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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 14

After a while, I was water skiing.



I cut through the water as Aqua led me back to a small size.

Like the Spirit of Water, the sea was the territory of Aqua. Aqua was controlling the water with psychic power, speeding faster than a modest car.

[Let’s go faster!]

Aqua’s hand and mine were connected by a string of water.

I was sliding on the water, led by Aqua. It was thanks to the <Water Shield> surrounded by on my feet.

<Water Shield> is the only skill I have, and I made <Water Shield> under my feet and was sliding on the water like skiing.

[What’s with the boat?]
[I’m the fastest in the sea!]

Aqua shouted like that and quickly overtook the banana boat.

I didn’t forget to splash water as I passed by.

When I turned my head and looked at the faces on the banana boat, they were all out of their minds.



Aqua increased her speed more and more, perhaps to test her top speed.

At that moment, a huge wave sprang up in front of us. Aqua couldn’t escape it and flew on a wave slope.



After a few moments of flying, a dozen meters, we fell into the sea raucously.


I stirred my hands and came back to the surface. Next to him, Aqua was looking around with a surprised face sticking out to the surface.

We looked at each other for a moment and laughed indisputably first.



High laughter spread under the breaking sun, in the sea of two.

* * *

In the afternoon, there was a barbecue party on the roof of the house.

It was a barbecue facility that they usually rents to customers for a fee, but when I came home for vacation, I would always grill meat with my family here.


My parents set the table while I was grilling meat on charcoal.

I smoked mosquito scents to drive away mosquitoes, stole the table with a dishcloth, and laid out spoons and other ingredients for samgyupsal.

Aqua was riding on my neck.

[You are going to evaporate!]

“Aqua, you can go down if you’re tired.”

[No! You’re hot, aren’t you’re hot!]

Aqua, screaming at the heat of the charcoal fire, held my head tightly and wouldn’t want to fall off.

She wanted to cool me off from the flames in tropical nights.

‘Does this feel like being a good model child?.’

Without realizing it, there was a silly smile around my mouth.

I reached out to sprinkle salt and pepper on the meat, but I paused.

“Shall I try it on?’

I opened the Spirit Shop. Aqua opened her eyes roundly to the store that suddenly came to mind.

[Why did you open the store?]

“To buy this.”

I opened the Sales List tab and found the items I saw during the day.

– Spiritual Pink Salt

-It is a solid natural rock salt in a clean area of the spirit system.

-Price: 5 coins

“Half of the taste of meat is from salt.”

When I worked part-time at a meat restaurant, the boss always said that.

“What does the salt in the spirit world taste like?”

I pressed the payment button in anticipation.

-Payment completed.-

With the notification window, light gathered in front of my eyes and a bottle of salt fell.

I received it. It was a simple salt bottle with no wrappers or stickers on it.

Aqua sniffed and raised her voice tone.

[I can smell the spirit world!]

“Let’s see if it tastes like the spirit world.”

I sprinkled salt on top of the ripening meat. Salt sprayed on the meat melted quickly and permeated into the meat.

After a while, the meat was done.

I took the meat out of the grill and cut it into pieces.

“Now, Aqua’s share is here.”

I put pineapple slices in the corner of the grilled meat for Aqua.

Water spirits can’t eat solids, so they only suck in nectar and spit out fruit.

[Hehe, thank you!]

Aqua accepted her bowl with delight. It was a children’s plate with a bear face on it.

“Shall we eat now?”

“Good job at cooking.”

“Let’s see if my son’s grilling skills aren’t rusty.”

My parents wrapped a big meat with lettuce and put it in my mouth.

I also put a piece of meat in my mouth to check the taste of the spirit salt. The unique smell of charcoal bulgogi filled the mouth.

It was the next moment.

“Oh, my God!”

As the flame subsided and the meat oil soaked its mouth, the spirit salt showed its true value.

The salty taste of salt could be felt, but the salty taste of the meat covered the greasy taste of oil and disappeared neatly.

It tasted similar to eating pork belly wrapped in pollack or water.


I picked up a few more pieces of meat. Even without vegetables or kimchi, it was not greasy at all. It was rather refreshingly meat.


Without realizing it, an exclamation came out. My whole family had a similar look on their faces.

“The meat is especially delicious today!”

“Did you learn how to grill meat at school?”

“Ahaha, I’ve used a special salt.”

When I turned my head around, Aqua was sucking juice with pineapple in her mouth.
She seemed to like the taste of the pineapple with meat juice.

“Now, shall we make a toast?”

I put all the drinks in the icebox on the table.

Because I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol, it was for my parents.

‘Aqua and I should drink this.’

I took out a drink that I had prepared separately.


Aqua looked around, twitching her nose to see if she smelled it.


It was a magic drink, where the spirits of the water were dying of joy.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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