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Chapter 5- Show one’s ability (1)

When Kangmin arrived at home, his whole body was wet.

Kangmin took a shower, changed clothes, and entered his room.

Sitting on the desk chair, Kangmin opened a drawer under the desk. Kangmin reached out and searched the bottom of the upper drawer with his hand, not the inside of the drawer but above.

There was something taped at the end of the drawer above.

Kangmin rip it off. When he pulled it out, it was USB.


It was a USB given to him by his father, Choi Woo-sik.

“Kangmin, keep this well. No matter how reliable you are, you should never give this to anyone.”

“Three years later. Three years later, if your daily life becomes comfortable, then bring it to Dr. Han Man-ho of Korean University.”

Choi Woo-sik gave this to Kangmin, a month before his death.

‘I wondered why my father was like that, but now that I think about it, he must have forsee this future.’

Kangmin inserted the USB in his laptop and turned it on.

There were numerous documents on each folder. All of them were what his dad studied before.

[The idea of developing a module that will dramatically increase the solar power efficiency]

[The idea to increase the efficiency of the inverter]

Kangmin opened two of them. Honestly, Kangmin didn’t understand anything about it.

However, Kangmin was still able to understand the conclusion written at the end.

“Solar module is expected to increase efficiency by 50% compared to the previous one. 80% feasibility. I need help from Dr. Han Man-ho of Hankook University.”

“Inverter efficiency is expected to increase by 45% compared to the previous one. 70% feasibility…”
Kangmin’s eyes brightened. In the past, he might not know what this meant, so he didn’t bother to read them.
But because of the interview he watched earlier, he was able to understand some parts.

‘They’re going crazy like that with only 25%, and if someone could make this, it would be amazing.’

Above all, he thought about how would be able to get back at Kim Sang-Chul with this.

Kangmn remembered Kim Sang-Chul, he visited his father’s funeral. At that time, Kangmin did not know that Kim Sang-chul was a traitor.

“Kangmin, don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility for everything. I’ll take care of you.”

Kangmin cried and then thanked Kim Sang-Chul.

“After his wife passed away, he only knew about work. KANGMIN, didn’t he Aldo study about at home?”
Kangmin almost said yes. However, he saw that Sang-chul’s eyes were strange. He looked like a detective interrogating a criminal.

Kangmin remembered the words that his father said before, “Don’t trust anyone.”

“No, my father only slept because he was tired as soon as he came home.”

“Really? That’s weird. I understand.”
Kangmin returned home from the funeral. But the house was all messed up as if there was a thief.

It was only a few months later that he got to know that all of this was done by Kim Sang-Chul.

“Father, I’ve gained strength. With this power, Kim Sang-chul will definitely put him in prison. “Please watch in heaven with your mother.”

Kangmin said very determined while pulling the USB from his laptop.

Kangmin took his bag out from the warehouse. It was full of precious metals.

‘Behind Kim Sang-chul is Guryong Group. No matter how awesome the technology and big money that I have, it’s hard to fight them in Korea.’

There was only one way.

“I have to go to America. I have to build a company there with this technology.’

Kangmin wanted to go to the U.S. right away, but he still had something to do.

“I have to protect this house.”

Thanks to his ancestors, he found a way to live. This house was a symbolic place. It was the home where his father and him were born.

Before he will go to the U.S., he wanted to protect this place.

‘To do that, I have to pay off all the debts.’

That wasn’t a difficult thing anymore.

“I have to risk my life.”

Kangmin left the house with a bag on his back.

When he left the gate, the clouds cleared up and it became sunny again.

* * *

When he came back home, it was already 9 p.m.

Kangmin entered his room and took out all the cash from his backpack.

– 31,537,200 ($~315,370)
His eyes shook. More than 30 million won in bills were scattered on the floor of the room.

Kangmin traveled around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do to sell gold rings and necklaces.

A few years ago, more and more stores have been buying gold in each neighborhood. Kangmin sold one precious metal in different shops. For safety.

As a result, he went around many stores and came back only now.

“I can’t believe I have 31 million won. (~$310,000)”

This was a huge amount of money that Kangmin had never touched before.

“With this money, I can pay back the interest! Then I can protect this house for the time being!”

Of course, he would still had to repay the principal, but he was not worried about that. It was because the existence oft he parallel world.

Kangmin called the president of “Happiness Loan.”

“Uncle Pal-bong.”

If Kim Sang-Chul betrayed his father, Park Pil-bong was neither an ally or enemy.

‘The only thing ties I have with the old man is the debt. Don’t think too deeply. This relationship will end when I go to America.’

Looking at the clock, it was already midnight. He lost track of time as he counted the money.

“Oh right! Convenience store!”

He usually have a part-time from 12 o’clock. The convenience store owner called him right away.

“You punk! Why aren’t you here yet?!!”
The owner’s abusive language was what he immediately heard.

If this was the Kangmin before, he would say hi sorry and then rush to the convenience store. However, he only paid attention to the bag full of money next to him.

“Hey! Why aren’t you talking? Your pay will be deducted! No excuses!”
The owner’s voice get to his nerves.

‘Why should I listen to him? Who is he to me?’

This morning, the boss came out so late. Even though he begged so much, he still came late and verbally abused him.

Kangmin reached out and held a bundle of bills in his hand. It was 5 million won, 100 copies of 50,000 won bills.

As he touched the money, his mind slowly calmed and became clearer.

