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Superstar from age 0 chapter 118

Note from the admin Danube: It seems like the automatic post is not functioning well, sorry for the late update. I had my midterms. After chapter 130, the translator will post it on their own account.


If he was Prince Seongnyeong, he would have been a grown-up after seven years. He wouldn’t have been this small.

Heo Yoo-seon has only been staring at the sick child, but quickly came to his senses and sent a letter to King Sejong.

“Did he really look like Seongnyeong?”

King Sejong jumped up from his seat. Similar to brother?

King Sejong, who was looking toward the messenger with dim eyes, sighed and sat down.

“Yes, your highness.”

“Prepare all the medicines that Doctor Heo reacquired and send them as soon as possible.”

“Okay. Your Highness.”

When the Messenger, who received the letter left the room, a deep sigh came from King Sejong.

“Please, this time please… let him survive and be cured.”

Although he is almost 30, King Sejong had no choice but to be weak every time he remember the memory. He recalled the bright voice of Prince Seongnyeong calling him, “Cheongnyeong-Hyung! Hyung!”

Heo Yoo-seon immediately went back into the treatment room. The more he looked at him, the more similar he was to Prince Seongnyeong.

Not only his height and appearance but also his illness symptoms were similar to Prince Seongnyeong’s. Therefore, Heo Yoo-seon had no choice but to focus more on his treatment.

While the child was left in care to another doctor, Heo Yoo-Seon examined other patients to find out the effectiveness of the drug concocted. There were drugs that could fit the others but he didn’t know if they will fit the child.

“Get better. You need to rest!”

Heo Yoo-seon focused on the child’s treatment. When the medicine taken by a patient whose condition improved did not work for the child, he shed tears alone.

The child’s condition got worse and worse.

Just like that day. Heo Yoo-seon had no choice but to look at such a child helplessly.

Your Highness. Your Highness.

At that time, he couldn’t cry, but it was different here. Heo Yoo-seon burst into tears as if he was the father of this unknown child. Everyone shook their heads at the sight of Heo Yoo-seon crying.

After a while, something warm touched Heo Yoo-seon’s hand. It was the child’s hand. The child struggled to smile and muttered something.

“Thank you.”

Heo Yoo-seon came to his senses looking at the slow-moving child’s mouth.

“Thank you, Doctor Heo”

It was as if he heard Prince Seongnyeong’s voice. He couldn’t let him die again.

Everyone watching television held their breath.

The clothes and locations were different, but the child has the same face as Prince Seongnyeong. It reminded Heo Yoo-seon and the viewers of that day.

Heo Yoo-seon’s face, hands holding the vein and acupuncture, and the face of a child distorted by pain.

Everyone focused without breathing.

The sun went down, the moon rose, and the sun has set again.

The fever, which seemed to burn the child’s body, gradually went down. The red rashes subsided and his short breathiness returned to normal.

Heo Yoo-seon, who was examining him with shaky hands, was forced to bow his head near him, wrapping his small hands with his own hands.

Eventually, Heo Yoo-seon succeeded.

Oh, Your Highness! Finally!

King Sejong received a letter saying that Doctor Heo Yoo-Seon had treated the child and shed tears without realizing it.

It wasn’t a perfect cure for Changjin(Smallpox), but the fact that this child was treated seemed to have subsided half of his burden in his heart.

King Sejong tried to award Heo Yoo-seon, but Heo Yoo-seon refused.

After treating the child and confirming that his condition had improved, Heo Yoo-seon left the Royal Clinic.

His destination was the tomb of Prince Seongnyeong.

“Grand Prince.”

Heo Yoo-seon bowed down to Prince Seongnyeong’s tomb, and then sat straight on his back.

“I, Doctor Heo, treated Changjin. Unlike back when Your Highness was afflicted with the disease, there are now many ways to cure it.”

Heo Yoo-seon took the medical records and started reading them. Heo Yoo-seon’s voice, which was reading calmly, slowed down and started to get shaky.

“The child got better. If he recovers his energy, he can stay the same as before.”

Heo Yoo-seon started to laugh while shedding tears.

“I loved the days I spent with Your Highness. I was able to dream of a future that I didn’t dare to wish for. I wanted to repay you somehow, but I didn’t get a chance. Your Highness… I may not be able to serve you now but through this child the weight in my heart has lessened.”

Before he tried something, his lord left for the sky. Heo Yoo-seon felt guilty because the death seemed to be his fault for initially having ulterior motives.

