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The Quest rewards Are Real Chapter 32

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It’s a burdensome expenditure on an already absent life, but thanks to the experience of Goblin’s dagger appearing in front of my eyes, I never thought this behavior was excessive.

Maybe I only ended up spending nonsense without ever using these purchased equipment.

However, I thought that this was not the end of the game, whether it was my intuition skill or a simple guess.

Afterwards, I contacted a carbon-handling engineer and ask for a sturdy 1.7-meter-long rod that could be separated into three tiers.

Perhaps I don’t know, but I think it will create a stronger spear here than the one used in the Mu continent.

After preparing various equipment and completing the intensive exercises at Muay Thai and Jujitsu, the day ended before I knew it.

A sense of satisfaction only after moving roughly.

Sweating away with a sense of crisis, I completely forgot about the interview.

Before I lay down in bed late at night, my mother called me to ask if I did well in the interview.

I had no choice but to give my mother a vague answer that I didn’t know well.

And I said to reassure my disappointed mother.

‘Don’t worry. I’m preparing something, so you can look forward to it.’

My mother laughed quietly, saying, “Don’t overdo it,” but her voice was full of worries.

Parents may feel the same way about their children, but my parents seem to feel very sorry for the unreasonable situation of mine, who have never received such setbacks in my whole life.

If I clean up T-chemistry’s stock safely, I should do something to show off around me.

knock, knock

Let’s put aside our thoughts on reality…….

Back on the Mu Continent today, I headed to the mansion outside the village of Karas.

The mansion had a good appearance that was inconsistent with the size of the village, and when I knocked, a woman, who looked like a maid came out.

“How may I help you?”

“I’d like to see Mr. Gordon. Gordon told me to come whenever.”

“Oh, is this Jihoon?”


I don’t know if Gordon spoke for or simply because of my fame in town, but the maid knew my name.

“Come on in. I’ll take you to the meeting room.”

And she led me into the mansion with a smile.

I realized it when he handed me gold coins casually, the wizard seems to have a lot of money.

Perhaps the biggest reward from the last quest is not the gold coins, but Gordon’s connections to the upper class.

“I’ll let the esteemed wizard know about Jihoon’s visit. Please wait a minute,”

I waited for Gordon, while drinking tea and cookies from the maid.

It was a high-end product that was rarely tasted in Karas Village, where tea and cookies were wasted and meat was not properly seasoned with salt.

Of course, the luxury goods here do not taste better than the ready-made products in Korea.

“Oh, Jihoon! Welcome!”

It wasn’t long before the maid called for Gordon.

He greeted me with a bright expression.

“Nice to meet you, Gordon.”

“I’ve been looking forward to your visit, but why are you here now?”

“I was going to visit you in person today because I was disappointed.”

I thought he was just polite at the time, but I guess he really meant it.

Well, his closeness was a quest reward, so this is not out of ordinary.

I also came to experiment with something using that closeness.

“In fact, I’m here to ask you a favor.”

“Please? If it’s not too much, I’ll listen.”

“Maybe it’s too much.”

With my serious attitude, he stroked his dull chin and soon shrugged.

“Let’s hear it.”

What I’m going to do today?


“Can you teach me magic?”


I want to learn skills on my own, not from quests or rewards.


In a dream, I can stay without going back to reality unless I complete the quest.

I thought that if I could use that to train himself and become stronger, I would have more stability on my safety in reality.

Staying for days or dozens of days in a dream while it is only a day in reality seems to pass by very fast, but I couldn’t think of a way to secure my safety in the reality sooner.

The sure way to keep myself safe was to be strong.


I pushed the request without considering my embarrassing position.

If he grudgingly approves, it will be a success, and if he refuses, showing displeasure with persistent requests, he may thought there was nothing to lose.

But wouldn’t it be worth looking forward to his answer since I am his life saver and the intimacy certified by the system of this world?

“Magic is not something that can be taught without the permission of the tower.”

Gordon’s answered was different from what I was expecting.

“Is that right?”

But I think a lot of my seniors do that.

To always hear a man through.

“Instead, if you become my disciple, this was easy to solve.”

I looked at Gordon with wide eyes, and he asked me with a nice smile.

“Will you be my disciple?”

Of course there is no reason to refuse.

I accepted his offer, cheering inwardly.

“Of course.”

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