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The Quest Rewards are Real chapter 36

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Strength: 8

Stamina: 8

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 29

Mana: 9

Luck: 4


9th dream, 40th day in Mu continent.

[Increased understanding of magic]

[Mana increases by 1.]

10th dream, 47th day on the continent of Mu.

[Increased understanding of magic]

[Mana Increases by 1.]

“I can’t continue doing this.”

Just in case.

When I didn’t complete the quest and focused solely on magic training, every time I realized something even though I didn’t achieve the 2nd circle yet, my dream drove me to reality.

Thanks to this, I mastered the 1st class magic and stayed on the Mu Continent for 16 days for the rest of the two days, but I got little tired of it.

Eventually, I realized that I had to do quests at the same time in order to be strong steadily.

My 11th dream, 48th days of living in the Mu Continent.

I was forced to pack my spear for an Orc hunt.

“Orc hunt?”

Gordon, the magic teacher, responded that he did not understand why I would do such a thing.

“It’s said that magic is the study of truth, but I thought it would be good to experience the real world when I feel stuffy.”

“Well, that’s not a bad idea. But you aren’t stuck in magic training, right?”

Living together, Gordon’s way of speaking to me has become more comfortable.

I answered his question with a smile.

“I was a hunter before I was a probationary wizard.”

In the end, Gordon couldn’t break my stubbornness and lent me his subspace bracelet, telling me not to carry a heavy burden.

Maybe because I judged myself to be talented, it was Gordon, who acted more like a mother these days.

“Whoops. Whoops….”

The unpolluted village of Karas is airy, but it is no match for the phytoncide-filled forest.

Entering the forest of Peace, I walk slowly, filling my lungs with fresh air.

Halfway through the hunt, I decided to enjoy a long battle rather than complaining.

I’ll test what combat assistance skills are and mix magic in practice.

But Orc is too much of an opponent to experiment with my new way of fighting.

It was necessary to rehearse before coming forward to them.

I watched three Orcs running like wild boars.


And the moment they came into my attack zone, I used magic.

Grease magic bring the coefficient of friction on the floor near to zero.

Three of the Orcs slipped like they were on ice.

Bang Bang Bang!

Since they were such on an ignorant rush, there was a sound of something breaking and bumping all the way to me.

“Mana Emission.”

I stuck a blue spear at the guys.

The lasting effect of Mana Emission is only about 10 seconds.

But it wasn’t a burden on dealing with the three pigs squinting on the floor in just 10 seconds.

Having dealt with the three neatly, I let out a satisfactory comment.

“That’s nice.”

It’s just a good thing.

It was the battle I was after.

My fighting style is nothing like a normal wizard.

In a bad way, I was a junkie.

To put it mildly, it can be seen as a way to cover the wizard’s weakness.

It’s not just about swinging the spear, but my initial skill cover up the wizard’s weaknesses, it’s so simple that I am nott seen as just merely an ordinary 1st Circle magician.

There is a disadvantage of using the skill in a row, but now my mana is more than twice as high as before and there is even the automatic recovery skill, so there is no need to refrain from using the skill.

“This should be enough as practice.”

After hunting seven more Orcs, I went looking for other Orcs without hesitation.

How long have I been searching in the forest?


I could find the prey whenever I wanted.

A monster who wouldn’t dare fight if he didn’t have proper combat skills.

Orcs are classified as weak monsters in the game, but Orcs on the Mu continent were natural warriors and battle-loving monsters.

Their kidneys are similar to humans.

But its mass is more than twice that of a human being.

Moreover its mass is mostly made of muscle, so the word macho is a very well-matched to the monster.

Unlike Ogre, Orc has a force that keeps opponents on their toes just by facing them.

But it wasn’t my current opponent because I had a hard time evaluating it.

There are two orcs hanging around now.

I took out a crossbow and aimed at the fellow.

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