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Devour The Wolf Chapter 4

“Four times! We did it for four times!”

“Oh, my God. You’re very healthy, aren’t you?”

“… at the end, you even said, ‘I like it so much, I can’t let it go.'”

Whether last night’s memory was ecstatic or not, it was now morning. When he opened his eyes, the only thing left for the sober Leon was his dumb boss who asked if she was his first.

Leon shuddered when he recalled the feeling of her soft legs wrapping around his waist.

Lovelita, who was immersed in the realistic description as if last night’s faint memories were playing again, looked at Leon, hidden under the blanket.

“Where are you looking at?”

“I can’t believe I did that, was I good?”

“Hee, stop teasing me!”

Finally, Leon slowly stepped back, covering his chest.

He even wanted to ask himself from the past, which he didn’t remember, to appreciate that frustration.
Of course, last night Lovelita’s sentiments were saved under a different name and could not be found.

“Do you want to try one more time?”

Curiosity overcame the extreme dislike and she raised her head.

“Would you like to have breakfast together?” (Of course, this is a ridiculous suggestion between the two), asked Leon, who was stunned by her light words.

“Now, get out of here, princess.”

Lovelita, who was looking at Leon, even gave him the title he hated the most, shrugged and raised her body as if her interest had cooled.

Leon turned his back and lay back on the bed because he didn’t want to see Lovelita’s naked body shining white under the sunlight that penetrated out of the window. Not long after the rustling sound of dressing, the door soon opened.

“Oh yeah, let me borrow your clothes.”


Leon’s eyes, which had already closed, opened wide. He tried to lift himself up late, but the door was already closed, and Lovelita had already left.

Seeing the person he rolled around with on the floor last night leavinh, Leon had to grind his teeth again.

* * *

“How’s your hangover?”

“Good, by any means.”

“What should I do with this dress?”

Leon buttoned up his shirt and turned away. His lieutenant, Carlyle, was holding a creamy dress on one arm with a rather troubled face.

Carlyle sighed down and Leon ordered him.

“Give it to the first division.”

“Should I get the clothes that Lovelita took?”

“Oh, you should.”

Leon’s hand, which was answering in a delicate way, stopped sharply.

“Wait a minute.”



Leon’s eyes trembled like never before. Not being able to hide his uneasiness, he hurried around the lounge and began looking for something.

Not in bed, not under it, not in the table, not in the chair, not even the dress Carlyle was holding.

“What are you looking for?”

His pendant disappeared. He must have put it in his jacket pocket last night…….

Oh, Leon, who just realized his doings, grabbed his forehead. The thought of the person who took his clothes began to get frustrated.

He can’t believe Lovelita Kabda took his pendant, nightmare.

The thought of revealing his deadly secret, which no one has ever known, made him uncontrollably afraid of the future ahead.


“It’s no big deal, never mind.”

Leone said with a pale face.
* * *

Lovelita, who was still in bed after last night’s aftermath, was rolling in her hand a strange-looking pendant she found on Leon’s jacket.

“It look amazing.”

From a distance, it was definitely black, but when she looked closely, it was in the form of a black liquid in a transparent glass.

Looking closely at the pendant, which was nothing special, Lovelita suddenly noticed that the black liquid inside the pendant was moving on its own.

She was curious about the object she had never seen before, so when she sneaked over the pendant, a black thing followed the tip of her finger and circled around.


Her eyes began to sparkle when she found a new toy. But someone knocked on the door as if to break her concentration.

“Commander, are you in there?”

Before the person inside could answer, the dark purple-haired man, who opened the door, told Lovelita, who was lying in bed lazily as usual.

“Monster in District 27. It’s an emergency.”

The news alerted Lovelita up and she ran out.

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The Wolf’s Meal

The Wolf’s Meal

Devour the wolf, The deer and the wolf
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Lovelita Kabda. Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, also the First Army Commander, She’s beautiful and has the same temper as a wolf. She got entangled with a complicated relationship with her rival, Leonhard Dier! Odd events that happen since then. In her dreams, Lovelita was associated with a man she can’t see his face. Powerful demons come upon the kingdom. Lovelita, who was confronting the case, after a series of events… She find herself connected to Leonhard. A much deeper intertwined relationship than just a one-night accident. The dizzying romance between a well-behaved deer man and a wolf princess begin!


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