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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 34

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“Your whole body already has Mana pores open! It started with paying off my debts, but I discovered an unexpected gem of a disciple!”

Gordon seems to be quite happy with this situation.

He grinned and grabbed my shoulders.

Gordon was 10 centimeters shorter than me, 178 centimeters tall.

Thanks to that, I was able to look at myself within his sparkling eyes, and it was quite burdensome to face a man this close.

“Thanks to you, I’ve been able to live. Then shall we make a Circle right away without measuring your talent?”

Gordon’s welcome words made me nod right away.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


The maximum number of magic circles that humans can make is nine.

However, this is a theory and as a human being, only the first Wizard emperor was able to rise to 9th Circles

Today, however, it is rumored that the first Emperor of Wizard was a polymorphic dragon.

Perhaps so, there was no information about birth, family, or teacher who taught him magic, so this was what many people wondered at the time.

And most of all, the Whizard family descendants had a Dragon mark.

Therefore, the question of whether a human body can achieve 9th Circles has long been a major issue that has caused a stir in the Midland magic community due to its unclear precedent.

Currently, there are only nine Great wizard in Midland who have more than 7th Circles, only one of them has achieved 8th Circles.

Wouldn’t it be comfortable to just think it’s impossible?

I think it’s a waste of time to decide between right and wrong unless I was going to achieve 9th Circles anyway.

Magicians are classified as probationary wizards (1-2), formal wizards (3-4), high-ranking wizards (5-6), and Great wizards (7-8).

For your information, Gordon, my teacher, is a formal wizard using 4th class of magic.

‘Circle’ and ‘Class’ are used in much the same sense, while ‘Circle’ refers to the level itself, ‘Class’ refers to the level of magic available.

So Gordon is right to put it this way when he uses the magic Fireball.

Gordon, the 4th Circle Wizard, used a 3rd class fireball.

“I can’t believe it.”

My thoughts diverged for a moment, and I had to smile awkwardly at Gordon’s face, his close face in and his burdensome gaze.

“Pah, is it fast?”

An infinite band that rotates strongly near the heart.

Gordon made a fuss asking me if I meant it.

“How fast can it be? I’ve never heard of completing a Circle within three days. Of course, you’re a special case of Mana Emission, but it’s only the magical qualities.”

Is it that difficult?

I’m not sure what’s difficult because I just did what Gordon told me to do.

“Is it possible to use 1st class magic?”

“Of course, I heard you’re good at counting, so you’ll learn a class of magic in no time. I’m afraid my student is catching up with his teacher in an instant.”

That’s what he said, but there was no such thing as jealousy on Gordon’s face.

I learned from Gordon the most basic magic formula, and it was a level of difficulty that I could solve if I knew what is the magic formula, so I learned magic without difficulty.

The bead of light was before my eyes.

When the magic was used without any problems following the creation of the circle, I hurled my fist inside.

This shows that the experiment was successful.

The experiment on whether I can acquire skills without quests and reward cards.

“That’s a lot of computational speed. I know that your intelligence level was high, but now you’re a full fledged wizard.”

Being called Genius in a calculation of some sort make one head big, but Gordon’s continuous praise kept me calm and humble.

“Okay, it’s important to be vigilant.”

Then I sat across from Gordon to learn the rest of the 1st class magic.

Then, a completely unexpected situation occurred.

[1st Circle achieved]

[Mana Increases by 3.]

[Intelligence increases by 1.]

A message I never thought of.

And at the same time as I thought, ‘No way?’ my whole body was drained.

It was the same sensation when I woke up from a dream.


“Come on, I will just sleep for a while…….”

To calm down the embarrassed Gordon, with my mind fading consciousness I uttered such a desperate last word.

After a while, when I opened my eyes, it was the scenery of a 10 Pyeong studio full of the scent of a man that welcomed me.

“The original quest was to hunt 30 orcs…….”

Is achieving a new skill is like completing a quest?

I grinned and put my hand near the heart where I could still feel the circle.

Well, this is certainly not a bad situation though.

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