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Doting my wife and daughter Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Lin Haoqiang was stunned.

Later generations of online novels, system novels have become very common due to the innovative progress of platforms and authors.

Lin Haoqiang’s favorite hobby is reading online novels, so he is no stranger to systems.

In the novels of later generations, the system has been played with.

“System activation!”

Immediately afterward, the air in front of Lin Haoqiang’s eyes distorted like a ripple and then spread out.

all of a sudden.

Lin Haoqiang seemed to be instinctive, and his thoughts moved.

The whole person disappeared from the place.

As the rippling ripples returned to his vision, he realized he was no longer in the steamed bun shop.

in an unknown place…

The sky is strange, like water waves, and the light source cannot be seen.

It’s like… the underwater world!

Air! The air here is special!

It’s very fresh, and breathing becomes very smooth!

The area of this land is not small.

Step on it; sag slightly.


On all sides of the land, a stream surrounds it.

Lin Haoqiang’s heart beat wildly.

There is water and soil!

Is it possible to grow vegetables?!

A proper rhythm of farming text!

When he was in the United States in his previous life, he bought a villa and grew vegetables in the yard.

Not all for eating.

I just like it.

Before I could think about it, I heard footsteps in my ears.

Lin Haoqiang’s heart moved.

In an instant, he came out of a mysterious space.

“Boss, give me eight little pig buns!”


Pearl District.

A two-bedroom and a living room

Pan Lingling was woken up by the payment reminder.

She is frail.

After the second child was gone, Pan Lingling not only could not get any comfort from Lin Haoqiang but also had to drag her exhausted body and continue to get up early and stay up late.

She is so tired.

After sleeping for an hour and a half, Pan Lingling still sat up.

She was worried that Lin Haoqiang would be too busy.

While getting dressed, the phone rang.

On the caller ID, it shows dear mommy

Pan Lingling’s entire movement suddenly stopped.

There was chaos in my mind.

My mother was strongly against her marrying Lin Haoqiang.

In recent years, Lin Haoqiang treated her badly and did not seek to make progress. Pan Lingling couldn’t bear to let her daughter Qianqian be wronged because of her failed marriage.

After so many years, she has long lost herself.

Could it be that Xiaojun told his mother what happened today?

Pan Lingling was in a state of turmoil.

Take it, What should I say?

If you don’t take it, it won’t work!

Pan Lingling sighed and finally answered the phone.


On the other end of the phone, Chen Shuzhen cried.

“My heart… my baby… how could you live like this!”

Pan Lingling’s tears couldn’t help falling.

“Come back, take Qianqian with you; Mom can’t stand by and watch you and my granddaughter suffer any longer!”

“You are not as good as that pig dog; leave!”

“Mom…” Pan Lingling burst into tears.

“Don’t listen to Xiaojun’s extravagant nonsense; he’s not that bad.”

Chen Shuzhen said angrily, “You’re still saying good things about him! Is he still a man?”

“Your brother said… He said that you had a miscarriage of your second child, just for that son of a bitch!”

As she spoke, her voice became choked up.

“Mom, Xiaojun doesn’t understand the situation, it’s not like that, this time it’s really not intentional…”

“It wasn’t intentional! It wasn’t intentional! Then why he didn’t work for the past few years, and he keeps relying on you, and orders you to open the steamed bun shop every day, right?”


“Lingling, stop defending him, your dad and I have already bought a plane ticket for tomorrow morning, and you can go with us to Hongzhou tomorrow, don’t say anything, I’m calling you to get you ready, and I’m going to talk to you tomorrow. Let’s go back to the East China Sea!”

Pan Lingling said anxiously, “Mom, don’t come here, he changed it!”

“Can a dog eat shit instead? You stupid girl, let’s talk about it tomorrow, when I arrive with your dad tomorrow!”

Without further ado, he hung up the phone.

Pan Lingling’s family is not poor. On the contrary, Pan Dawei is a businessman.

As long as Pan Lingling goes back, she doesn’t have to suffer so much.

But she just don’t know what secret medicine Lin Haoqiang was pouring into her, so she ran away with this useless guy.

Listening to the busy tone, I stayed for more than half a minute.

Pan Lingling quickly dressed and hurried to the store.


Steamed bun business is much better than before.

Pan Lingling’s payment reminder has sounded more than ten times!

Got over a hundred bucks.

