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Strength: 9


Stamina: 9


Agility: 9


Intelligence: 30


Mana: 11


Luck: 6


A fog filled with moisture grazed my cheeks like running through clouds.


Suddenly, I thought I should cover my face, so I used a veil magic.


It was supposed to be used to block the monster’s view, but I didn’t expect it to be used like this.


Soon after, a space with an open view appeared in the fog, which was nowhere to be seen.


Would it be like this if there was a center of fog like the eye of a typhoon?


A small circular dome of fog was the height of unnaturalness.

A nice back-to-back orc at the freaks.


I beckoned at one of them.


Magic missile, penetration.


A magic missile that flies like an arrow and increases penetration is a buff.


The magic added acceleration, leaving a long trajectory like a flare fired in the middle of the night.


The target is a distant orc.


He’s been swinging a glave at a middle-aged man with a belly.






The magic missile blew a hole in the Orc cheekbone, and the unexpected attack covered his face and began to glow.


“Do, run!”


How scary it must be for a muscular orc to go on a rampage.


People tried to run away from the situation and look at it.


But I magically knocked people over and stuck a spear in the neck of an Orc that was relatively close.


-Thudang thudang.


“What’s up with the floor.”


“Ice in the middle of May?”


An Orc was caught in a battle that led to death in jus short time, was nothing more than a big target.


The powerful spear had completely penetrated the neck of the Orcs without any additional skill.


“Don’t move. It’s even more dangerous if it’s scattered.”


And when the spear was pulled out, the orc fell like a giant tree, sprinkling blue blood.


People who couldn’t stand up due to grease magic and became one with the floor seem to be scared and can’t hear me properly.


They only tried to escape, but they kept kissing the ground.


With a small sigh, I approached the orc with a hole in my cheekbone that seemed to spill my eyeballs.


He’s been swinging his glave with excitement.


But dodging lightly, I added a penetration skill to the spear.




It’s a simple move, but the spear penetrated the orc’s arm and poked through the belly to his back.


The effect of penetration skills is great, too.


Although the amount of mana consumed cannot be ignored, each attack carries the power of a single blow.


Mana Emission with the tough and Wyvern of leather maybe I can break through.


And after several battles, I learned the effectiveness of the last combat assistance skill, was a combative action assist skill that led to a smoother avoidance and attack.


Thanks to this, even to experts, my current movements will look neat and clean.




I saved people, but I didn’t like the situation in itself, and I clicked my tongue briefly.


Still, the people involved were innocent, so they pressed their anger and looked at the citizens in the fog.


“Are you all right?”


“Yes? Yes! Thank you.”


Covering my face with veil magic, I was obviously a suspicious character.


However, perhaps because of the help, he may have been simply frightened, but he nodded in unison at my question, expressing gratitude.


When I lifted the Grease magic spell, they began to rise on their own, and asked me for an explanation with an indescribable look.


“I don’t know what’s going on either.”




In an ambiguous answer, a middle-aged man, who almost was attacked by Orc earlier, made a face saying, “Is someone who doesn’t know what’s going on dressed like that?” but I shrugged.


Last time, the fog disappeared immediately after a fight with a goblin, but this time there was no sign of it disappearing.


So I couldn’t think of it as safe just because I killed two orcs.


“Didn’t you shoot something in the first place? You’re a cop, not a cosplayer?”


I thought the blue color of the magic missile was quite noticeable, but I guess they didn’t see it properly amidst the confusion.


“No, it’s not.”


The present citizens were two men and three women.


The women did not appear to be in the party, but they were relatively young, one of the men was middle-aged and the other was a young man who seemed to have yet to go to the army.


Others were shivering, frightened by the orc body that made the pool of blood, and a middle-aged man asked me if I was responsible for my elders or if I was really fearless.


“Well, may I ask what you’re doing?”


Having no reason to answer, I lightly ignored his question.


“Cell phone!”


At that time, the expression of the woman who took out her smartphone to ask for help turned into tears.


It is roughly expected what the situation is.


I also took out my smartphone and could see an unavailable mark on the antenna.


And just in case, I took pictures here and there, including the body of an Orc and everything was stored in a strange image full of noise and not clear.

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