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Devour The Wolf Chapter 1

Note: This book has no chapters. It is just Book 1.

It was a drowsy morning. No, maybe it was already around lunch?

When she turned to her side in a half-asleep state, she felt a warm body temperature hugging her.

Lovelita, who felt the beating sound with one of her ear, opened her eyes.

She could see white flesh in front of her.

Reflectively sweeping the solid skin compared to her pale hands, Lovelita wondered whose chest it was.

And the moment she looked up and checked the owner of the arm that hugged me, she had no choice but to jump up.


The man, who was still dreaming, frowned when she shouted suddenly.

With a throbbing head and a muffled neck, Lovelita looked around and tried to figure things out.

Apparently yesterday, there was a victory party to commemorate the success of the 62nd campaign against the North, which has been sluggish since last month.

As usual, she remembered having fun pouring and drinking as always, but what is she doing here?


Leon, with a comfortable face, hugged Lovelita’s waist. Lovelita, who was horrified by the unfamiliar sensation, quickly pushed Leon and screamed.

“Hey, wake up, please?”

If she grab anyone passing by at the palace and ask who are the most bitter rivals here, everyone will say it in unison.

Lovelita Kabda, commander of the First Army of the Kingdom, and Leonhard Dier, commander of the Second Army.

The two, who have always clashed over everything since their time at the Academy, were bitter enemies that could never be brought together.

How could they be screwing each other?

But the two people woke up in one bed. The whole world was opened to unexpected things.

“Ugh, what, from the morning.”

It was not long before Leon opened his eyes, too. And just like Lovelita, he looked around, and was stunned to face the breasts of an unknown woman in front of his eyes.

“What, what!”

“Lovelita Kabda, why?”

“Are you determined to leave now?”

In an instant, Leon, who was red to his neck, growled, covering Lovelita’s chest with a blanket.

Lovelita, who had been embarrassed all along, came to her senses. Before she knew it, Lovelita started laughing and said while flicking off the blanket that covered her face.

“Taking care of my own chest… What, you’ve never seen a woman’s breasts before?”

“What, what are you talking about, woman!”

“Oh, you’re serious, aren’t you?”

“There is no private life as promiscuous as you.”

Someone with a promiscuous private life opened her mouth and grinned.

“Am I the first?”

“Moo, what?”

There was nothing else to refute, so Leon changed the topic.

Of course, he had a lot of things to say, but he didn’t think it was a word to say to one of his bosses who waa even the princess.

“What the hell is wrong with us anyway. Do you remember?”

Leon, who was breathing hard, paused at Lovelita’s question. He stared at Lovelita with a still red face and suddenly turns his head and replies.

“I’m telling you, you started first.”

“Aha, did you enjoy it?”

“……it was force majeure.”

Unlike Lovelita, who is completely blank, he seemed to have some memories. No wonder he didn’t look too happy.

Struggling last night with no recollection, Lovelita turned to face Leon as she sat by his side.

Thanks to this, Leon, who faced her bare chest again, gave up covering himself with a blanket and closed his eyes.

“Tell me what happened.”


“What the hell happened yesterday?”

“You sure you don’t remember a thing?”

Lovelita raised her head with an innocent face.

With his eyes closed, Leon, smacks his mouth a few times. In the end he ended up talking about what happened.

“It was in the middle of a victory party.”

* * *

The chandelier’s lights scattered in front of him.

No matter how much he blinked, the view that smudged from place to place rarely came back. It seems he has reached his drinking limit.

Leonhard Dier. The commander of the Second Army of the Kingdom of Kabda, tried to straighten up and walked forward.

He was so happy and glad to be back in such a warm and colorful place, leaving his daily life in the mud for almost two months.

Normally, he would have put some restrictions, but today he drank like crazy as if the reins were finally lifted.

He thought it would be too much to ride a wagon going back to the duke’s house right now, and he might get some snow in the lounge so he decided to stay here for the night.

As he walked out of the party and down the hall, a woman was muttering something looking at the wall.

At the sight of the young, Leon approached her like a gentleman and coughed in his throat.

“Ugh, it’s making me sick.”


“Lady are you perhaps uncomfortable?”

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The Wolf’s Meal

The Wolf’s Meal

Devour the wolf, The deer and the wolf
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Lovelita Kabda. Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, also the First Army Commander, She’s beautiful and has the same temper as a wolf. She got entangled with a complicated relationship with her rival, Leonhard Dier! Odd events that happen since then. In her dreams, Lovelita was associated with a man she can’t see his face. Powerful demons come upon the kingdom. Lovelita, who was confronting the case, after a series of events… She find herself connected to Leonhard. A much deeper intertwined relationship than just a one-night accident. The dizzying romance between a well-behaved deer man and a wolf princess begin!


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