano and gulped it down. And spit it out as it was.


I forgot that drinking Americano will have that reaction for the first timer.

[It’s not good!]

Aqua stuck out her tongue and wiped it hard with her palm.

Even then, she spat out every last drop of Americano in his mouth, making a peat-peat sound to see if the bitter scent would disappear.

[What is this, rotten water?]

Soon enough, Aqua pushed the Americano far. I didn’t even want to see it.

“Do water spirits hate americano?’

Come to think of it, the Undines always ate chocolate drinks at cafes.
[I don’t know why humans eat this! Is your tongue dead?]

I guess this time I failed to match Aqua’s taste.

I smiled bitterly and apologizes.

“Sorry. Actually, I didn’t actually minded how the Americano tasted like.”

Maybe I won’t know for the rest of my life. I drank all night at school and now I just drank like a habit.


Aqua left it on the bench as if she was not interested inbthe Americano, clung to the wall of the observatory and looked down.

Then she quickly fell in love with the scenery.

[It’s really big! I’ve heard that the city of manhood is enormous, but it’s enormous!]

“Samchuk is a small city.”


Aqua looked back at me with a surprised face.

[Is this a small city?]

“Some cities are 100 times bigger than Samcheok.”


Aqua looked down at his hands with round eyes. Aqua, who was folding her fingers diligently, asked.


“Maybe more than 100 times? Shall we go next time?”

[Of course! Let’s go!]

Aqua looked down the city again with a bright face full of expectations.

The blue sky and the more blue aqua. White clouds floating in the sky and Aqua’s hair fluttering in the wind.

One more memory was added to my favorite place.

* * *

I was on my way back home on a scooter.

“Did you have fun today?”

[It was fun!]

“What was the funniest part?”

[Um…! The movie was fun! I want to go to it again!]

It was when we went over the hill we stopped talking about it. The purple sky spread out in front of us.


Aqua opened her eyes round and couldn’t take her eyes off the sky.

For Aqua, mesmerized by the beautiful sight, I put my scooter on the sand, hugged Aqua and headed to the beach.

Samcheok has beautiful sunrise but also beautiful sunset.

I walked slowly looking at the sea and the sky.

The western sky behind the back was red with sunset. The sky in front of me was purple.

The purple reflected the blue light of the sea, and a festival of two colors was held on the horizon.



We watched the scene without saying a word.

Aqua gave me a small pat on the arm. Recognizing the meaning, I dropped Aqua off on the sand.

Aqua slowly approached the sea. Aqua, which reached the point where the waves tickled his feet, sank.

The sea water soaked Aqua’s legs and hips. Aqua looked at the horizon with a look on his eyes that he didn’t know what he was looking at.

Only after the sun was half down did Aqua open her mouth.

[I came to the human world to meet you.]

I listened quietly to Aqua.

[And…Yeah. While being next to you, I think it was probably this sea. I came to the human world to see this sea.]

Aqua’s eyes were shining as seriously, but subtly as ever.

The small back stood upright as if it wanted to capture the whole vast ocean.

[I want to be like this huge ocean]

Looking at that figure, I thought.

It may not be a coincidence that the first meeting with Aqua took place at sea.

“There is no sea in the spirit world.”

How did the sea look to Aqua? What does the sea mean to Aqua, the Spirit of Water?

Aqua said she wanted to be king of spirits. She said she wanted to be the sea. Maybe the two meant the same thing to Aqua.

It was then.

<<Looking around the human world quest is complete.-

Do you want to receive a reward?

Our first quest has been achieved>>

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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