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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 12

My parents had a meal and talked with Aqua.

For the two of you who don’t have “Spirit Friendliness,” the existence of a spirit seemed awkward, but I was sure that they would soon become close.

‘Cause Aqua likes you two.’

Spirits liked good and warm people because they had eyes that could sense the energy of people.

And I assure you, my parents were good people.

“I’ll do the dishes.”

When I gathered the bowls and went to the sink, Aqua followed me.

Aqua, who came down the table, looked up at me and held out her hands.

It was her body language for a hug.

Then I smiled and gently picked Aqua up, Aqua looked at the pile of dishes and asked.

[What are you doing?]

“I’m washing the dishes. I wash the dish with water.”

[You mean with water?]

Aqua’s voice tone has increased. Aqua jerked around at me and grinned.

[Then leave it to me!]

When Aqua swung her finger, the water in the sink soared and began to wash the bowl.


I watched the scene with the Aqua in my arms.

The stream of water moved along Aqua’s fingers and bumped from side to side like a dishwasher, making the bowl clean.

In an instant, the bowls wer polished.

“Hey, the Spirit of Water!”

Aqua’s nose rose at once when I praised him.

[Leave this to me from now on!]

“Hahaha. Aqua has reduced the number of household chores.”

[This is my nest now!]
[Let me know if you need any help!]

I held Aqua in my arms like a baby and gently pat its back.


Aqua felt good in my arms.

My parents looked at us happily over coffee.

“My son, you can marry now.”

“You even have a baby before having wife.”


I smiled awkwardly and didn’t stop stroking Aqua’s back.

Aqua had a nice smile around her mouth.

When I came back from brushing my teeth, there was a customer in the living room. It wasn’t a guest of the lodging but a guest of my parents.

“Hyunwoo, are you here? I heard you’re the top student this semester, too?”

Uncle Park, whose skin was tanned, smiled cheerfully and said his hello.

“If my sons were half like you, I would have no wish!”

“Ahaha, are you here?”

Uncle Park was an old friend of my parents.

My parents shaved off the apples and seemed to be in the middle of a conversation with Uncle Park.

When I sat next to him, Mr. Park gave me a subtle look.

“How about going to work at my house this vacation?”

Mr. Park ran a surfing shop nearby, which was quite large.

It has common events for marine leisure such as banana boats and jet skis, and it was a job that young people in the neighborhood desperately wanted as a part-time during summer.

‘The pay is good, you can play in the water as much as you want, and you can play with the tourists.’

I also used to work part-time at my uncle’s store in the summer when I was in high school.

I didn’t do it because I wanted to be closer with women.

It was said that the closer you stay to the water, the higher the rating of Spirit Friendliness.

It was a groundless story, but there were many such stories in the early days of the awakening society.

I laughed and shook my head.

“No. I have work to do this vacation.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I can’t help it if you don’t want to.”

Mr. Park looked disappointed and poked me in the side.

“I’ll raise it by 10% a day.”

“Hahaha. It’s not about the money.”

“Then what’s the matter? I’ll get it right if I can, so tell me.”

“Aren’t there a lot of people who want to work part-time besides me?”

“There’s a lot, but there’s no one like you.”

Uncle Park chewed a piece of apple.

“Those who are good at work are not good at soliciting, and those who have a fair face are more interested in dating than in work. I have to leave the money to a trustworthy man, but one of my sons is not interested in this side and the other is a mess.”

I laughed unconsciously at the man’s relentless diss toward his sons.

“There’s no one like you. Handsome, fit, strong, good at work, not picky about the costumers. He’s the real number one worker. I can just leave him there and travel abroad, that’s all.”

I put on a countenance at the sudden compliment.


Aqua, who was next to me, smiled covering her mouth to see if my compliment was pleasant. My parents also looked pleased.

My father spoke with an unbearable smile.

“Mr. Park, isn’t that too embarassing?”

“What are you talking about? Mr.Kang really needs to know that he has a good son. What kind of talent is this common in this town?”

My father didn’t deny it, he just smiled happily.

I changed the subject when I became awkward.

“Hey, can we get on the banana boat in a little while?”

“Banana? What, you said you had something else to do, was that a date? Did you bring a girl?”

“Hahaha. No, I’m riding with Aqua.”


Aqua, who was sitting on my legs, came out real in a good timing.



Uncle Park’s eyes were shooked.

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— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^

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