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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 18

At that time, the ad began. Aqua hugged my head in surprise at the sudden loudness and the beginning of the video.

[……it’s incredible.]

Aqua crawled down into my arms, perhaps a little intimidated.

There was a stir in Aqua’s body, who was blankly watching the advertisement. The huge sound of the speakers seemed to made her body tremble.

Ten minutes later, the commercial ended and the movie began.

Aqua tossed and turned a few times, took a comfortable position in my arms, and hugged the coke. It was a perfect posture to watch a movie.

Three minutes after the movie started, it showed off its spectacular visual beauty and beautiful songs.


Aqua was so focused on the movie that he leaned forward.

Since then, Aqua has not let go of her concentration until the end of the movie, forgetting that she wanted to talk while watching.

[It’s amazing!]

Aqua looked back at me and opened her mouth after the movie was over.

[It was so much fun! Is this a movie?]

I laughed quietly.

‘I knew you’d like this movie.’

The movie we watched was an old movie called ‘Summer Kingdom’.

In the aftermath of the gate crisis, the film industry has yet to recover properly.

Therefore, theaters used to re-release old movies periodically, among them, it was popular with children and spirits.

“Where was the funniest part?”

[You mean the funniest part? Um… um……! Too many!]

Aqua was excited until all the ending credits went up and everyone else was gone.

I laughed and listened to all those words.

It didn’t take much time for Aqua to be the best parts of the movie in me, saying that it was fun.

We only got up when the part-timer was snooping around to clean up.

[I enjoyed it! Let’s come again next time!]

“Of course. I enjoyed it, too.”

Aqua hung her chin over my head.


The voice was filled with the languor that came after such a pleasant experience.

* * *

Aqua asked me when I left the movie theater.

[Where are you going now?]]

“I’m going grocery shopping for a while.”

[Shopping? What’s that?]

“We’re buying something. I had an errand to get something to eat while I was out of town.”

[Aha, it’s food! I’ve been told that humans are inefficient beings who die without food!]

I thought it could be the case for the spirits to see, so a smirk broke out.

We arrived at Samcheok’s biggest mart with my scooter.

I parked my scooter and pulled a cart into the mart. There wasn’t much to buy, but there was something I really wanted to do.



I put my hand over her head and tucked it between Aqua’s armpits. Then aqua was gently lifted and placed on the infant seat of the cart.

‘I really wanted to try this.’

I once saw a picture of a Spiritualist and a spirit shopping like this. I was so envious, it was on my bucket list right away.


Aqua, who looked at me face to face, looked around at the infant seat as if she was amazed.

[This is also a place for spirits!]

Ahaha, I burst into laughter without realizing it.

“It’s actually for children, but also for spirits.”

[Wow! The human world is a wonderful place!]

Aqua looked up at me saying that. Her eyes glistened just as they did yesterday when they were playing with the Undine on the beach.

The feeling I am feeling now are warming up my heart. I couldn’t believe it was only three days ago since we met.

“Is this the relationship between a Spiritualist and a spirit?”

For spirits born within Mother Nature in the spirit world, there is no such thing as a family.

Therefore, for spirits, contracts with humans it’s like creating a family.

That was why the spirits never left the contracted spirits.

‘Be a family to each other.’

It was something I only saw in class or on the Internet. As an F-Rank Spiritualist, I’ve never had the opportunity to bond with a spirit like that.

Wild spirits were more interested in other spirits than in Spiritualist, and the Spiritualist who signed up with someone had only their own spirits in their eyes.

‘But Aqua’s eyes were on me. I’m the Spiritualist of Aqua. Because I’m Aqua’s family.’

I could really feel it at this moment. I bowed my head and put my head together with Aqua.

[What? Isn’t it itchy?]

Aqua grinned. I smiled at those twinkling eyes.

“Thank you for coming to me.”

Aqua doesn’t know how much I wanted to contract with a spirit.

Aqua smiled quietly and raised her hands and tapped me on the cheek. Like a spirit of water, there was a “chapchap” sound in both hands.

[Are you telling such stories in a place like this?]

Suddenly, I looked around, and the staff lady was looking at me like a madman while cooking ramen for tasting.


No spirits are visible to those who do not have Spirit Affinity.

Perhaps it seemed to her that I was talking in the air.


I burst into laughter without realizing it. I quickly pushed the cart in case the lady panicked and burst into laughter.



People who were shopping looked at me with strange eyes, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

I was convinced that anything would be fun with Aqua in the future.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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