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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 13

I came out to the beach with Aqua on my shoulders.

There was also the quest to carry out the human world tour, but I came out because I wanted to play with Aqua.

The summer sun was warm, but I didn’t even know it was hot thanks to Aqua’s cool body temperature.

[Oh! There are so many humans!]

There were a lot of people at Samcheok Beach, which was in the peak season.

“There will be more elementary, middle, and high schools on vacation.”

[More than this?]]

Aqua looked at people in disbelief.

At that time, there was something that caught Aqua’s eye.

[Wow, they’re the Undines!]

On the beach, some of the Undines were playing on the water.

In the vicinity, the Spirit Affinity of Spirits was also felt, not wild spirits, but contract spirits.

‘The spirits must have come down from the resort.’

At the northern end of Samcheok Beach was a luxury resort acquired by a large guild.

Hunters stayed at the resort a lot, often coming down here to enjoy marine leisure or fresh sashimi.

As the distance neared, the Undines welcomed Aqua by turning their heads, perhaps feeling the energy of Aqua.

[Ah! It’s Aqua!]


[Let’s play together!]


The Undines rushed towards the aqua. Aqua jumped off my shoulder and ran along the sand.

Aqua and Undines, who met in the middle, hugged each other tightly.

Because Aqua was relatively tall, it was like seeing younger brothers flocking to their older sister.

[Long time no see!]

[Nice to meet you!]

[Did you just come to the human world?]

[Let’s play together! Play with me!]

[Ahaha! What do you want to do?]

Aqua skillfully began to play with the Undines.

She said she was the best among the spirit of water, but the Undines followed Aqua very well.

[Let’s play tag! Let’s play tag!]

[Come on, hide and seek!]
[All of you, run!]


[Everyone, run!]

The Undies quickly fled for the sea. Aqua chased after them, grabbed them one by one, and hugged them in her arms.

[I got you, you bastard!]

[Gasp! I got you!]

[Save me!]

The screaming Undines looked very happy.

Aqua grabbed all the Undines and hugged them with all her might. It was a much larger expression of affection.

[Who told you to be so slow?]

[Aqua is too fast!]

[Yes, yes!]

[She has long legs!]

[I want to be as fast as Aqua!]


Unknowingly, a smile leaked out from my lips. The spirits playing together were a very valuable scene that can heal someone just by watching.

But there was my spirit stuck in it.

My fist shook.

“That’s my spirit!’

I wanted to shout out so loudly. I laughed all by myself for a long time, holding my stomach to that astonishingly childish feeling.

It was the first time I felt this feeling while watching spirits play. Because it was a painting that I usually am not part of, who was an F-Rank.

Suddenly, I made eye contact with other spiritualists. We greeted each other with a small nod.

It was so spirit-like again, that I giggled unknowingly.

* * *

After playing with the Undines for a long time, we headed to Mr. Park’s store.

The banana boat ran every half hour. Customers were waiting in front of the store to ride a banana boat because they were on time.

“Huh. Is Hyunwoo here?”

After leaving part-timers to serve guests, Mr. Park, who was cleaning sunglasses, welcomed me with his arms up.

“You said banana boat, didn’t you?

“Yes. It’s 40,000 won for two, right?”

“That’s enough. What am I going to do with the money from you?”

“Can I?”

“It’s a courtesy from the house.”

Uncle Park smiled cheerfully and tapped me on the shoulder.

[Thank you!]

Aqua, who became real, thanked Mr. Park.

“Oh, you look so smart. Are you different from the rest of the Undines?

“Yes, it’s Aqua.”

Mr. Park was familiar with the spirits. This was because many of the Spiritualists enjoyed water activities with their spirits.

Uncle Park put the guests and us on a banana boat. Aqua shook her body with excitement.

[Exciting! It’s the first time I’ve ridden anything else since the unicorn!]

After a while, the boat slowly began to move.

The banana boat, which was cutting through the sea along the leading jet ski, soon reached its peak speed.

[It’s like I’m on Sylvester’s back!]

Aqua screamed with excitement. Then she raised her hands high and hurled, and flew away.



Frustrated, I quickly reached out. But Aqua had already flown away.


I stormed into the sea with a banana boat.


I moved my arms and legs quickly, measuring the direction in which the aqua disappeared.


Then at one point, I realized the waves weren’t coming.

Stopping over, I was swimming on a giant palm. In a giant palm made of water.


When I looked up at the sound of laughter, there was a huge Aqua in front of me. She grew up sucking in seawater.

[Did you actually think that this body of water fell into the water and tried to save it?]
[You’re doing something cute! Water is like my hands!]

I stretched myself out of Aqua’s palm. And muttered despondently.

“What a surprise.”

When I turned my head, the banana boat was racing without knowing we had fallen.

[Can I catch up with you?]

Aqua asked as if she was about to move.

“No, there’s something I’d like to try.”

[What do you want to do?]

The giant Aqua stared into me.

“I’ve always imagined…….”

I told Aqua what I thought.

[That sounds fun.]

Aqua glistened her eyes.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

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