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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 17

[What are you doing?]

When I took a picture for a long time, Aqua asked. I showed Aqua what I took.

“I took a picture.”


Aqua looked at her cell phone for a moment and was surprised.

[Huh? Isn’t this me?]

“Yes, I took a picture of you.”

[Picture? Oh, I think I’ve heard of it!]

Aqua looked into the cell phone screen for a long time to see and she was amazed by how she looked.

[It’s a lot different from the reflection in the water!]

Aqua raised her hand and pressed her cheek hard. Even in her own eyes and her cheeks were plump.

My heart was warmed to see her squirm on her cheek.

[What an amazing thing!]

Aqua looked at the picture excitedly and looked up at me.

[Let’s take a picture together!]

These words spread a smile around my mouth.

“Shall we?”

I sat on a scooter and held my cell phone as far away as I could.

“Aqua, smile while looking at my phone!”



“This time, let’s change the angle!”

Click! Click!

After taking more than 10 pictures in a row, we looked at the pictures together.

[Why is this picture like this!]

“My hand must have wobbled.”

[This is a good one!]

“It came out perfectly fine.”

We giggled for a long time, taking pictures with our cameras.

I took a video while I was at it. Aqua was surprised at how she was moving.

[Oh, it’s moving! Is this what a movie is?]

“It’s called a video. But Aqua, do you know what is a movie?”

[I know! The Undines said there are good for entertainment!]

“Then, shall we go and see a movie?”

[Will we be going?]

It seemed like the destination to the downtown was decided.

I quickly opened the movie reservation app. A movie that Aqua would watch was scheduled to be screened in a later time.

“Okay. Shall we go to the movie theater?”

[Let’s go!]

Aqua grabbed the basket with excitement and shook it.

Smiling at the sight, I put my cell phone in and got on the scooter.

“Okay, shall we go?”

I started the engine and drove the scooter.


As the scooter moved, Aqua lowered her body in surprise. Then she just poked her eyes out of the basket.

I burst into laughter with the surprised eyes under the helmet.

“Ahahaha! There’s nothing to be nervous about, Aqua. It’s just a ride.”

[Things to ride?]

“Like a ship, it’s a means of transportation that makes us feel comfortable.”

[Aha, this is the unicorn of the human world]

Aqua now jerked her head up as if she were not afraid.

[What, isn’t it slow? This body is the best rider in the spirit world! Run a little faster!]

I picked up a little more speed. The cool wind brushed our faces.

We crossed the hill. It was a shallow hill that separates downtown Samcheok from Samcheok Beach.

In the distance, I began to see downtown of Samcheok.

* * *


Aqua’s eyes were round when we arrived in town.

[That’s huge!]

Aqua admired the roadside buildings.

[Norums will be pleased to see them!]

Norums are the spirits of the earth.

Aqua turned her head around and looked around the city. Especially when the bus passed into the next lane, her eyes opened wide.

[There are humans trapped!]

“Ahahaha, that’s like a giant scooter. Everyone uses that to move comfortably.”

[Is that so? What a strange world the human world is.]

Arriving at the movie theater building, I parked my scooter and pick Aqua up.

My drops of sweat, which were about to spring up because of the heat of the sun, entered Aqua’s body temperature.

Thanks to that, I was able to climb the cinema without sweating a drop.

We bought two drinks from the canteen and headed straight to the theater.

[Movie theater…!]

Aqua hugged my head in anticipation.

We sat down after entering the theater. It was the third row from the front.

There were a lot of people, so all the famous places were already gone, but I wanted to show the hugeness of the screen to Aqua, who will experience the movie theater for the first time.

“If you sit in the front seat of a regular theater, isn’t that IMAX?”’

The screen was still off. Aqua looked all over the theater.

[Everyone sat down looking at that wall over there. Is that where the movie comes out?]

“Yes, have you heard of what a movie is?”

[I know it’s a two-hour play!]

Aqua spoke in a very excited voice.

“Is there a play in the spirit world?”

[Of course! The Spirit of the Earth does it often!]

I briefly imagined a play of spirits in the spirit world. It was cute, fun and noisy.

“Aqua. You can’t make noises while watching movies here.”


“Because it interferes with other people’s film immersion.”

[Isn’t it more fun to laugh and chat together?]

She might be right.

In fact, the theater where everyone sings together are opened these days.

“There are places where we can talk and places where we can’t. Shall we go to the movie theater where we sing together next time?”

[Of course!]

Aqua looked around the people of the theater once again and said excitedly.

[There are no spirits in this theater!]


[Yes! That’s why I’m allowed to make noise!]

In other words, it is okay for those who do not have “Spirit Affinity” to not see or hear Aqua anyway.

“But it’s only because I can’t answer, that I’m talking to myself.”

[That’s fine, conversation is fun just to have someone listening!]

“Ahaha, okay. I’ll try my best.”


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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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— Thanks for the chapter! ^^

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