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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 33

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Current stats of Jihoon.
Strength: 8

Stamina: 8

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 27

Mana: 5

Luck: 4

Standing up, Gordon put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a follow-up gesture.

Now that I had decided to be his disciple, I wanted to show good performance, so I jumped out of my seat and followed him.

“How much do you know about magic?”

Gordon asked me, guiding me to the second floor.

“I understand that mana creates a magic organ called a Circle near the heart and uses it to transform the properties of mana.”

Perhaps this was answer he wanted to hear, that magic doesn’t mean any magical attack power or type.

I’m sure he asked for the principle.

“Other than that?”

“I’ve heard from the chief that a wizard is strong at formulas, so I’m guessing that using magic requires computational knowledge.”

I knew nothing but common sense because I was a magical outsider and not even a man from the world in the first place.

I learned about the circle as I studied for the quest yesterday.

To be exact, he asked, expressing interest, whether he liked the point of “operating.”

“So how do you think that computation works?”

He didn’t mean to hear the correct answer, so I went on to use the knowledge of the earth without any burden.

“There’s a setting value that the world makes, and wouldn’t it be implemented by interfering with it and transforming the numbers? The converted figures are magical and implemented according to certain rules. I think it’s a process to transform that setting into the desired form.”

Anyone with some sense can easily see I’m talking about programs.

Everyone thinks about it at least once.

The world is a God-made program, and we humans are like dolls that move according to the program.

So I uttered it as a half a joke, but when he heard me, he burst into admiration.

“Oh, this is amazing. This is not the idea of a layman who doesn’t know magic knowledge. Where did you learn magic?”

Was that correct?

Rather, I was embarrassed to answer.

“No, it’s not…….”

“The approach was violent, but you are getting right to the point.”

And we arrived at what appeared to be his lab.

Books filled one wall.

Even experimental tools lying on the desk and piles of paper with shapes of English caps.

It was the wizard’s room itself.

“As you say, magic is about interfering with the laws of the world and performing small miracles. That’s why wizards are scholars who understood the world and covet truth, not the power to fight like knights.”

I am in a position to learn magic to be stronger than the system and truth of the world, so his words, were like coming from a priest that I didn’t catch on to its meaning.

However, I think it is also the duty of a disciple to know how to respond well to the ambitious teacher.

“That’s cool. I hope I can follow you and become a wizard who can see the truth.”

“Good mindset. If you have some understanding of the magic principles, I think you’ll get a good result.”

He then found something on the bookshelf and explained the magic propagation.

“The magic spread to the earth in the first place when the gods appointed dragons to replace them.”

Magic from God to Dragon.

It is said that the dragon was delivered in order of elves, dwarves, and humans.

The demon species is a derived species of dragon, originally called the “Dragonian,” and described it as a tribe that chose decay because it was fascinated by the destructive power of magic rather than truth.

So Gordon warned that as magic is the power to perform miracles, it could turn into a black wizard who worships the demon species if it goes in the wrong direction.

“Circles give wizards the power to meddle in the laws of the world. Of course, the larger the circle, the greater the wizard’s authority. So the first gateway to becoming a wizard is also to create a Circle.”

He found the book he wanted, shook off a dusty hardcover and handed it to me.

“You’d better read this whenever you can. It’ll help improve your understanding of magic.”

I nodded and asked questions.

“Is it hard to make a Circle?”

“It’s easy if you have the qualifications, it’s hard if you don’t. First of all, you need to feel the presence of magic to create a Circle.”

Feel the mana?

I don’t know what it’s this so called mana for magic, but I already felt the mana I have.

So using Mana Emission, a hand-in-hand skill, for demostration, he flinched and expressed surprise.

“Where did you learn that?”

“I’ve learned it while I’ve been hunting monsters and I’ve been able to use them before I know it.”

It was because of the quest, but it wasn’t something that I could easily reveal.

“Natural mastery?”

With his eyes wide open, Gordon closed his eyes, placing his hand on my shoulders.

And soon he burst into laughter.

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