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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 11

Coming out of the shower, we headed straight to the beverage vending machine in the alley in front of the house.

The heat of the hot summer hit me, but I was unaffected with Aqua in my arms.

‘It’s like having an aircon in my arms…….’

It was an addictive coolness.

Standing in front of the vending machine, I put down the Aqua for a while and pulled out two banana milk.

“Here you go, this is banana milk.”

Aqua rolled her mouth round and accepted the milk I handed her.

[Oh, is this the national drink?]

I nailed a hole in the lid of banana milk. Aqua imitated the action I just did.


But Aqua’s snarling fingers couldn’t penetrate the lid of banana milk.


“Give it to me. I’ll do it for you.”

Aqua was a Supreme spirit. With a plastic lid, it could be torn with little spirit power.

Rather, I was worried that Aqua failed to control its power and split the whole banana milk.

[Thank you!]

I handed the banana milk with a hole in the lid to Aqua and drank my share of the milk.

Aqua looked at me first before taking a sip of milk after me.


Aqua seemed surprised for a moment and quickly drank the milk.

She lifted a diamond-shaped milk bottle up to the sky, bent her head as she had it, and slurped all the milk in an instant.


Aqua’s eyes were even sparkling because of how much she liked it. I handed the banana milk that I was drinking.

[Thank you…!]

Aqua’s hand paused to receive it. Aqua looked at the milk with conflicting eyes and lowered his hand.

[I’m fine]
[You drink it.]

I can tell from the limp hair that I say that but not from the bottom of my heart.

“Don’t worry. I can buy another one.”

[One more?]

“You can eat as much as you want. There’s a lot.”

I pointed to the vending machine. Aqua, who was looking at the place, asked with sparkling eyes.

[Can I drink as much as I want?]

“Yes, to your heart’s content.”

[The human world is the best!]

Aqua grabbed the banana milk I handed her and drank it all the way. Aqua drank three banana milk in a row like that.

[I can’t drink anymore!]

I came home on a leash with Aqua, whose body turned yellow from a heavy intake of banana milk.

“Did it taste good?”

Aqua, who was moving her legs like a wooden horse, answered immediately without hesitation.

[It was the best!]

“More than Coke?”

[That’s a difficult question!]

Aqua began to think seriously like a child was asked, “Who do you like more between mom or dad?”

I laughed a little and ended Aqua’s troubles with another question.

“How was your bath?”

This time, the answer came out immediately.

[I thought it took longer and was inefficient compared to the bathing of spirits. But that’s not it!]

Aqua’s voice was very excited.

[It was fun! Time with the water is so much fun!]

“Yes, water is the best.”

[Such a water spirit!]

[Do humans feel better when they go into the water?] Hehehe, asked Aqua, smiling cheerfully.

“Yes, we humans are born in water and grow in water.”

[Is that so?]

“Yes, the human body is 70 percent water.”

[Then it’s almost the same with a spirit of water!]

Aqua covered her mouth with her hands and giggled.

[The human world is full of truly joyful things!]

And as if I were the best of them, Aqua hugged my head tightly.

My smile rose high in the sky.

I couldn’t suppress my smile even though I felt myself that I had become with such a fool’s face that I was afraid anyone would see.

* * *

When I came back home, my parents were preparing breakfast.

“Did you work out?”

My parents have known my daily routine for years. My father, who was looking at the newspaper, shook his head and admired.

“He’s such a diligent guy.”

“You should do some exercise with your son.”

“Oh, my God, is that the story again?”

My parents exchanged daily conversations in a relaxed voice.

“I heard you have a bad back these days. Exercise is the best when that happens.”

“I’ll think about it if you join me.”

“How about doing yoga?”

“That’s something a man can’t do.”

“Why can’t you do it? My teacher is a man.”

I could hear their chatter forever. But now there was work to be done before that.

“Hmm, hmm.”

I coughed and I caught both of their eyes.

“Well, I have a friend I’d like to introduce to you both.”

My parents’ eyes naturally turned to the door behind me. I guess they thought someone would follow me in.

This is because there are no spirits visible to those who do not have Spirit Friendliness.

I gently lifted Aqua off her neck and put her on the table.

Aqua raised her spirit power. Spirits using spirit power become tangible and are visible to those who do not have “spirit friendliness”.

“Oh, my God!”

“Oh, my God!”

With the advent of Aqua, my parents’ eyes widened. Aqua bowed his head to both of you.

[Hello! I’m Aqua who signed with Hyunwoo!]

My mother was surprised at the sudden appearance of Aqua in the air.

My father was also surprised, but he quickly realized the identity of Aqua.

“The Spirit of Water.”

[Nice to meet you!]

My father looked at Aqua with wonder. It was their first time seeing a spirit in real life.

Then, my mother grabbed my hand.

“Did you sign a contract with a spirit?”

“Yes. Yesterday…”

“Oh, good for you. That’s great.”

My mother repeatedly stroked the back of my hand. There seemed to be even a few tears in the eye.

I held my mother’s hand in embarrassment.

“Why are you crying when it’s a good thing.”

[A family of water spirits must shed tears over good things! This is a very good thing!]

At Aqua’s consolation, my mother smiled only then.

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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