Devour The Wolf

Devour The Wolf Chapter 2

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Dressed in a creamy dress that glittered under the subtle lights, he showed off his rather compelling speech to the woman.

“You may catch a cold if you sleep here, Lady.”

Through social status and basic manners education, Leon, who often complained this much, turned his head when he spoke again.

The woman’s colorful silver hair and contrasting red eyes were visible in cloudy vision. Then the hazy mind returned for a moment.

‘Oh, my God, I should’ve just walked by. What the hell is this woman doing here?’

“Well, what is it, handsome?”

Lovelita said with a terrible face was unable to open her eyes.

Now that he look at her, her shoes were gone, she was barefoot, almost out of touch. As he reflexively grabs Lovelita, who can’t even hold her body properly and stumbles, her slim arms naturally wrap around his neck.

Huh? Unknowingly, the sober Leon tilted his head. He supported Lovelita with a slow gesture and was making eye contact with her.

“My darling, you’re in great shape.”

Before he knew it, Lovelita, who scanned Leon’s body, smiled furiously and touched Leon’s nose with her index finger.

She’s calling anyone her darling now.

Lion, who sighed deeply, lifted Lovelita and began to move. As expected, the commander’s backbiting made him think he should be put her somewhere safe.

“Your eyes are brown and your hair is brown.”


“Okay, then you’ll be a deer. Do you like it, deer?”

Lovelita said, gently sweeping Leon’s cheek, without her usual quirky tone.

Still, Lovelita swept Leon’s body here and there until he broke the corridor and opened the door to the nearest lounge.

Soon when she put Lovelita down on the bed, Leon, who was sloly raising himself away from her, looked down again when he couldn’t move as he wanted.

“Let go of me, will you?”

“Oh, no, I don’t want to.”

His toes have been numb from a long time ago because he swept them so much.

His head is dizzy. More than this was too much.

He have to move quickly before he get any more drunk, but somehow Lovelita still hasn’t let go of Leon with her arms around his neck. She even wrapped Leon’s thigh with her left leg.

Leon frowned around his eyes. Lovelita, with a slightly hazy face, glanced slowly at the edge of his eye.

Leon’s eyes were drawn to the slow-flapping eyelashes like a cat kiss, and Lovelita, who came close as if it were a signal, put out her tongue and licked his lips right in front of him.

Whew, when he breathed out, he smelled dark wine. Leon’s arm, which supported her not to fall as if he were drunk, faltered.

“I’m Leon, your……. ”

When he was about to say he was her enemy, Leonhard Dier, with the last remaining reason, Lovelita closed her eyes and whispered.

“Nice to meet you, Leon. Should I do something fun with you?”

In fact, Lovelita was two years older than Leon.

Lovelita, who took off her opponent’s clothes faster than anyone else, pushed Leon over. Then she began to kiss his red-hot neck.

The reflexive swallowing sounded in the quiet room. Lovelita, who shed a strange smile as Leon gradually lost her mind due to the sweet scent slowly rising, began to hunt the deer faithfully.

Yes, it was like a wolf eating a slender deer’s hair.

“Wait, wait.”

Leon crept back but it actually helped Lovelita to make it easier to move.

Lovelita grinned as she looked down at Leon, who was lying on the bed, trembling to her hands.

“If you don’t like it, tell me now. I don’t have any compulsory hobbies.”

Leon, who had been breathing hard, opened his eyes slightly. Her bright red eyes were staring at him.

The moonlight fell on Lovelita’s back. The deep scent of wine seemed to be around the tip of the nose. Forgetting her words for a moment, Leon looked at her figure.

“Did you decide what to do?”

The question was asked lightly as if they were asking to forget a lunch box together.

Lovelita, who tilted her head to the side, smiled as if she had already heard the answer and untied the dress.

Shining silver hair and red eyes became clearer. It was as if the night god had come down.

Lovelita bent her knees and whispered on Leon’s lips.

“Then close your eyes.”

Leon closed his eyes as if possessed by something. The light body temperature touched the lips. The deeply penetrating tongue smelled of wine.

Leon raised his hand and wrapped it around Lovelita’s cheek. It became increasingly vague what should he do next.

For the first time in his life, the sense of kissing was so unfamiliar. The feeling of skin that he had never touched before kept chilling him.

Strange fantasies arose, such as blurring vision and losing one’s soul.

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