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The rewards are real chapter 40

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The situation is similar to the unsolicited murders seen in the Future Newspaper, or incidents in Japan and China.

“I don’t want to.”

When the smartphone didn’t explode, the anxiety of women, in particular, reached its peak.

Among them, a woman in her 30s, who seemed to be a housewife, seemed to be doing something annoying, so she had to say something out of character.


“I can think of it as something like a safe place. It’s safe with me, so don’t worry too much.”


“Can’t we get out of here?”


“This is the only place where we can get a good view. Let’s go somewhere foggy and don’t have to end the risk for nothing. It’s not easy to protect you and fight.”


Whether she understood it in her head but not in her mind, she shut her mouth with a discontented look.


I’m not cut out for acting like a real hero.


It’s annoying to have to coax people with different personalities.




[Quest Occurred]


Rating: C


Content: Protect Seoul Citizens from Monsters.


Compensation: Intermediate Rewards Card, Safe House


Out of the blue quest in real life.


No, I knew this place was more like Mu continent than Seoul, but I didn’t expect a quest to happen.


When I flinched suddenly, people were all surprised and asked me what was going on.


“I think there’s another monster.”




It hasn’t been marked on the map yet, but if yI look at the contents of the quest, you’ll definitely see another monster.


“Never fall off. If you run away to alone, think you’re going to death yourself.”


People were all scared by the tense words, and the young man, who had been trying to calm down until now, shed tears like chicken.


Crying quickly spread to women, and either way, I took a gas gun and a triplet out of my bag and gave it to a middle-aged man.


“Thank you.”


And at that moment.


More than 10 red dots have been stamped around us.



Even I can’t guarantee my life if it’s an Orc, but the quest doesn’t seem to give me a difficulty that I can’t wake up, and the roar from all over the place was mixed with Goblin and Ogre.


There was obviously an Orc, but it’s much better than all of them.


But the fact that I was surrounded by monsters in a dark fog is a horror that ordinary people can’t afford.


Even with my notice, some looked as if they were about to flee.


I can’t believe there are loads like this.


“Don’t let people escape, man. There’s nowhere to run from here right now.”


“Oh, I see!”


At least the instructed middle-aged man held the hands of the rattling young man and handed the gas gun to the untrustworthy man.


Feeling relieved to have anything in his hands, the young man was forced to nod and stay in his seat.


Three red dots approached us quickly.


It’s probably a rush of fun.


The height of the play on the floor is about 80 to 90cm.


I used magic on the red dot, using the point of view on the map like a compass.


Magic missile, penetration.


Two shots in each direction.


A total of six blue lights disappeared into the fog.


Oh my god!


“Come on, wind. No, wind?”


Middle-aged people burst into admiration as they saw me enjoying martial arts.


I don’t want to show magic at heart, but now there are too many enemies to preserve their strength and protect them.


Luckily, one of the three red dots disappeared, and the other two rolled out of the fog.


Bang Bang Bang!


A loud noise and a play stopped at my feet.


I hit the spear down at his head as hard as I could.


And leapt to another monster in front of the citizen.


“Oh, my God, we are safe?”


I prepared for the second wave, taking care of the two monster that came into the fog.


“There was a real warrior in the world.”


Others were surprised by my performance, but the reaction was particularly great among middle-aged people.


I spoke to a middle-aged man who was deluded with an excited emotion.


“I think it’s safer if I go out and keep the monsters away. Stay calm.”


This was the only way to protect them completely from monsters running from all directions.


I decided that I would rather go into the fog alone even if it was dangerous than fighting while keeping other safe.


“Yes, great cooperation!”


What are you saying….


My life was threatened, but I threw myself into the fog, leaving behind a middle-aged man who seemed strangely excited.


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