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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 15

My parents, who loved greasy food and alcohol, were always worried about diseases.

Bodies are bodies, but they were most worried about me if I had to take care of them.

In the meantime, I think I heard from a friend in the neighborhood that Pumpkin fruits are good for health.

‘After that, I get a few every time I go to hiking.’

After blanching the picked pumpkin fruit in boiling water and drying it thoroughly, it could be eaten in various ways, such as powdering, tea, or drinking.

“That’s great.”

Pumpkin Tea was one of the favorite snacks of the Water Spirits.

[Sniff! What a strange smell!]

Aqua continued to look around, picking up the baked pineapple from the meat’s tray and sucking it.

The Spirit of Water could feel the energy of water. It didn’t take long for the eyes of Aqua, who was looking around, to face my hands.

[What is that?]

Aqua asked me, tilting her head as if she couldn’t resist curiosity and curiosity.

“It’s a Pumpkin Tea.”

[Oh! Pumpkin!]

As far as I’m concerned, there was also a Pumpkin tree in the spirit world.

“Come on, Aqua, cheers.”


“Before we drink, we bump our glasses against each other.”

I filled my parents’ glasses with pumpkin tea, and I poured pumpkin tea into Aqua’s glass.

Father and mother drank a glass with a heavy smile.

“Son, you came back safely this vacation. And Aqua is here, too.”

“Welcome, Aqua.”

I raised my glass, too.

“Stay healthy, both of you.”

We looked back at Aqua with our glasses up.

Aqua, who was looking at us alternately, smiled cutely and lifted the glass after us.

[Nice to meet you, everyone!]

We bumped the glass lightly.

With a clear bang, we put our drinks in our mouths.

A light brown tea came into my mouth.

A subtle yet savory scent washed away the fat of the meat that was last left in the mouth.

“Well, it’s delicious.”

When I checked if Aqua was drinking well, Aqua turned his head as he was and poured dog tea into his mouth.

It was one shot.


Aqua stuck out her tongue to see if she wanted more and shook off the empty teacup.

Aqua, who took a few drops of tea into her mouth, unfortunately had a good appetite.

[Why do yummy things disappear so quickly?….]

Not only my parents but also I burst into laughter at the cute sentence containing some unknown joys and philosophies.

I took out a large plastic bottle full of tea and put it on the table.


Aqua’s eyes grew bigger and began to sparkle.

[What a load of tea!]

“Drink to your heart’s content, Aqua. There’s more in the fridge.”

[What a nice place the human world is!]

Aqua smiled brightly and offered me a glass.

I filled Aqua’s glass with tea.


Aqua gave me a happy smile.

I, too, smiled softly and swept Aqua’s cheek once with my finger. The elastic ball bounced under my finger.

Aqua emptied half of bottled pumpkin tea while we emptied a carton of pork belly.

Aqua, who put down her glass, looked down at her light brown hands. Her upper body seemed to stumble a little.


Aqua let out a silly smile.

“What’s wrong, is she drunk?”

My mother asked me as if she was worried.

Seeing the alternate between the glasses on the table, that Aqua might have accidentally drank. I thought.

“No, it’s because of the tea.”

The reason why water spirits like pumpkin tea was because its unique ingredients made the water spirits feel peckish.

[As expected, a pumpkin tea feels good!]

Aqua covered her mouth with both hands and giggled.

[It’s my first time drinking this much!]

“First time? There’s pumpkin in the spirit world, right?”

[It’s hard to find a pumpkin tea in the spirit world! If you soak it in water and share it with other, not even a sip comes back to me!]

Aqua tried to get up with a smile, but her legs fell down.


Aqua, who sat down from her hips like a baby who failed to walk, looked around in surprise, covered her mouth and laughed.


My parents’ mouth was warmed up by that cute look.

“The Spirit of Water. That’s amazing. Do you mind if I touch you?” My father asked.

My father was curious about Aqua, if she was really made of water.

[Of course!]

Aqua put out a short hand, saying so. Then father smiled and held the hand.

“Oh… that’s amazing. Honey, come here.”

At the call of his father, my mother also approached Aqua. Aqua held out an empty hand to his mother.

My mother hesitated a little and held the hand.

“……Oh, my.”

The mother soon wriggled Aqua’s hands, using both hands, apparently addicted to her touch.

“Oh my gosh.”

My father smiled with his eyes at my mother and asked.

“Don’t you think it’s like a toy you used to play with when you were a kid?”

“You mean the jelly with the toy in it? Whoo-hoo….”


Aqua twisted her body to see if it was itchy to touch his hands.

A hot summer night. Beautiful night view of the sea and acrid mosquito scent.

Well-cooked meat and delicious drinks.

Cute Aqua and parents who care about Aqua.

‘I’d like to take a picture of how I feel and appreciate it now.’

It was a happy summer night when a smile was made around the mouth.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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Thanks for the chapter!

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