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The Quest Rewards are Real chapter 38

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I caught a black leather box gently coming down from the air as the only spot reward.


And when I checked the contents.


“It’s a real watch.”


The silver body contained a black plate and a Swiss-made watch that showed off its luxurious gold guidelines.


“That’s a lot to pay for now.”


The watch strap was leather, so it could be worn right away without having to adjust it.


I put it on my left wrist without thinking much, and I was looking at the rest of the components when I noticed the warranty.


[S Department Store Main Store 2020.05.24]


It had a blue stamp and a date in cursive writing that felt human touch.


“Don’t tell me God stamped the guarantee card and wrote the date himself?”


Value alone is no match for future newspapers, but this was a pleasing reward.


Someone said that Tagho X is a luxury watch line, not just a simple luxury watch, and from my point of view, it was a luxury item.


My friends have expensive watches one by one, but I’ve never thought about buying them because I see them as a useless waste of money.


But I don’t feel bad when I receive it for free.


Should I say it’s more elegant?


I rolled up my sleeves while wearing training clothes to exercise.


“That’s great.”


For your information, the stock value of T chemistry that I invested in has nearly quadrupled, but I haven’t bragged to anyone yet.


Originally, I was far from bragging, but the watch seems to have a magical power that stimulates a man’s emotions.


Carrying a heavy backpack of various equipment, I left home for exercise.


I also became completely accustomed to heading back to the park among the citizens on their way to work.


And citizens who always go to work at the same time also look curious about what I am doing.


Every day at this time, I headed to the park in training clothes, so it was natural to stand out.




That’s how I arrived at Kkachisan Park and was about to start hiking, but the smartphone, which was deprived of its position by Tagho X, showed its presence after a long time.


[Today’s chicken and beer?]


It was a message from Jung-woo who lent me 20 million won not too long ago.


It’s not bad to meet my friends for a drink after a long time, but now I want to concentrate on exercising.


I think it would be better to meet friends later when they clean up their stocks, pay back their money, and express their gratitude.


[Sorry I won’t be able to make it until the 10th of next month. Instead, I’ll shoot you big if you meet me on the 10th. I will pay back what I borrowed.]


[Sad. Okay. Instead, I’ll eat shamelessly on your treat.]




[I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t overdo it.]




He was like a parent somehow.


With a smile on my face, I stuck my smartphone in my pocket and ran up the long stairs of Kkachisan Park with a heavy bag on my back.




It happened on the way down the park for a meal after morning exercise.


Humming with satisfaction with the efficiency of the new penetration skill, I came to my senses and found myself trapped in a white mist.




Frightened, I quickly put down my bag and activated the auxiliary function.




[Sadang-dong Kkachisan Park Entrance]


Again this time, a map that was not available in real life came up in front of me and there were no red dots around me, so I quickly took the spear out of my bag and assembled it.


I grabbed the spear that was completed in about 10 seconds and even wore the body suit, the bulletproof helmet, and a body armor.


It was ridiculous to see these kind of outfit on top of the training suit, but now was not the time to look stylish.


“Look only monster that doesn’t make sense.”


I looked around, nervouslu.


An unexpected situation has occurred.


“Who, who is there’s no one!


“Here! There’s a man!”


“Suddenly, fog came like this.”


Five white dots suddenly appeared on the map, when I felt signs of people everywhere apparently nothing was written.




It means there’s someone else who’s been stopped besides me.


The five then began to gather together, shouting at each other.


“How did you do it?”


It’s perfect to be treated like a bully if I come forward with this tmapear.


If left unchecked, they are likely to be attacked by monsters like last time.


“I’d like to ignore it in my heart…….”


If anything goes wrong with their personal safety, doubts will inevitably be reached to everyone who went hiking at this time.


Also, I feel like I’ll be named the most suspicious person in that case.


And sure enough.




“What, what, fuck!”


The worst has happened.




Two red dots suddenly appeared near the citizens.


From what is I heard, it must be an Orc.


Damn it!


Eventually, I had to approach them at the highest speed I could use with my leap skills to run.


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