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The quest Rewards are Real Chapter 37

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Strength: 8


Stamina: 8


Agility: 8


Intelligence: 30


Mana: 10


Luck: 4


Orc, the target of the surprise attack, wandered around and came to me.

The crossbow’s aim toward him is bound to increase.

I pulled the trigger on his head that looked particularly big today.



Bolt, who left the crossbow, stuck in the left eye of the Orc.


It would have been better to make a hole in the brain, but it missed slightly.


But this much is enough.


The screaming Orc were almost defenseless, and I used my leaping skills to rush like an arrow and thrust my spear in.


The spear had already dug into his Adam’s apple by the time his left right eye was facing me.




Even a monster can’t survive if his neck was strucked if he’s a human type.


Immediately pulling out the spear, I stuck my head on the floor, left the struggling Orc behind, pulled out the glaze and flew at the second one.




A tactic commonly used in cartoons and novels set in magic.


It’s called ‘Blinding’.


Lights can be used in two ways.


One is making it as a sphere to make it last long, and the other is used like a flashlight by exploding light at once.


It’s a skill I can’t use if I have colleagues, but I don’t have to care about anyone because I’m solo now.




The one who was caught in the eye while off guard took a back step, but I can’t prevent myself closing in the distance in an instant with leap.


This time again, my spear pierced his neck precisely, and as I stepped away from the Orc, it’s weapon was dropped.


It can’t live long in that state anyway.


I was careful because if I get caught by my ankle, I might get cramped.


I didn’t let my guard down for the whole time, safety comes first.


They didn’t move more than two minutes like that.


Gordon’s subspace bracelet contained the body of an Orc


I’m only going to catch 15 today.


And after a week of magic training, the remaining 15 will be hunted.


“I won’t be kicked out of the Mu continent for another eight days.”


I used to try to go back to reality, but now I wanted to stay here for a long time.




Day 11, 56th day on the Mu continent.


I deliberately trained magic, leaving only one orc-hunting quest behind, as if in a war of wits.


[Increased understanding of magic]


[Mana Increases by 1.]


But then I woke up as if I was talking nonsense.


I used to stay for more than 10 days…….


I think the system of giving out quests (maybe God) is the most important thing to know of.


That’s why I drew the line.


It’s good to know how long I can stay without completing the quest, but I felt like something was going in my way, so I thought I shouldn’t do anything silly about the system.


Still, it seems to be a necessary trial and error because I can make a schedule around the period of eight days from now on.


By the way, it’s funny to see it consistently give away Mana as a bonus.


If I didn’t do any magic training, what will it give to kick me out?


I’m curious, but it doesn’t seem necessary to test it any more.




[Orc hunting 30/30]


Until the 12th or 8th day, I trained magic and went on an Orc hunt, and I completed the quest in 6 days real time.


[Quest completed successfully]


[Perfect battle]

[An overwhelming victory. All capabilities are improved by 1.]


[Reward increases Stamina.]


[In the future, Strength will increase depending on your Stamina]


Then back in town, I fell asleep in the room Gordon had given me, and I came back to reality.


When I opened my eyes in the studio, the first thing I felt was a stale smell.


It seems that the smell of widower in the room has become stronger since I started exercising.


Should I get a diffuser or something?


“I don’t know what’s real anymore because I’m here for one day, while eight days in the Mu continent.”


When I come back from the Mu continent, my condition were always adjusted to the best.


Stretching with a light body, I raised the corners of my mouth looking at the reward cards I had in a long time.


Yeah, well, this is the time.


He picked up three lower-level reward cards after completing the Orc Quest.


[Lower Rewards]


Gold letters are engraved on the black card as always.


[Do you want to use a card?]


A message window pops up in front of me.




And then if I express my intention to use it.


White light bursts and rewards appear with snow-like effects.


[Luck Increases by 2.]


[TAGHO X Ekarera Caliber 5 Received]


[Acquired Active Skill Piercing]


Luck’s second rise is not bad, but I think the other two rewards are good for some reason.


It seems necessary to study how to use penetration, which seems to be an attack skill.


I’ll secretly experiment in the park later.


“By the way, Tagho X is a watch, right?”


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