“I’m sorry. I… I really…….”

Heo Yoo-seon fell on the dirt and started to sob down. Tears constantly flowed and has wet the soil..

“So, so… Please….”

Heo Yoo-sun said out loud looking at the sky.

“Please come back.”

There was a subtitle under the image of Heo Yoo-seon crying in front of Prince Seongnyeong’s tomb.

[Thank you for watching My clinic.]


[From April to June, Drama No.1 in popularity, it’s finally coming to an end]

[KBC feels sorry for other broadcasting stations during this period]

[Popular overseas, Plus+’s hot topic, 1st place. My Clinic!]

[Last episode of KBC My Clinic, Viewer rating 41%!]

[Over 40% for the first time!]

[That’s right! My Clinic and Doctor Heo success!]

-It’s been a really long time since I’ve started waiting for the drama to air. What should I watch now? I really hope it’s like it was April again.

-I thought it would be a mess because Prince Seongnyeong’s doppelganger came out, but the doppelganger would treat Doctor Heo Yoo-seon’s trauma.

– He also looked exactly like Prince Seongnyeong, so he was able to empathize well. It reminded me of episode 14.

From April to June, a total of 24 episodes, a KBC’s historical drama that aired for 12 weeks, and now it ended with a grand finale.

Many reviews have been posted on the KBC’s My clinic bulletin board, SNS, and the My clinic’s fan cafe since the fourth episode.

[Title: As a doctor, Yoo Seon Heo is amazing!

I don’t know about status differences or loyalty.

There were two times when I thought I couldn’t be a doctor, and the first time was when my family or acquaintance was very sick. I think I will not be able to do my parents’ surgery with my own hands. I would become so nervous that I might make a mistake.

My first patient who died…… I still remember it exactly. When I meet a second patient with the same disease, my heart automatically beats.

My first case was from a stranger, but Heo Yoo-seon’s first deceased patient is Prince Seongnyeong. The person who helped him open his heart for the first time…

Heo Yoo-seon, who did not quit being a Doctor and studied infectious disease medicine and succeeded in treatment (with the same as his face and symptoms!), is really amazing.]

[Special interview with Director Choi Minsung]

Q. In the early Joseon Dynasty, it was not a clinic, but a pharmacy.

A. Yes, that’s right. But the title My Pharmacy doesn’t have an impact on the public. It’s not intuitive enough to remind viewers that “It’s happening inside the palace and that there’s going to be a royal family.”

Q. After that, what happened to Heo Yoo-Seon?

A. It would make sense for him to go around the country and do good things (smile) and return to the palace at king Sejong’s call. Around the 25th year of King Sejong. 18 years have passed since the time in the drama ended. After Heo Yoo-seon returned, King Sejong renamed the pharmacy to a clinic. Originally, we planned to include this story, but the crying scene at Prince Seongnyeong’s tomb was so impressive that we decided to just end there. Oh, of course, the story of doctor Heo Yoo-seon is all fiction.

-In the Annals of King Sejong, the name pharmacy change to Clinic officially on June 15, 25th, [The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty] Really exist!

-I like this kind of behind story

-If it was a fiction, you should have saved him…

-But I liked the last scene. According to the original script, it would not have been good if Heo Yoo-seon became a Doctor and ended without resolving his burden from Prince Seongnyeong.

* * *

“That’s weird.


“I haven’t had Monday blues for three months, but I think I got it again. When will it be the weekend?”

“It’s been five minutes since we just came to work.”

Employees of Monster Co., led by Kim Hee-sung and Lee Min-Joon, chatted while preparing to work.

“The Monday blues is probably because of My clinic.”

“Oh, it just ended last week.”

Thanks to the drama, some of the viewers of My clinic wanted the weekend to end soon and Monday and Wednesday will come immediately. They were people here that never thought they would wait for Monday.

However, that was all just in the past now.

“What do you enjoy watching now?”

“Wait. There will be another interesting drama.”

“That’s true.”

An employee quickly checked the mail.

“There’s a lot of work today too.”

Thanks to Hollywood star Lee Seojun, it was a Monster Co. is now known overseas.

Except for work-related picture, Monster’s products was rarely missing from Lee Seojun’s pictures.

Some articles called it “Seojun’s Signature.”

An employee, looking at purchase inquiries that arrived from all over the world, has caught something interesting with his eyes.

“Halloween festival?”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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