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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 35

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Strength: 8

Stamina: 8

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 27->28

Mana: 5->8

Luck: 4


Since I didn’t usually come back to reality without a completing a quest, there is no reward card opening event that make me start a day in a good mood as always.

These days, opening a reward card was the joy of the day, but now it feels empty without it.


As usual, I worked out at Kkachisan Park and stopped by the blacksmith’s shop after a meal, and the spear blade I requested was completed.

And when I received and assembled the spear from Carbon Industries, a very smooth and handsome spear was completed.

“Good quality.”

However, unlike the long spear of the Mu continent, it did not look suitable for cutting because the blade was short.

Since the attack area of the spear is nearly twice as different, it was highly likely that sticking to the previous combat method would be a striking machine, not a cutting one.

There’s nothing I can’t do other than practice adjusting to the distance, but it seems hard.

It is more convenient to use the carbon composite’s elastic strike as a link.

At a glance, the spear had a strong image that it was made for only stabbing.

“Where is this?”

The perfection of the spear is no match for the blacksmith’s product in Karas Village.

But what I like the most is portability.

The spear can be separated into three tiers, so it can fit in any bag.

I will always bring a stick and a gas gun around my waist, and carry the spear in a backpack with a bulletproof helmet and a suit.

With some preparation, I feel relieved.

If I add some offensive magic to this, this is just some icing on the cake.

I can’t wait for the night to come.

[Monster appears in Chongqing, China?]

[Is this happening or made uo?]

[At around 11 a.m. yesterday, an incredible report was received from a village outside Jangsu-gu, Chongqing, China.]

[That’s a monster showed up eating livestock. In response, the public security authorities tried to dismiss the report as a joke and laugh it off, but as a large number of residents evacuated, special forces from the public security were eventually dispatched.]

[Special forces arrived at the scene and searched the surrounding area thoroughly, but no suspicious creatures were found.]

[However, the reports of the residents could not be underestimated because of the remains of livestock left all over the village]

[Surprisingly, the carcass of the livestock clearly had teeth marks of the large beast.]

[In the end, a military unit came out on behalf of the public security to seal off the area around the village, but so far no particular abnormality has occurred. Some suggested that the bear escaped from the breeding ground may have become wild. Many farms in China are known to breed bears for expensive gallbladder and soles of their feet.]

[The residents tried to release the photos they took, saying they were clearly monsters, but all the pictures were noisy, so nothing was properly confirmed.]

I was on my way to Jujitsu after practicing Muay Thai.

While looking at the internet news through the Smartphone, I found foreign topics that is attracting quite attention.

At first, I read without thinking, but as I scroll down, my expression hardened.

I don’t know if it’s what I thought it was or whether it just a hoax, but there’s been strange news coming in these days.

How should we take this situation?

If this was what I expected, all I could think was that the world was going crazy.


After completing the 1st circle, I learned all 1st class magic in less than a week.

In fact, it was difficult to create a circle, but it was not so difficult to learn the magic from the classes.

Magic has a set value, and the coordinates should be the same as the entrance examination in college to match the value.

And instead of just solving the problem, one have to use the circle to process mana, and the first class magic was easy to clear because of the low level of difficulty.

“What a piece of work!”

Gordon raised his thumb at me, but I thought I should return my college diploma if I didn’t make it this far.

So I asked Gordon about 4th class magic difficulty, and now I had to be dumbfounded to see a list of formulas that I couldn’t solve.

Perhaps magic has a very large gap between classes.

It would be easy to solve if there were a scientific calculator, but it was not available here.

[1st class magic mastered]

[Mana Increases by 1.]

[Intelligence increases by 1.]

What else?

However, the system sent me back to reality as soon as I finished mastering 1st class magic, perhaps because I didn’t complete the quest and only trained.

“The system used to say, If you’re not going to complete the quest, don’t go back. Are you telling me to return even if I don’t finish it?”

Even if the magic powers of 1st Class is the weakest, they are good enough for combat.

However, it will be difficult to improve one’s magic skills easily from now on.

No matter how much knowledge I learned in the Earth, there’s no way magic is enough to increase the circle lightly.

It will certainly take a long time to be proud of myself for being strong and confident of my own safety.

“I don’t want to keep doing this…….”

Originally, I planned to stay on the Mu continent for months and concentrate on magic.

If I returned whenever the system found an excuse, it seems that this method isn’t plausible, I will be able to quickly increase my combat capability by collecting rewards through both quests.

“This quest reward is tempting.”

I just remembered the quest I put off.

Rating: D

Content: Hunt 30 Orcs

Rewards: 3 lower reward cards, increased Physical Strength.

Three lower-level reward cards are given, and the option to increase Physical Strength is hung as a reward.

I thought magic was the top priority, but if the system keep sending me in reality like this, I have to change my current method.

“Let’s wait and see for now.”

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