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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 16

At the end of the barbecue, a message came.

-We can talk now.-

It was a message I was waiting for.

“I’m going to call someone for a second.”

Aqua and my parents became close and exchanged conversations.

There was even a gentle smile on the side of my parents’

I came down the hall and called. The opponent answered the phone even before the call was heard.

–Is it Hyunwoo?

It was Jang Gilsan, a fellow academy student and my best friend.

“Uh, you’re available now?”

–Wait a minute.

Jang Gilsan’s voice was a little distant.

–Let’s finish after the call.

Jang Gilsan was the successor of a large guild. Maybe by this time he was working on something.

–What did you call me about?

I got straight to the point.

“Can you sell me some Magic stones?”

–……Magic Stones?

Jang Gilsan spoke in a curious voice for a moment and immediately replied.

–I have.

“Can you sell it to me?”

Magic Stones was one of the special items amongst the guild.

In fact, I wasn’t sure is he could provide it to me, but I didn’t know that he would be so willing to sell it.

–You said you needed it.

He spoke indifferently as if he didn’t need it and could bring it anytime.

I was confused whether it was simple or was he considerate of me as his friend.

‘Anyway, he’s a good guy.’

To me, Jang Gilsan was a so-called best friend.

We even made a club together, so I don’t have to explain how well we fit.

“How much is the healing water of a Supreme spirit?” I asked, regarding the healing water of Aqua.

–The Supreme level? Is there a rating like that?

Come to think of it, Aqua was a self-proclaimed Supreme spirit, or the first Supreme spirit.

“Ah…… I’m selling three bottles of advanced healing water.”

–Okay, I have to go to Samcheok next week, so let’s make a deal then.

“Here in Samcheok? For what?”

–There’s a resort there, right? The guilds decided to have an outing there.

“Aha. I’ll see you next week.”

–Yeah, bring the seller. I’ll hang up.

I got cut off after he said that.


Jang Gilsan seemed to think that I was selling the healing water of other spirits instead.

‘No way. I didn’t have a spirit until the club’s closing party a few days ago.’

Come to think of it, I wondered how Jang Gil-san would react when he found out that I had signed with Aqua.

Jang Gilsan has been together with me for nearly three years since the second semester of ny first year.

That’s how much I’ve been waiting for a spirit. He will surely rejoice as if it were his own.

* * *

The next day.

-Looking around the human world. –

– Show the human world around for your first-time spirit.-

– Rewards: Spirits Growth. Spiritualist Foundation Growth.-

“Just looking around the town doesn’t complete it.” I thought while looking at the unfulfilled quest.

Indeed, if the quest was achieved, it would have been called a “round the neighborhood,” not a “human world view.”

So I decided to go to downtown Samcheok with Aqua.

It wasn’t just for completing the quest. Leaving the quest aside, I also wanted to show Aqua around the city.

‘Cause it’s where I was born and raised.’

Achieving the quest was actually secondary.

‘I don’t have to be lazy, but I don’t have to be impatient.’

I wanted to enjoy every moment with Aqua.

“Come on, let’s go.”

[We’re drinking!]

I headed to the warehouse with Aqua on my shoulders. An oiled and refurbished scooter stood there all morning.

I picked up Aqua and put her on the basket of the scooter.

It was a basket that my father hung because my mother often used to go grocery shopping downtown.


Aqua looked around the shopping cart with wonder.

[Is this a spirit seat?]

“Hahaha. That’s what it is.”

I took out two helmets and put one on me and the other on Aqua. It was a pink children’s helmet.

[What is this?]

Aqua reached out and felt for the helmet. For Aqua, the existence of nature, the act of wearing something was awkward.

“We’re preparing for a possible accident.”

When I fixed Aqua’s helmet string, my hand went to my cell phone without realizing it.

“Aqua, Can you be real for a moment?”

[Hmm? Got it.]

Realization allowed us to take pictures of the spirits.

I took a picture of the real Aqua with my phone.


Aqua wearing a helmet in a shopping cart was captured in the picture.

The head, which was bigger than her body, looked bigger because of the helmet. But there was no such a small child in the world because it was in a shopping basket.

Cute Aqua. She was unbelievably cute.

Feeling my photographer instinct awakening, I took pictures consecutively.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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— Thanks for the chapter!

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