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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 31

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The current stats of Jihoon is:

Strength: 8

Stamina: 8

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 27

Mana: 5

Luck: 4

I will be putting this at the top every 2 chapters and I will update it according to stats he gained and decided by the author.
For example on my calculations his stats are greater or lower, those would be updated according to what the author wrote.


“It was definitely a Goblin.”

I’ve caught a few goblins so far, and I am really familiar with them.
But Goblin, who attacked me and was rebounded by me, disappeared within the fog.

I dropped the Goblin’s bloodstained billiards on the floor and put on a serious look on my face.

I don’t know if it only happens to me or if something is wrong with the world right now, but the sense of crisis I felt at this moment is beyond any words.

I knew that my adventure on the Mu continent was dangerous, but it was only a dream world story.

If the threat goes beyond the dream to reality, the way I adhered my life to so far was bound to change.

I don’t think this is the time to be idle and taking care of the job interview.

In the future, it was necessary to prepare myself here in reality.

“I need to have a proper weapon.”

Having lost my composure, I didn’t think need to think about laws on weapon possession, or any illegal weapon alterations.

I wish I could get a gun or a bomb, but these are things that cannot be held by any individuals in Korea.

Even if I don’t have a gun, I have my current skills, so I think I can protect myself if I am given a proper weapon.

Before I knew it, I was searching for a blacksmith in Seoul.

“Am I making a big deal out of it?”

No, this was a perfectly natural response to a situation that cannot be written off as a coincidence.

There is no harm in being cautious about anything.

Even more so if it has something to do with my personal security.

“Wasn’t there some kind of hazy smoke in the middle just now?”

“Yeah, it’s gone.”

I heard a conversation between the two middle-aged men, while climbing the mountain quickly.

Their conversation, made me think that the extraordinary event just now might not be just for me.

If anyone else had been involved in the fog, there must have been a major loss of life.


“A double-edged sword that can be separated from the handle into a screw?”

“Yes, and I’d like the center to be about 5 millimeters thick.”

Surprisingly, there were still quite a few blacksmiths in Seoul that customized weapons.

When I visited a small but famous place for their blacksmithing’s skill, I asked the owner with a good smile.

“Is it possible to make it?”

“What are you going to use this for?”

“For camping.”

Whether my answer felt suspicious, he squinted.

However, he replied without saying anything about whether he intends to ignore the request or not.

“A knife cannot exceed 14 centimeters in length except for cooking and civil engineering. Is that all right with you?”

I was thinking of making it more than 30cm in his mind, but I was forced to nod at his attitude of drawing a line.

The owner of the blacksmith’s shop in Karas Village would respond with a smile, but here in Seoul, I didn’t feel very good being look at with eyes full of doubts.

Well, I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it either.

My request is unusual and my answer is suspicious.

“Instead, please make them identical sizes. Make the handle part long.”

“We have to put the blade on both sides, and it’s a little expensive because of its thickness and special shape. I should get 30% more for each.”

Is it expensive?

I think it’s cheap.

“Our blacksmith’s proud steel doesn’t break, no matter how tough it is. You can’t think of it as a rough iron knife.”

Looking at his complexion, it looked hard to cut prices.

“That’s great. When will this be finished?”

“Until tomorrow at the earliest.”

“Then please do so by tomorrow. Please make it strong.”

“Leave it to me.”

If I told the blacksmith that I want to make a spear, he won’t make it for me.

If I make an accident in the modern world, the creator would be in trouble.

So I thought that I would ask the blacksmith to make a blade and the body be made in a carbon manufacturer.

This would be expensive, but I wanted to make a proper spear.

After leaving the blacksmith’s shop with a down payment of 200,000 won, I went to a company that sells self-defense equipment, bought a body armor, gloves, bulletproof hat, and a gas gun that can be purchased without a three-stage stick and police permission.

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