“Boss, If you apologize for what happened this morning. Then I’ll go.”

“What? You crazy guy. What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you get late in the morning and curse at me?”

“Isn’t it because you kept calling me?”

“It’s the same now. It’s just that the situation between the boss and me has changed.”

The boss didn’t answer. He didn’t even apologize.

“As expected, it’s as I thought it would be. Boss,I’ll quit.”

“What? Hey! You punk! You can’t quit now!”

Kangmin initially made up his mind. He thought he should work until pick the next person out of courtesy, but I didn’t want to be with such a person for a while.

In addition, what the boss said this morning came to his mind.

[Who told you to talk back to your boss? This is why youngsters without parents do.]

The boss’s desire to protect his morality disappeared.

“I’ll hang up.”

“Hey! Choi Kangmin!”

The boss shouted, but Kangmin already hung up the phone. He kept getting calls, but Kangmin didn’t answer.

At first, he felt a little uncomfortable. But it was just for a while.


It was cool. He rebelled against the boss for the first time. It felt like was freed from burden.

Kangmin grabbed a bundle of cash.

“This is the power of money.”

He gained confidence that he didn’t have before.

“It’s only 5 million won.”

Kangmin put the cash back in his bag. He hid his bag deep in the warehouse again, wary of a robbery that may happen.

When he returned to his room again, fatigue strike his whole body.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve been running around for more than 7 hours.”

As he lay on the bed, he quickly felt sleepy.

“Then if I go back and forth in a parallel world like this, will I live twice the life of others?”

His thoughts did not continue. Kangmin fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

On Monday, when it was the appointment time, Kangmin took his bag and stood in front of the building with a “happiness loan.”

“My whole body still aches.”’

Kangmin jogged around Bukhansan Mountain behind his house yesterday and Sunday. This was because he thought that physical strength was essential to survive in the parallel world.

Of course, he needed another way to survive, but he couldn’t think of the way easily.

However, he had no choice but to got to Parallel world. There was many reason why he needed to.

“I must go to survive.”

Kangmin entered the building and stood in front of the “Happiness Loan” office on the third floor.

However, the door, which was normally closed, was slightly open. And he heard a loud sound inside.

“Park Pal-bong! I never taught you like that! You let others borrow money. When did you became a volunteer?”

Kangmin heard the voice of the elderly.

“Elderly! That’s not it.”

“If it’s not that, what do you mean otherwise? It doesn’t make sense that a private moneylender only receives 5% interest!”

“It’s because they have the house as collateral.”

“You crazy man, this house is only worth about 1.5 billion won. But you let that family borrow 2 billion won? That is just a 100-year-old house in the corner of Insudong!”

Kangmin opened his eyes wide at the words of the old man.

“A 100-year-old house in the corner of Insudong? Isn’t that about my house?”

Hearing his words, Kangmin became curious about the content. He looked inside through the door.

An old man dressed in old beige suit was sitting on the sofa. The old man had an angry looking face, and his eyes were very fierce.

In front of the elderly, Pal-bong, the president of “Happiness Loan,” sat politely. He was always completely different from when he treated Kangmin with a cold appearance.

The old man held up a cane and hit the table.

“Hey, Palbong. You’re going to fall out of the competition! I told you before I gave you 2 billion won. I’ll let the fastest person who makes more money succeed me!”

At the words of the old man, Pal-bong bowed his head.

“Yes, sir!”

“The one who knows it does this! The others have already made more than 3 billion won. Kyungsoo has already made 5 billion won. But you! You’re in minus! I trusted you the most, but a Minus?! This doesn’t make sense!”

The old man kept hitting his cane as if he couldn’t stand it.

“Don’t worry, old man. I have an idea.”

The old man’s face became distorted looking at Pal-bong.

“Thought? Hmph! I heard you’re in touch with Russians these days.”

Pal-bong looked slightly surprised.

“You knew…”

“I know every movements you do!”

The old man drank the water in front of him and continued to talk again.

“Just smuggling with Russian doesn’t make much money. Pal-bong, listen to me. Just in time, there is a person who wants to buy the house. They offered 2.3 billion won. It’s not a lot of money, but start over with it.”

“Old man, the house due date haven’t pass yet.”

“What do you mean due date? They can’t even pay interest! Take it away from them right now!”

Pal-bong answered the old man with his lips closed tightly.

“This month is the due… That’s right. Please wait until then.”

The old man turned his head with a very angry expression.

“Hey, you fool! Even private moneylender said that the most important thing to throw away is feelings, you can’t even do that one thing.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. Today is the last, last day, right?”


“If the owner can’t pay back your interest today, sell it right away.”

Pal-bong raised his head.


“That money is mine. If you don’t listen, I will make a move.”

The old man said and stood up as if he didn’t want to talk anymore.

It was then.

– Squeak.

The office door opened and one person came in. It was Kangmin.

Kangmin nodded slightly to the Pal-bong and looked at the old man.

“I think I’ve never seen this young man before… Do you know me?”

Kangmin shook his head.

“I don’t know, but you’ll find out from now on.”

Kangmin said and put a bag on the table.

He opened the bag. It was full of cash.

Kangmin looked at the Pal-bong and spoke loudly.

“I’ve paid the interest, boss.”

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Haein Aikawa
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I’ve been looking for the English translation of this story, finally found it here. Can we get more chapters? please update.

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