Pan Lingling was surprised and delighted.

I also secretly wondered why there was so much business in the store today…

He… Shouldn’t he sell the things in the store?!

Thinking of this, Pan Lingling’s pace couldn’t help but rush.

When she came to the door of the store, she couldn’t help but get stunned.

There were actually quite a few customers lining up!

With a smile on his face, Lin Haoqiang was explaining: “Today, the little pig buns are selling fast, and all the steamed ones are sold out. The three fresh buns taste as good as the fresh meat buns!”

“Boss, do you still have little pig buns here in the afternoon? My granddaughter wants to eat piggy buns!”

“Yes, then you can buy it in the afternoon.”

“Boss, did you change the master of this bun? It tastes better than before!”

“Thank you for the compliment. In the future, the taste of buns will improve. Today is a lack of preparation. Let everyone taste the Michelin-level buns in the afternoon!”

“Really? Then I’ll buy it in the afternoon!”

“Boss, don’t lie to us!”

“Boss, how many buns do you have, I’ll buy them all!”

A bald middle-aged man walked quickly.

Lin Haoqiang recognized him.

Isn’t this the first person to buy their buns?

“There are more than 30!” Lin Haoqiang exclaimed, smiling. “Haven’t you eaten it? Have you eaten so much?”

“Haha, there are more than ten young and strong guys in my store. I’ll buy it for them. Thirty-odd buns are a bit small!”

Lin Haoqiang hesitated for a moment, then smiled apologetically: “The amount in the afternoon will be more than enough.”

With quick hands and feet, he picked up the buns and calculated them, and he figured them out in a while.

The bald man scanned the QR code to pay and walked away contentedly with two bags.

The buns are sold out!

Lin Haoqiang was satisfied.

This means that the fillings have been processed, and the taste of the buns has been slightly improved!

Business just got better.

If the filling is completely prepared by him, the taste can be upgraded to a higher level!

If the mysterious space given by the system can really grow vegetables.

With the high-quality water and soil there and the air quality there, people feel very comfortable.

The grade of raw materials can definitely be higher!

Just as I was thinking about it, I looked up and saw Pan Lingling.

Lin Haoqiang was startled and said, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to go back and rest?”

“I woke up! This…the buns are all sold out? Also, I just heard what they said about piggy buns. What piggy buns?”

Lin Haoqiang walked out of the workbench with a smile and dragged a chair for his wife.

“Sit down first.”

Pan Lingling stayed for a while.

She had never been treated like this before.

Although it was a simple move to give up his seat, did Lin Haoqiang ever look at her with such affectionate eyes?

Pan Lingling was a little stunned.

It feels so unreal.

Between husband and wife, often one look can tell the other’s intentions.

“You wait.”

Lin Haoqiang put on work gloves and skillfully wrapped a piglet.

Pan Lingling stared at a cute little pig bun, which was “born” between Lin Haoqiang’s nimble fingers.

“This… looks so beautiful! How did you do it?”

Lin Haoqiang shrugged, disapproving: “Is there any difficulty? There is no technical content!”

Pan Lingling got up happily and looked at the cute little pig with pink ears up close.

“It’s no surprise so many people bought it, it’s really cute >_<.”

Lin Haoqiang looked at the curious baby-like little woman, who was beautiful and cute, and was a little crazy when he saw it.

Alas, fortunately, God gave me a chance to be reborn.

Was he blind in a previous life?

Why don’t you appreciate your wonderful wife?


Pan Lingling responded subconsciously and looked up.

Lin Haoqiang’s eyes were sparkling.

“I want to be good to you and Qianqian all my life. It is my greatest luck to be able to grow old with you in this lifetime.”

Lin Haoqiang came from the depths of his soul.

In the past life, I missed it.

For some people, missing it is a lifetime!

This life, be good to it; cherish it.

Lin Haoqiang’s eyes looked hopeful.


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On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

Status: Ongoing
Opening his eyes, Lin Haoqiang returned to the day he divorced his wife. In the last life, he was a gambling addict, lazy, and abandoned his wife and daughter. As he was dying, he learned that his wife became ill from overwork and had long since passed away, and his daughter became a criminal and died on the street after ten years of being in prison. Although Lin Haoqiang died, he did not go to after life as he expected. God not only gave him a chance to return back in time, but also gave him a small farming space.


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