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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 19

We stopped by the grocery section of the mart first. Among them, I drove a cart to the frozen food section.

I put frozen dumplings and frozen fried rice in the cart.

Having lived in the dormitory for a long time, I became accustomed to these simple dishes.

Aqua, sitting in the infant seat of the cart, rummaged through the stack of food and frowned.

[Not good]


[There’s too much weird stuff mixed in.]

Aqua is a spirit of water and can read information mixed with moisture.

I mean, for most dishes, I can figure out the ingredients and chemical condiments.

All the food my mother served during the day was clean.

“Well, it’s processed food while my mother cooked it herself.”

[Then why don’t you cook for yourself?]

Aqua’s words contained concerns and concerns for me.


It wasn’t wrong. In addition, if a Spiritualist is not healthy, it will be damaged by the spirit.

It was necessary to cook properly for Aqua.

“I’ll be half my 50s in the next year, so I guess I’ll be on a diet.” (Meant that he is 25 years old.)

Aqua smiled gloatingly as I meekly drained the frozen food and headed for the vegetable compartment.

[Listen to the Spirit and you will live in good health for a long time!]

“Yes, we’ll live together for a long time.”

Arriving at the vegetable section, I was the first to head to the place where the onions were piled up. The vegetables my mother told me to buy were onions and spinach.

Aqua said when I was in the middle of picking onions.

[I’ll pick the right ones for you!]

“Do you know the vegetables?”

[I don’t know, but at least I know what’s good for you!]

There is moisture in the vegetables, so it should not be difficult for Aqua to read the freshness.

‘So this is the reason why there were a lot of Spiritualist who quit being an Hunter and became cooks.’

As I got close to the vegetable section, Aqua reached out and began stroking the onions one by one.

[This is no good……it has been given too many harmful drugs. ……it’s already too old….]

Aqua picked onions after a long time and gave me only the best. I put the onions that Aqua picked in an bag.

“Next, spinach, please.”


I was heading to the cashier after finishing my mother’s errands smoothly.

Something caught my eye as I was passing by the cereals and snack section.

“Aqua, you can’t eat solid.”


“Well, how about that?”

There was a mountain of summer fruits and vegetables and watermelons.

[Oh, what a fruit with a strong feeling of water!]

I dragged a cart and got close to the pile of watermelons. Aqua jumped from the cart onto a pile of watermelons.

Aqua touched the watermelon. Then she looked back at me with a bright face.

[I think I can eat this!]

“Pick me the good ones. Me and my parents have few things to eat.”

[Leave it to me!]

Aqua settled in between the watermelons and began to check their condition with a serious face.

Aqua, surrounded by watermelons and attached her ears to a watermelon the size of her face, seemed to see a young farmer in a rural rice field.

‘I think it would be nice to dress Aqua up ’

It was such a cute scene that I forgot for a moment that the spirits were not dressed.

* * *

Before returning home, I last climbed a hill in the downtown of Samcheok.

[Where are you going?]

“There’s a place I want to show you.”

There was Samcheok Cathedral on the hill.

I parked my scooter in the cathedral parking lot and finished climbing the hill with my luggage in the basket.

This hill with Samcheok Cathedral was the highest hill in the downtown of Samcheok.

Buying two cups of Americano and a bag of nuts at the cathedral’s snack cafe, we headed to the garden behind the cathedral.

“There’s no place like this to look down on the view of the downtown of Samcheok.”

There were already some residents and tourists in the garden.

I headed under the biggest tree in the garden. The spirit who was turning his back on my approach and playing with dirt turned his head.

[Isn’t that a Norum?]

The spirit of the Earth, characterized by an indifferent face resembling a clay doll, roared.

“They are the wild spirits of this hill.”

Wild spirits travel back and forth between the spirit and the human world.

After living in the spirit world, when their spiritual power is full, they come to the human world as if they were on vacation and playsl around until their spiritual power runs out.

The wild Norums always came here when they came to the human world. Maybe they liked the atmosphere and scenery here.

“Long time no see.”

I greeted Norum with a bag of nuts I just bought at the cafe.

“Will you open a secret space for us?”

Norum looked at the bag in my hand and slowly reached out and picked up an almond.

Norum looked into it, put his nose in it and smelled it. Norum’s face is a little soft.

That may be what others think, but as a spirit, I could see a clear difference.

Norum nodded to me and slid away under the ground. At the same time, the thorn bushes in the corner of the garden were gently pushed out.

There was a neat bench hidden there.

[Oh, you’re good at this!]

I worked part-time every vacation and spent the money to travel around the country and meet a lot of wild spirits.

It was because of rumors that doing so would increase the “spirit affinity”.

Thanks to that, I knew well about how to get acquainted with spirits and how to communicate.

We headed for a bench hidden between thorns. The bench was clean because Norum usually manages it.

“This was a place that only I knew. Now it’s just you and me.”

A smile came to Aqua’s lips when she heard that it was a secret between the two of us.


We sat on the bench. In front of my eyes, a friendly downtown of Samcheok unfolded.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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